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The 2008 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival was held June 12–15. Aside from the festival's opening year (2002), attendance at the 2008 event, at approximately 70,000, was the smallest in Bonnaroo's history.

Cancellations and rescheduling[edit]

Bonnaroo had many cancellations and reschedules by artists both before and during the event. Cancellations included Black Kids who appeared on the initial line-up, but were later removed. Two months prior, due to health issues, The Allman Brothers Band cancelled their slot at the festival. Their cancellation led to the replacement band Widespread Panic and was announced as the festival closer.[1]

  • Due to a schedule conflict David Cross had to cancel his appearance and was replaced by Louis C.K. in the Bonnaroo Comedy Theatre.[1]
  • The surprise SuperJam was composed of Les Claypool on bass/vocals, Eugene Hutz (guitar/vocals), Sergei Ryabtsev (violin), Oren Kaplan (guitar), and Yuri Lemeshev (accordion) of Gogol Bordello, and Claypool's touring drummer (and Cake member) Paulo Baldi on drums. They were later joined by Kirk Hammett of Metallica on guitar for three numbers. Hammett was introduced by Claypool as "some guy that used to sell me weed back in high school." The set consisted of eleven Tom Waits covers ("Russian Dance" was performed twice, the second time as an encore), along with a single Claypool song, "D's Diner".
  • Chris Rock's main stage set was billed as being "one of the largest ever for a comedy show".[2]
  • Kidz Jam, a non-profit organization out of Dayton, Ohio provided free entertainment, water, earplugs and safety information for the families which attended Bonnaroo in 2008.
  • Kanye West's Saturday night set, after being moved back and forth between stages by Bonnaroo promoters, was settled on the main stage. Mr. West was not on time, due to a scheduling conflict. This in addition to Pearl Jam playing over an hour longer than scheduled, taking excessive time to remove their equipment, and the set-up for Kanye's despotic production, the show started at 5:00am.[3]


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