2008–09 BC Mureș Târgu Mureș season

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Tournament in Medias were Bc Mures played without Luke McKenna (inj.), Levi Levine (inj.), Sean Knitter (not arrived) and Cory Largent (not arrived):

  • Csu Sibiu – Bc Mures 104 – 89
  • Gaz Metan Medias – Bc Mures 88 – 78
  • CSS U Craiova – Bc Mures 77 – 72

Friendly games in Hungary:

  • MAFC Budapest (div.2) HungaryBc Mures 50 – 100
  • Veszprém (div.2) HungaryBc Mures 66 – 88

Göcsej Cup – tournament in Zalaegerszeg Hungary:

  • Lami-Véd Körmend (div. 1) HungaryBc Mures 102 – 80 [McKenna 21(2), Hargrave 15(1), Cooley 15(3), Vajda 8, Largent 8(1), Coombs 8, Levine 3(1), Knitter 2]
  • Dombóvár (div. 1) HungaryBc Mures 94 – 70 [Hargrave 17(4), Coombs 17, Knitter 10(1), Cooley 7(1), Levine 6(1), McKenna 4, Szászgáspár 3(1)]
  • Soproni sŐrdögök (div.1) HungaryBc Mures 69 – 70 [Cooley 12(2), Knitter 12(2), McKenna 12, Pora 8, Largent 8(1), Levine 5, Jakab 5, Coombs 4, Hargrave 2, Trif 2]

Friendly game and introduction of the Bc Mures 2008–2009 roster

  • Bc Mures – CSU Brasov 103 – 83 [Coombs 20(1), Hargrave 19(5), Levine 18(2), Vajda 11, Cooley 10(2), McKenna 8, Largent 5, Jakab 5, Trif 4, Knitter 3(1)]

The Romanian Basketball Federation decided to increase the number of participants for the 08–09 season from 14 clubs to 16 clubs. In this case none of the clubs that played in the last season relegated to div. 2. CS Energia Rovinari and CSS ``U`` Craiova are the two new summer clubs that will complete the Romanian Basketball Division A team list. After the folding of the Rm.Valcea club there were only 15 teams left to start the championship race.

2008–2009 SQUAD CHANGES (December 2009)


2008–2009 SQUAD CHANGES (sept-oct 2008)




Bc Mures 08/09 roster First division
N/A United States Major Wingate Center
3 United States JuJuan Cooley 175 cm 75 kg Guard
N/A Romania Bogdan Cormoş Guard
N/A Romania Daniel Patru Forward
34 Romania Ferenc Bíró Forward
10 Romania Barnabás Szászgáspár 183 cm 82 kg Guard
12 Romania Vlad Pora 193 cm 91 kg Guard
14 Romania Cristian Jakab 205 cm 92 kg Center
10 Romania George Trif 194 cm 88 kg Forward
7 Romania Attila Vajda 204 cm 88 kg Center
33 United States Luke McKenna 201 cm 100 kg Forward
11 Lithuania Marius Pociukonis Guard
  • Second division players (Reserves)
Bc Mures 08/09 roster Second div.
1 Romania Ferenc Bíró 205 cm 97 kg Center
4 Romania Bogdan Cormoş 177 cm 70 kg Guard
5 Romania Tibor Soós 183 cm 70 kg Guard
8 Romania Daniel Patru 192 cm 92 kg Forward
20 Romania Bogdan Puşcaş 194 cm 87 kg Forward
N/A Romania László Fodor N/A N/A kg Guard

08/09 Depth chart[edit]

Position Starter Bench Reserve
C Major Wingate Cristian Jakab
PF Attila Vajda Ferenc Bíró
SF Luke McKenna George Trif Pora Vlad
SG Marius Pociukonis Daniel Patru
PG JuJuan Cooley Bogdan Cormoş

In order to be able to develop its own reinforcement strategy the club decided to form a second team that will play in the Romanian Basketball division B under the name of Bc Mures II. Young and promising players like Biro Ferenc, Bogdan Cormos, Soos Tibor, Daniel Patru, Bogdan Puscas and "veteran" Ioan Muresan along with other local talents will play at this team. The goal of this new team is to prepare the Romanian players for the high level of the Romanian Division A basketball. Due to money shortage three of these players were called up to the First team squad (Cormos, Biro and Patru), all of them former components of the latter. As a result, the division B team folded. The team finished the regular season on a disappointing 10th place. In the first round of the play-out they easily dispatched Rapid, a team formed exclusively by Romanian players, in two games.