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List of years in games

This page lists board and card games, wargames, miniatures games, and tabletop role-playing games published in 2007. For video games, see 2007 in video gaming.

Games released or invented in 2007[edit]

Game awards given in 2007[edit]

Significant games-related events in 2007[edit]

  • An article in Science announces that Checkers (Draughts) is a solved game. With perfect play by both sides, the game ends in a draw.


Date Name Age Notability
March 9 Tom Moldvay 58 RPG designer, known for work on Dungeons & Dragons
May 15 Angus McBride 76 illustrator, known for work on Middle-earth Role Playing
July 19 Glen Angus 36 illustrator, known for work on Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering

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