2007 killing of French tourists in Mauritania

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The 2007 killing of French tourists in Mauritania happened on December 24, 2007.[1] The attack happened near Aleg, 250 km east of the capital Nouakchott.[2]

The victims, five French tourists on holiday, were attacked while they were having a picnic.[3] Four of them were killed and the fifth was seriously injured.[4] There was one survivor; the victims were his two adult sons, brother, and a friend.[5] The 2008 Dakar Rally was cancelled because of this incident due to concerns of a possible terrorist attack.

Mauritanian authorities arrested nine people on January 7, 2008.[6] An assault rifle was recovered by police from a location close to the scene of the killings.[7] The Mauritanian interior minister blamed a terrorist sleeper cell for the killings.[8] Authorities say suspects are members of an extremist group linked to al-Qaida.[9]

One of the suspects arrested in January, Sidi Ould Sidna, escaped from the police in March but was arrested again in April.[10] Sidna had trained with the group Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb, which confirmed Sidna was affiliated with their organization.[11] In 2010, three men who claimed to be "soldiers of Al-Qaeda", Sidi Ould Sidna, Mohamed Ould Chabarnou, and Maarouf Ould Haiba, were sentenced to death by a Mauritanian court for the attack. Since Mauritania has not used the death penalty since the 1980s, their death sentence will likely be commuted to an extended prison sentence on appeal.[12]


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