2007 in organized crime

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  • January - Mexico sends troops to combat violence between drugs cartels in Tijuana. [1]



  • March 7 - British mobster Terry Adams is sentenced to seven years for money laundering. [6]
  • March 7 - An abandoned truck is found in California containing over $20m worth of marijuana. [7]
  • March - Italian police arrest over 200 Camorra suspects as part of a crackdown in Naples and southern Italy. [8]
  • March 19 - Sniffer dogs in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, lead police to discover up to $3m in DVD and CD pirate copies. Crime bosses respond by putting a price on their heads. [9]



  • May 15 - Top Mexican anti-drug officials Jose Nemesio Lugo and Jorge Altriste are murdered. [17]
  • May 16 - Five Mexican policemen are killed and several abducted in the town of Cananea. Drug cartels are believed to responsible for the attack. Eight attackers were reportedly killed by police hours later.[18]
  • May 17 - A fugitive from Italy connected with the Camorra is captured in Lancashire, England. [19]
  • May 18 - Retired Yakuza Hisato Obayashi gives himself in to police after a two-day standoff during which he shot at both his family and police and held his wife hostage. [20]
  • May 29 - A gang of seven men are sentenced to death in Indonesia for setting up and running a large-scale ecstasy factory, capable of producing a million pills a week. [21]



  • July 20 - Luis Hernando Gomez is extradited to the US. [31]
  • July 26 - A BBC investigation reveals a child trafficking ring in Bulgaria. [32]
  • July 26 - The FBI shuts down a major international Chinese media piracy ring, believed to have distributed illegal software with a total selling price of over 2 billion dollars. [33]




  • October 16 - Italian police confirm that witness to a 'Ndrangheta murder case hanged himself after being disowned by his family. [44]
  • October 18 - Hundreds turn up at the funeral of Taiwanese crime boss Chen Chi-li, boss of the United Bamboo Gang. [45]


  • November 1 - The mob-related murder cases against former FBI agent Lindley DeVecchio are dropped by prosecutors because of conflicting evidence.
  • November 2 - Mexican authorities seize a record 23.5 tons of cocaine at the port of Manzanillo. [46]
  • November 5 - Sicilian mafia boss Salvatore Lo Piccolo is captured near the capital of Palermo. Lo Piccolo had been on the run for 20 years. [47]
  • November 26 - United Brotherhood of Carpenters President Douglas J. McCarron ordered an emergency, temporary supervision over Manhattan East Side Local 157, citing allegations of bribery, ties to members of the Genovese and Gambino crime families, and no-show business agents; the Local's top three officers resigned, while two Local shop stewards are under federal indictment. Interestingly, the Executive-Treasurer of the N.Y.C. District Council of Carpenters, Michael Forde, maintains his top position while facing a re-trial in Manhattan state court on charges of accepting bribes from non-union contractors and splitting the payments with the former acting boss of the Lucchese crime family. Local 157's President, William Hanley, was removed from his position, and a federal grand jury was empaneled to investigate the charges, including allegations that Hanley prevailed upon a contractor to hire one Joseph Vecchiarello, an organized crime figure with no carpentry skills.


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  • February 5 - Yakuza chief, Ryoichi Sugiura.
  • February 11 - 9 people are shot in a gun battle in a Rio de Janeiro slum, including 1 off-duty policeman.
  • April 17 - Iccho Itoh, mayor of Nagasaki.
  • May 15 - Mexican anti-drug officials Jose Nemesio Lugo and Jorge Altriste.
  • May 16 - Five Mexican police officers and eight gang members.
  • June 8 - Gambino crime family mobster Rudolph Izzi.
  • June 27 - 19 people die in a fierce gun battle between drugs gangs and police in Alemao, Rio de Janeiro.
  • July 30 - Scottish crime boss, Thomas McGraw "The Licensee".
  • August 6 - Cuban Organized Crime Boss Jose Miguel Battle, Sr.
  • August 15 - 6 men connected to the 'Ndrangheta are shot dead in Germany.
  • August 28 - Three die in a gangland hit in Hertfordshire, England.
  • October - United Bamboo Gang boss Chen Chi-li.
  • October 16 - 'Ndrangheta informer Bruno Piccolo is found to have committed suicide.