2008–09 I-League

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I-League 2008–09
League I-League
Sport Association football
Duration 2008–2009
Number of teams 12
TV partner(s) Zee Sports
I-League season
Champions Churchill Brothers SC
Top scorer Odafe Onyeka Okolie
I-League seasons

The I-League 2008–2009 season began on 26 September 2008 and finished on 16 April 2009 with a break in December for the Federation Cup and Durand Cup. Most games this season were played on Saturday's and Sunday's to attract larger crowds. After a successful first season for the I League, the second season featured 12 teams from four different cities – again this would be expanded in the 2009–10 season to 14 teams.

The champion in the I-League qualified for the AFC Champions League 2010 qualifying playoffs in 2010, while the bottom two teams were relegated to I-League 2nd Division for the next season.



Locations of games played in the 2008–09 I-League season
Club Manager Location Stadia
Air India IndiaBimal Ghosh Mumbai Cooperage Ground
Churchill Brothers SC MoroccoKarim Bencharifa Goa Jawaharlal Nehru – Fatorda Stadium
Dempo SC IndiaArmando Colaco Goa Jawaharlal Nehru – Fatorda Stadium
East Bengal India Monoranjan Bhattacharya Kolkata Salt Lake Stadium
JCT FC IndiaSukhvinder Singh New Delhi Ambedkar Stadium
Mahindra United IndiaDerrick Pereira Mumbai Cooperage Ground
Mohammedan S.C India Shabbir Ali Kolkata Salt Lake Stadium
Mohun Bagan BrazilCarlos Roberto Pereira Da Silva Kolkata Salt Lake Stadium
Sporting Clube De Goa NigeriaCliffort Chukwama Goa Jawaharlal Nehru – Fatorda Stadium
Vasco S.C. Goa Jawaharlal Nehru – Fatorda Stadium

League table[edit]

Qualification or relegation
1 Churchill Brothers 22 13 7 2 53 23 +30 46 2010 AFC Champions League Qualifying play-off
2 Mohun Bagan 22 13 4 5 30 20 +10 43
3 Sporting Goa 22 13 4 5 28 20 +8 43
4 Dempo 22 8 7 7 35 26 +9 31
5 Mahindra United 22 8 7 7 28 22 +6 31
6 East Bengal 22 7 7 8 31 26 +5 28 2010 AFC Cup group stage 1
7 Mumbai 22 7 7 8 22 27 −5 28
8 Chirag United 22 6 8 8 20 26 −6 26
9 JCT 22 6 7 9 19 22 −3 25
10 Air India 22 5 9 8 21 26 −5 24
11 Mohammedan 22 5 7 10 17 31 −14 22 Relegation to 2010 I-League 2nd Division
12 Vasco SC (R) 22 2 4 16 14 49 −35 10

Updated to games played on 16 April 2009.
Source: IndiaFooty.com
Rules for classification: 1) points; 2) goal difference; 3) number of goals scored
1. East Bengal qualified for the 2010 AFC Cup as 2009–10 Indian Federation Cup winners.
(C) = Champion; (R) = Relegated; (P) = Promoted; (E) = Eliminated; (O) = Play-off winner; (A) = Advances to a further round.
Only applicable when the season is not finished:
(Q) = Qualified to the phase of tournament indicated; (TQ) = Qualified to tournament, but not yet to the particular phase indicated; (RQ) = Qualified to the relegation tournament indicated; (DQ) = Disqualified from tournament.

Home and away season[edit]

Round 1[edit]

East Bengal Club3–1Chirag United Sports Club
I Surkumar Singh Goal 10'
Yakubu Yusif Goal 19'
Sunil Chetri Goal 28'
Shankar Oraon Goal 79'

Vasco Sports Club0–1Sporting Clube de Goa
Elijah Obagbemiro Jr Goal 90+1'

Mohun Bagan1–2Mumbai FC
Pachau Lalam Puia Goal 77' Abel Hammond Goal 9'
Kalia Kulothungan Goal 24'

Churchill Bros2–1Mahindra United
Odafe Onyeka Okolie Goal 61' Goal 88' Sushil Kumar Singh Goal 83'

Dempo Sports Club1–2JCT FC
Nicolau Borges Goal 77' E. da Silva Escobar Goal 17'
Balwant Singh Goal 64'

Mohammedan Sporting Club1–1Air-India
Theodore Sunday Wrobeh Goal 59' Surojit Roy Goal 23'

Round 2[edit]

East Bengal Club0–1Mumbai FC
Felix Aboagye Goal 23'

Vasco Sports Club0–0JCT FC

Mohun Bagan1–1Air-India
Branco Cordozo Goal 70' Soccor Velho Goal 43'

Sporting Clube de Goa3–0Mohammedan Sporting Club
Elijah Obagbemiro Jr Goal 63'Goal 77'
Micky FernandesGoal 76'

Mahindra United1–3Chirag United Sports Club
Sushil Kumar Singh Goal 12' Subair Muritala Ali Goal 46'
Gouranga Datta Goal 52'
Hardip Singh Saini Goal 87'

Churchill Bros3–3Dempo Sports Club
Felix Chimaokwu Goal 15' Goal 19'
Odafe Onyeka Okolie Goal 31'
Mboyo Iyomi Goal 37' Goal 47' Goal 76'

Round 3[edit]

JCT FC2–0Mohammedan Sporting Club
Baljeet Singh Saini Goal 46' Eduardo Escober Goal 68'

Mahindra United0–1Mumbai FC
K.Kulothungan Goal 23'

Sporting Clube de Goa2–0Mohun Bagan
Mohonraj "OG" Goal 25' Nathaniel Amos Goal 51'

Chirag United Sports Club0–0Churchill Bros

Air-India2–0East Bengal Club
Surojit Roy Goal 48' Michael Tayo Goal 70'

Dempo Sports Club2–1Vasco Sports Club
Roberto Silva Goal 24' Ranty Martins Goal 30' Ravshan Teshabaev Goal 32'

Round 4[edit]

Mumbai FC0–0Dempo SC

JCT FC0–1Mahindra United
Sukhwinder Singh Goal 70'

Air-India1–0Chirag United Sports Club
Surojit Roy Goal 69'

East Bengal Club2–0Vasco Sports Club
Yusif Yakubu Goal 7' Goal 90'

Mohammedan Sporting Club1–1Mohun Bagan
Goutam Thakur Goal 3' Jose Ramirez Barreto Goal 23'

Churchill Bros3–0Sporting Clube de Goa
Odafe Onyeka Okolie Goal 14' Goal 60' T.Naoba Singh Goal 85'

Round 5[edit]

Chirag United Sports Club0–0JCT FC

Mohammedan Sporting Club1–0Mahindra United
Mike Okoro Goal 75'

Sporting Clube de Goa1–0Mumbai FC
Eliga Junior Goal 17'

Mohun Bagan1–1East Bengal Club
Baichung Bhutia Goal 2' Rahim Nabi Goal 38'

Vasco Sports Club1–4Churchill Bros
Agnelo Colaco Goal 70' Odafe Onyeka Okolie Goal 39' Goal 44' Goal 62' Felix Chimaokw Goal 41'

Dempo SC3–1Air-India
Ranty Martins Goal 38' Goal 78' Climax Lawrence Goal 55' Ravinder Singh Goal 60'

Round 6[edit]

Dempo SC0–1Mohun Bagan
Jose Ramirez Barreto (P) Goal 52'

Chirag United Sports Club0–1Sporting Clube de Goa
Joseph Pereira Goal 73'

Air-India2–0Mumbai FC
Soccor Velho 20 Goal 20' Subhas Singh Goal 32'

Vasco Sports Club0–2Mahindra United
Chiddi Edeh Goal 43' Sushil Kumar Singh Goal 61'

Mohammedan Sporting Club0–0East Bengal Club

Churchill Bros1–1JCT FC
Odafe Onyeka Okolie Goal 27' Amandeep Singh Goal 48'

Round 7[edit]

East Bengal Club1–1Mahindra United
Sunil Chhetri Goal 61' Paresh Shivalkar Goal 59'

Mumbai FC1–1Vasco Sports Club
Kulothungan Goal 25' Abhiskek Yadav Goal 65'

Dempo SC0–1Sporting Clube de Goa
Elija Jr. Goal 83'

Chirag United Sports Club1–0Mohammedan Sporting Club
Gouranga Dutta Goal 62'

Mohun Bagan1–0Churchill Bros
P Lalwampuia Goal 14'

Air-India1–0JCT FC
Samson Singh Goal 86'

Round 8[edit]

Mohammedan Sporting Club1–0Vasco Sports Club
Bimal Parier Goal 87'

Mahindra United1–1Air-India
Sushil Kumar Goal 55' Subhash Singh Goal 66'

East Bengal Club3–1Sporting Clube de Goa
Sunil Chhetri Goal 14' Syed Rahim Nabi Goal 26' Goal 31' Harmanjot Khabra Goal 54'

Churchill Bros2–2Mumbai FC
Odafe Onyeka Okolie Goal 21' Reisangmi Vashum Goal 70' Abhishek Yadav Goal 10' Kulothungan Goal 75'

Mohun Bagan2–0JCT FC
Ishfaq Ahmed Goal 15' Jose Ramirez Barreto Goal 30 pen'

Dempo SC4–0Chirag United Sports Club
Ranty Martins Goal 4'Goal 70'

Joaquim Abranches Goal 45+1'

Roberto Mendes Silva Goal 58'

Round 9[edit]

Churchill Bros1–1Air-India
Felix Chimaokwu Goal 38' Michael Tayo Goal 90+3'

Mahindra United0–0Sporting Clube de Goa

Mohammedan Sporting Club0–2Dempo Sports Club
Anthony Pereira Goal 9' Ranti Martins Goal 41'

Vasco Sports Club1–2Mohun Bagan
Lalnun Puia Goal 29' Rakesh Masih Goal 31' Lalkamal Bhowmick Goal 55'

Chirag United Sports Club1–1Mumbai FC
Shankar Orao Goal 12' Riston Rodrigues Goal 59'

JCT FC1–0East Bengal Club
E. Escober Goal 58'

Round 10[edit]

Mohammedan Sporting Club0 – 1;Churchill Bros
OdafeGoal 70'

Mohun Bagan AC1–0Mahindra United
Bhaichung BhutiaGoal 46'
Referee: P. Basu

Chirag United Sports Club3–1Vasco Sports Club

Dempo Sports Club1–0East Bengal Club
[Beto]Goal 78'

JCT FC2–3Mumbai FC

Round 12[edit]

Mumbai FC0–3Mohun Bagan AC
Cooperage Ground, Mumbai

JCT FC2–1Dempo Sports Club
Guru Nanak Dev Stadium

Chirag United Sports Club0–0East Bengal Club
Saltlake Stadium, Kolkata

Mahindra United1–3Churchill Brothers SC
Cooperage Ground, Mumbai

Air-India1–1Mohammedan Sporting Club
Cooperage Ground, Mumbai

Sporting Clube de Goa0–1Vasco Sports Club
Fatorda Stadium, Margao

Round 13[edit]

Mohammedan Sporting Club0–1Sporting Clube de Goa

JCT FC1–1Vasco Sports Club

Mumbai FC2–1East Bengal Club
A. Yadav Goal 47'
A. Hammond Goal 88'
Yakubu Yusif Goal 13'

Chirag United Sports Club0–2Mahindra United

Air-India1–2Mohun Bagan AC

Dempo Sports Club1–1Churchill Brothers SC

Round 14[edit]

Mohun Bagan AC1–0Sporting Clube de Goa

Mumbai FC0–0Mahindra United

Mohammedan Sporting Club2–0JCT FC

Churchill Brothers SC3–0Chirag United Sports Club

East Bengal Club3–1Air-India
Yakubu Goal 49'
Sunil Chetri Goal 56'
Sanju Pradhan Goal 81'
Subhash Singh Goal 88'

Vasco Sports Club2–2Dempo Sports Club

Round 15[edit]

Dempo Sports Club3–0Mumbai FC

Vasco Sports Club1–4East Bengal Club
Sherzod Nazarov Goal 52' Sunil Chhetri Goal 29' Goal 90',
Yakubu Goal 46' Goal 56'

Chirag United Sports Club1–0Air-India

Mahindra United0–0JCT FC

Mohun Bagan AC1–0Mohammedan Sporting Club

Sporting Clube de Goa1–0Churchill Brothers SC

Round 16[edit]

Air-India0–0Dempo Sports Club

Churchill Brothers SC9 -1Vasco Sports Club
Odafe Onyeka Okolie Goal 42' Goal 50'Goal 57' Goal 82'Goal 89' Goal 90'

Mahindra United0–0Mohammedan Sporting Club

JCT FC0–1Chirag United Sports Club
Ayeni Bidemi Daniel Goal 38'

East Bengal Club3–0Mohun Bagan AC
Syed Rahim Nabi Goal 22' Goal 40' ,
Sunil Chhetri Goal 47'
Attendance: 90,000

Mumbai FC1–2Sporting Clube de Goa

Round 17[edit]

JCT FC1–2Churchill Brothers SC

Sporting Clube de Goa2–2Chirag United Sports Club

Mumbai FC1–1Air-India
Kalia Kulothungan Goal 38' Emmanuel Ovieghara
Cooperage, Mumbai

East Bengal Club2–2Mohammedan Sporting Club
Nirmal Chhetri Goal 48'; Sunil Chhetri Goal 54' Okoro Goal 4'; Eugene Gray
Referee: Shaji Kurian

Mahindra United4–0Vasco Sports Club

Mohun Bagan AC2–1Dempo SC

Round 18[edit]

Churchill Brothers SC3–1Mohun Bagan AC
Odafe Onyeka Okolie Goal 45', Ogba Kalu Nnanna Goal 57', Goal 77' Jose Ramirez Barreto Goal 28'
Referee: Pradeep Kumar (Tamil Nadu)

Sporting Clube de Goa2–1Dempo SC

Mahindra United2–1East Bengal Club
C.Edeh Goal 54' Goal 70' Sunil Chetri Goal 50'

Mohammedan Sporting Club2–2Chirag United Sports Club

JCT FC1–1Air-India

Vasco Sports Club1–2Mumbai FC
Kalia Kulothungan Goal 89',Abhishek YadavGoal 10'

Round 19[edit]

Air-India1–3Mahindra United
Sushil Kumar Singh Goal 56'

Vasco Sports Club0–1Mohammedan Sporting Club

Sporting Clube de Goa1–1East Bengal Club
J. Pereira Goal 64' I. Addo Goal 42'

Mumbai FC2–3Churchill Brothers SC
Anees Kutty Goal 15'

JCT FC1–1Mohun Bagan AC

Chirag United Sports Club0–0Dempo SC

Round 20[edit]

JCT FC2–0Sporting Clube de Goa
Paul M. Nwachukwu Goal 11', Jagpreet singh Goal 81'

Mohammedan Sporting Club2–0Mumbai FC
Satyajit Bose Goal 14'

Churchill Brothers SC3–1East Bengal Club
Odafe Onyeka Okolie Goal 45' Goal 75'
Kalu Goal 53'
Yakubu Yusif Goal 86'

Air-India1–0Vasco Sports Club
Singam Subash Singh Goal 67'

Dempo SC3–2Mahindra United
Arata izumi Goal 1',Sushil Kumar Singh Goal 65'

Chirag United Sports Club1–2Mohun Bagan AC

Round 21[edit]

Air-India1–1Churchill Brothers SC

Sporting Clube de Goa2–0Mahindra United

Mumbai FC0–0Chirag United Sports Club

Dempo SC4–1Mohammedan Sporting Club

Mohun Bagan AC3–0Vasco Sports Club

East Bengal Club2–1JCT FC
Yusif Yakubu Goal 35' Goal 69' Edu Goal 76'

Round 22[edit]

Churchill Brothers SC6–2Mohammedan Sporting Club

Air-India1–3Sporting Clube de Goa

JCT FC1–0Mumbai FC

East Bengal Club2–2Dempo SC
Yakubu Yusif Goal 12'
I. Addo Goal 60'
C. Antao Goal 21'
Beto Goal 22'

Mahindra United2–1Mohun Bagan AC

Vasco Sports Club1–4Chirag United Sports Club

Top scorers[edit]

As of 23 March 2009
Rank Scorer Club Goals
1 Nigeria Odafe Onyeka Okolie Churchill Brothers SC 24
2 Brazil Jose Ramirez Barreto Mohun Bagan 10
Nigeria Felix Chimaokwu Churchill Brothers SC
4 India Sunil Chhetri East Bengal Club 9
Nigeria Ranty Martins Soleye Dempo SC
Nigeria Chidi Edeh Mahindra United
Ghana Yusif Yakubu East Bengal Club
8 India Singam Subash Singh Air India 7
India Sushil Kumar Singh Mahindra United
India Kalia Kulothungan Mumbai FC
Nigeria Junior Obagbemiro Sporting Clube de Goa
12 India Baichung Bhutia Mohan Bagan 6
Nigeria Ogba Kalu Nnanna Churchill Brothers SC
India Joseph Pereira Sporting Clube de Goa

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