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The 2008 AFL draft consisted of four opportunities for player acquisitions during the 2008/09 Australian Football League off-season. These were trade week (held between 6 October and 10 October), the national draft (held on 29 November), the pre-season draft (16 December) and the rookie draft (16 December).[1] It was considered to be the last uncompromised draft before the draft concessions given to the Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney expansion teams restrict the existing AFL clubs' access to the best young players in the future years drafts.[2]


Throughout the year there was much speculation about high profile players such as Jonathan Brown, Alan Didak and Daniel Kerr being likely to be traded during the AFL's annual trading period, but each re-signed with their clubs before the trading period started.[3] The main discussions during trade week were the surprise request by Ryan O'Keefe to be traded from Sydney, as well as the destination of young Fremantle ruckman Robert Warnock, both of whom wished to be traded back to their home city of Melbourne.[4] Other players to request trades include Andrew Lovett, Brent Prismall, Mark Seaby, Farren Ray, Josh Carr and Daniel Harris.

North Melbourne surprised many early in the week by naming Hamish McIntosh and Corey Jones as players available to trade, with McIntosh later being withdrawn from the offer after a backlash from his manager and club legend Glenn Archer.[5][6]

Like most years, no trades were completed during the first three days of the trade week and for the first time the AFL was requested to assist by providing a mediator to solve the stand-off between Fremantle and Carlton over the Warnock deal. Carlton had offered its second round selection, #24 overall, but Fremantle wanted its first round selection, the sixth overall.[7][8] On the final day of trade week Warnock was traded. The deal included Fremantle's pick No. 69, in exchange for Carlton's picks 24, 56 and 72.[9]

In total only six trades were completed, with O'Keefe, Lovett, Seaby, Carr and Harris unable to finalise deals during the week.[9] The low number of completed trades prompted calls by the AFLPA for a form of free agency to be introduced, although it could be explained as a one-off event due to a combination of the high regard for the players available in year's draft and the impending concessions to be given to the expansion teams, Gold Coast and Greater Western Sydney in the coming years.[10]

Player Original club New club Traded for
Adam Thomson Port Adelaide Richmond draft pick #42
Rhyce Shaw and draft pick #61 Collingwood Sydney draft pick #46
Anthony Corrie Brisbane Lions Collingwood draft pick #93
Farren Ray and draft pick #48 Western Bulldogs St Kilda draft pick #31
Brent Prismall Geelong Essendon draft pick #39
Robert Warnock and draft pick #69 Fremantle Carlton draft pick #24, #56 and #72

2008 national draft[edit]

The 2008 national draft was held on 29 November. Melbourne finished the 2008 AFL season in last position and had the first selection in the draft. As both Melbourne and West Coast Eagles won less than 5 games during the season, they were eligible for a priority pick. As this was the first year in which they qualified, the priority pick was allocated between the first and second rounds of selections.

Ayce Cordy was the first player selected in the draft as the only father–son selection. The Western Bulldogs had to use their 1st round selection, #14, to secure him after St Kilda bid their #1st round selection for him. His father, Brian, played 124 games for the Bulldogs in the 1980s.[11]

The top two selections were widely tipped to be Jack Watts and Nic Naitanui, with Daniel Rich, Tyrone Vickery, Stephen Hill, Chris Yarran and Hamish Hartlett to fill the next few selections.[12][13][14]

Round Pick Player Recruited from League Club
1 1 Jack Watts Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Melbourne
1 2 Nic Naitanui Swan Districts WAFL West Coast
1 3 Stephen Hill West Perth WAFL Fremantle
1 4 Hamish Hartlett West Adelaide SANFL Port Adelaide
1 5 Michael Hurley Northern Knights TAC Cup Essendon
1 6 Chris Yarran Swan Districts WAFL Carlton
1 7 Daniel Rich Subiaco WAFL Brisbane Lions
1 8 Tyrone Vickery Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Richmond
1 9 Jack Ziebell Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup North Melbourne
1 10 Phil Davis North Adelaide SANFL Adelaide
1 11 Steele Sidebottom Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup Collingwood
1 12 Lewis Johnston North Adelaide SANFL Sydney
1 13 Tom Lynch Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup St Kilda
1 14 (F/S) Ayce Cordy Geelong Falcons TAC Cup Western Bulldogs
1 15 Mitchell Brown Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Geelong
1 16 Ryan Schoenmakers Norwood SANFL Hawthorn
Priority 17 Sam Blease Eastern Ranges TAC Cup Melbourne
Priority 18 Luke Shuey Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup West Coast
2 19 James Strauss Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Melbourne
2 20 Tom Swift Claremont WAFL West Coast
2 21 Hayden Ballantyne Peel Thunder WAFL Fremantle
2 22 Jackson Trengove Calder Cannons TAC Cup Port Adelaide
2 23 David Zaharakis Northern Knights TAC Cup Essendon
2 24 Nick Suban North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Fremantle
2 25 Jack Redden Glenelg SANFL Brisbane Lions
2 26 Jayden Post Western Jets TAC Cup Richmond
2 27 Sam Wright Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup North Melbourne
2 28 Shaun McKernan Calder Cannons TAC Cup Adelaide
2 29 Dayne Beams Southport QAFL Collingwood
2 30 Daniel Hannebery Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Sydney
2 31 Jordan Roughead North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Western Bulldogs
2 32 Liam Jones North Hobart TFL Western Bulldogs
2 33 Tom Gillies Dandenong Stringrays TAC Cup Geelong
2 34 Liam Shiels Eastern Ranges TAC Cup Hawthorn
3 35 Jamie Bennell Swan Districts WAFL Melbourne
3 36 Ashley Smith Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup West Coast
3 37 Zac Clarke Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Fremantle
3 38 Matthew Broadbent Woodville-West Torrens SANFL Port Adelaide
3 39 Steven Motlop Wanderers NTFL Geelong
3 40 Mitch Robinson Tasmanian Devils VFL Carlton
3 41 Todd Banfield Swan Districts WAFL Brisbane Lions
3 42 Mitch Banner Western Jets TAC Cup Port Adelaide
3 43 Liam Anthony East Fremantle WAFL North Melbourne
3 44 Rory Sloane Eastern Ranges TAC Cup Adelaide
3 45 Jarrad Blight Swan Districts WAFL Collingwood
3 46 Luke Rounds Geelong Falcons TAC Cup Collingwood
3 47 Rhys Stanley West Adelaide SANFL St Kilda
3 48 Nicholas Heyne Gippsland Power TAC Cup St Kilda
3 49 Taylor Hunt Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Geelong
3 50 Jordan Lisle Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Hawthorn
4 51 Neville Jetta Swan Districts WAFL Melbourne
4 52 Jordan Jones Geelong Falcons TAC Cup West Coast
4 53 Michael Walters Swan Districts WAFL Fremantle
4 54 Jarrad Redden Woodville-West Torrens SANFL Port Adelaide
4 55 Michael Still Northern Knights TAC Cup Essendon
4 56 Ben Bucovaz Geelong Falcons TAC Cup Fremantle
4 57 Aaron Cornelius Tasmanian Devils VFL Brisbane Lions
4 58 Tom Hislop Essendon AFL Richmond
4 59 Nathan O'Keefe Eastern Ranges TAC Cup North Melbourne
4 60 Tom Lee Claremont WAFL Adelaide
4 61 Campbell Heath Gippsland Power TAC Cup Sydney
4 62 Alistair Smith Perth WAFL St Kilda
4 63 Luke Lowden Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Hawthorn
5 64 Rohan Bail Mount Gravatt QAFL Melbourne
5 65 Rhys O'Keeffe North Adelaide SANFL Carlton
5 66 Glenn Dawson Woodville-West Torrens SANFL Port Adelaide
5 67 Tyson Slattery West Adelaide SANFL Essendon
5 68 Tim Ruffles North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Fremantle
5 69 Bart McCulloch South Launceston TFL Brisbane Lions
5 70 Pass Richmond
5 71 Warren Benjamin Claremont WAFL North Melbourne
5 72 Will Young North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Adelaide
5 73 Leigh Brown North Melbourne AFL Collingwood
5 74 Paul Cahill Sturt SANFL St Kilda
5 75 Shane Savage Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup Hawthorn
6 76 Pass Melbourne
6 77 Chris Hall Woodville-West Torrens SANFL Fremantle
6 78 Jason Davenport Geelong AFL Port Adelaide
6 79 Pass Essendon
6 80 Caleb Tiller Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup Carlton
6 81 Kieran King East Fremantle WAFL Brisbane Lions
6 82 Pass Brisbane Lions
6 83 Colm Begley Brisbane Lions AFL St Kilda
7 84 Pass Port Adelaide
7 85 Pass Carlton

2009 pre-season draft[edit]

The pre-season draft was held on 16 December 2008 (but is referred to as the 2009 pre-season draft in continuation from the early years of the AFL draft when it was held in January or February) and most pre-draft interest was on whether or not former West Coast Eagles captain and Brownlow Medal winner Ben Cousins would be selected by the Richmond Football Club. Richmond, the only club to show interest in recruiting Cousins, had one selection in the pre-season draft (because it had only one space left on its senior list). In the week leading up to the pre-season draft, Richmond requested to have Graham Polak (who had been hit by a tram the previous season, with it not clear at this stage whether or not the resulting injuries would end his career) moved to the rookie list, to free up an additional list space and give them a second selection in the pre-season draft. The request was similar to one made by and granted to the Essendon Football Club a few years earlier with respect to Adam Ramanauskas, but there were key differences which led to Richmond's request being rejected by the AFL and a majority of rival clubs on December 15.[15] Although Richmond had maintained throughout the previous week that it would draft Cousins only if its request to put Polak on the rookie list was granted, they selected Cousins anyway with their only selection in the pre-season draft. Josh Carr's return to Port Adelaide was the other major player move.[16]

Round Pick Player Recruited from League Club
1 1 Liam Jurrah Yuendumu CAFL Melbourne
1 2 Josh Carr Fremantle AFL Port Adelaide
1 3 Hayden Skipworth Bendigo Bombers VFL Essendon
1 4 Chris Johnson Melbourne AFL Carlton
1 5 Tom Rockliff Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup Brisbane Lions
1 6 Ben Cousins West Coast Eagles AFL Richmond

2009 rookie draft[edit]

Due to the expansion in the number of rookie places available for clubs to use - from the previous maximum of six players to the maximum of eight rookies and veteran listed players combined - the 2009 rookie draft featured more selections than usual.

Round Pick Player Recruited from Club
1 1 Jordie McKenzie Geelong Falcons Melbourne
1 2 Liam Bedford Geelong Football Club West Coast
1 3 Casey Sibosado Oakleigh Chargers Fremantle
1 4 Wade Thompson North Adelaide Port Adelaide
1 5 Bryce Carroll Western Jets Essendon
1 6 Jeff Garlett Swan Districts Carlton
1 7 Daniel Murray East Perth Brisbane Lions
1 8 Robin Nahas Oakleigh Chargers Richmond
1 9 Marcus White Calder Cannons North Melbourne
1 10 Ricky Henderson Trentham Adelaide
1 11 Tristan Francis Gippsland Power Collingwood
1 12 Kristin Thornton Sydney Swans Sydney
1 13 Zac Dawson Hawthorn St Kilda
1 14 Jamason Daniels Murray Bushrangers Western Bulldogs
1 15 Adam Varcoe Central District Geelong
1 16 Riley Milne Murray Bushrangers Hawthorn
2 17 Rhys Healey Bendigo Pioneers Melbourne
2 18 Adam Cockie Subiaco West Coast
2 19 Matt de Boer Claremont Fremantle
2 20 Danny Meyer Richmond Port Adelaide
2 21 Thomas German Calder Cannons Essendon
2 22 Luke Stanton Northern Knights Carlton
2 23 Pass Brisbane Lions
2 24 David Gourdis Richmond Richmond
2 25 Luke Delaney Geelong Falcons North Melbourne
2 26 Chris Schmidt Brisbane Lions Adelaide
2 27 Jarryd Blair Gippsland Power Collingwood
2 28 Taylor Gilchrist Sandringham Dragons Sydney
2 29 Tom Simpkin Geelong Falcons St Kilda
2 30 Liam Picken Williamstown Western Bulldogs
2 31 Bryn Weadon North Ballarat Rebels Geelong
2 32 Haydn Kiel Brisbane Lions Hawthorn
3 33 Daniel Hughes Melbourne Melbourne
3 34 Hamish Shepheard East Perth Fremantle
3 35 Daniel Stewart Labrador Port Adelaide
3 36 Christian Bock Woodville-West Torrens Essendon
3 37 Greg Bentley Port Adelaide Carlton
3 38 Pass Brisbane Lions
3 39 Andrew Browne Murray Bushrangers Richmond
3 40 Ben Speight Norwood North Melbourne
3 41 Pass Adelaide
3 42 Johnny Bennell Peel Thunder Collingwood
3 43 Kyle Coney Tyrone GAA (Ireland) Sydney
3 44 Brad Howard St Kilda St Kilda
3 45 Pass Western Bulldogs
3 46 Tom Allwright North Hobart Demons Geelong
3 47 Luke Breust Temora Hawthorn
4 48 Clancee Pearce Swan Districts Fremantle
4 49 Matthew Martin West Adelaide Port Adelaide
4 50 Kade Klemke Murray Bushrangers Essendon
4 51 Darren Pfeiffer Carlton Carlton
4 52 Pass Brisbane Lions
4 53 Alroy Gilligan Claremont Richmond
4 54 Alan Obst North Melbourne North Melbourne
4 55 Brian Donnelly Louth GAA (Ireland) Adelaide
4 56 Tobais Thoolen Collingwood Collingwood
4 57 Mike Pyke Canada (international rookie) Sydney
4 58 Steven Gaertner Dandenong Stingrays St Kilda
4 59 Pass Western Bulldogs
4 60 Ranga Ediriwickrama NSW AFL scholarship program Geelong
4 61 Carl Peterson Richmond Hawthorn
5 62 Jay van Berlo West Perth Fremantle
5 63 Jesse Laurie Claremont Port Adelaide
5 64 Michael Quinn Longford GAA (Ireland) Essendon
5 65 Lachie Hill Carlton Carlton
5 66 Adam Spackman Morningside Brisbane Lions
5 67 Pass Richmond
5 68 Conor Meredith Laois GAA (Ireland) North Melbourne
5 69 Lachlan Keeffe 3-year non-registration Collingwood
5 70 Pass Sydney
5 71 Ross Tungatulum St Mary's St Kilda
5 72 Christopher Ogle NSW AFL scholarship program Western Bulldogs
5 73 Garry Moss Hawthorn Hawthorn
6 74 Greg Broughton Subiaco Fremantle
6 75 Pass Port Adelaide
6 76 Samuel Jacobs Carlton Carlton
6 77 Daniel Dzufer Brisbane Lions Brisbane Lions
6 78 Scott Reed NSW AFL scholarship program Collingwood
6 79 Pass Sydney
6 80 Samuel McGarry Sandringham Dragons St Kilda
6 81 Matthew Suckling Sandringham Dragons Hawthorn
7 82 Joel Tippett Brisbane Lions Brisbane Lions
7 83 Pass Sydney
7 84 Blake McGrath NSW AFL scholarship program St Kilda
7 85 Will Sierakowski NSW AFL scholarship program Hawthorn

Rookie elevation[edit]

A total of 15 players were promoted from their respective clubs' rookie lists to the club's primary lists at the conclusion of the 2008 season.[17]

Player Recruited from Club
Petrenko, JaredJared Petrenko Woodville-West Torrens Adelaide
Clouston, ScottScott Clouston Morningside Brisbane Lions
Jamison, MichaelMichael Jamison North Ballarat Carlton
Macaffer, BrentBrent Macaffer Gippsland Power Collingwood
Wellingham, SharrodSharrod Wellingham Perth Collingwood
Atkinson, JarrodJarrod Atkinson Bendigo Bombers Essendon
Wonaeamirri, AustinAustin Wonaeamirri Norwood Melbourne
Grima, NathanNathan Grima Central District North Melbourne
Wundke, MichaelMichael Wundke North Adelaide North Melbourne
Salter, NickNick Salter Woodville-West Torrens Port Adelaide
Eddy, RobertRobert Eddy Gippsland Power St Kilda
McQualter, AndrewAndrew McQualter Gippsland Power St Kilda
O'Dwyer, MattMatt O'Dwyer Calder Cannons Sydney
Smith, NickNick Smith Oakleigh Chargers Sydney
Wilkes, BeauBeau Wilkes Claremont West Coast

Selections by league[edit]

National and pre-season draft selection totals by leagues:

League Players
TAC Cup 40 VIC


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