2008 Bin Salman mosque bombing

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2008 Bin Salman Mosque bombing
Sa'dah in Yemen.svg
Saada Governorate in Yemen
LocationSa'dah, Yemen
Coordinates16°56′06″N 43°45′50″E / 16.935°N 43.764°E / 16.935; 43.764Coordinates: 16°56′06″N 43°45′50″E / 16.935°N 43.764°E / 16.935; 43.764
Date2 May 2008
TargetSecurity forces
Attack type

The 2008 Bin Salman mosque bombing was on 2 May 2008 at the Bin Salman Mosque in Sa'dah, Yemen, which killed 15 and injured 55. Local officials believed the bomb was hidden in a car or a motorcycle.[1]

Some witnesses said the target may have been the mosque's imam, or prayer leader, an army officer who adheres to the Salafi school of Sunni Islam. Witnesses said he was not hurt. Military personnel are among those who usually pray at the Bin Salman mosque, which like others in Yemen caters for both the majority Sunni community and Shia Zaidis.[2]

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