2008 Belgian Figure Skating Championships

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2008 Belgian Figure Skating Championships
Type: National Championship
Date: 24 November – 25 November
Season: 2007-2008
Location: Hasselt
Ladies' singles:
Barbara Klerk
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The 2008 Belgian Figure Skating Championships (Dutch: Belgisch Kampioenschap 2008; French: Championnat de Belgique 2008) were the Belgian Figure Skating Championships of the 2007-2008 figure skating season. Skaters competed in the discipline of ladies singles for the title of national champion of Belgium.

The competition took place between 24 November and 25 November, 2007 in Hasselt. Skaters from Great Britain and Slovakia competed as guest skaters and their results were discounted from the final results. In the senior men's competition, Elliot Hilton and David Richardson, both of Great Britain, finished 1st and 2nd respectively, with Taras Rajec of Slovakia finishing third.

Senior-level results[edit]

Senior men[edit]

Note: No Belgian competitors

Rank Name Nation Total Points SP FS
Eliot Hilton  Great Britain 173.32 1 1
David Richardson  Great Britain 137.84 3 2
Taras Rajec  Slovakia 120.14 2 3

Senior ladies[edit]

Rank Name Nation Total Points SP FS
Jenna McCorkell  Great Britain 142.63 1 1
1 Barbara Klerk  Belgium 118.05 3 2
2 Isabelle Pieman  Belgium 113.74 2 3
3 Kirsten Verbist  Belgium 97.92 4 4