2008 Chișinău Antonov An-32 crash

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2008 Chişinău Antonov An-32 crash
Croatian AN-32B Ruzyne.jpg
An Antonov AN-32, like the one involved in the crash
Accident summary
Date 11 April 2008 22:15 UTC
Site Chişinău International Airport approach
46°55′38″N 28°53′12″E / 46.92722°N 28.88667°E / 46.92722; 28.88667Coordinates: 46°55′38″N 28°53′12″E / 46.92722°N 28.88667°E / 46.92722; 28.88667
Crew 8
Fatalities 8
Survivors 0
Aircraft type Antonov An-32
Aircraft name Cline
Operator Kata Air Transport
Flight origin Vienna
2nd stopover Chişinău International Airport
3rd stopover Turkey
Destination Khartoum, Sudan

A 12 April, 2008 Chişinău Antonov An-32 crash killed eight crew when a departing Sudanese cargo flight to Turkey turned back and crashed short of the runway.

Early reports indicated that the Ukraine-built An-32 "Cline" had engine problems and turned back to Chişinău International Airport, Moldova.[1] The flight from Vienna had refuelled and was bound for Khartoum, Sudan via Antalya, Turkey with a Moldovan crew of eight.[2][3]

The aircraft had undergone maintenance at Chişinău. It crashed at 22:15 local time, or 20:15 UTC. Moldovan authorities requested Russian assistance with the black box records. Novosti reported that the crew was four Russians and four Moldovans,[4] but it was later determined that there were four Ukrainian and four Moldovan citizens.[5]

The aircraft was later announced as belonging to Kata Air Transport of Sudan and as having crashed close to the village of Bachoy, Moldova carrying 2.3 tonnes of fuel.[6]