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The Deildabikar 2008 was the 13th season of the Icelandic League Cup, a pre-season professional football competition in Iceland. The competition started on 22 February 2008 and concluded on 1 May 2008. Valur beat Fram 4–1 in the final to win their first League Cup title.

The 24 teams were divided into 4 groups of 6 teams. Every team played every other team of its group once, either home or away. Top 2 teams from each group qualified for the quarter-finals.

Group stage[edit]

The games were played from 22 February to 15 April 2008.

Group 1[edit]

Group 2[edit]

Group 3[edit]

Group 4[edit]

Knockout stage[edit]


HK 1 – 1 (aet) Breiðablik
Þórsson Goal 16' Grétarsson Goal 74'
3 – 5

Fram 2 – 1 FH
McShane Goal 16'
H. Þórarinsson Goal 56'
Vilhjálmsson Goal 68'

KR 0 – 3 ÍA
Guðjónsson Goal 1'
Sigurðarson Goal 44'
Goal 77' (og)


Valur 5 – 2 ÍA
Pálmason Goal 51' (p) Goal 62'
Mortensen Goal 70' Goal 84'
Hjaltason Goal 90'
Guðjónsson Goal 18' (p)
Magnússon Goal 69'

Fram 2 – 2 (aet) Breiðablik
Grímsson Goal 102'
Júlíusson Goal 114'
Rajcomar Goal 95' Goal 111' (p)
4 – 2


Valur 4 – 1 Fram
Mortensen Goal 4' Goal 29'
A. S. Þórarinsson Goal 50'
Pálmason Goal 90'
H. Þórarinsson Goal 33' (p)
GK Iceland Kjartan Sturluson
DF Iceland Birkir Már Sævarsson
DF Iceland Gunnar Einarsson
DF Iceland Atli Sveinn Þórarinsson
DF Iceland Bjarni Ólafur Eiríksson
DF Denmark Rene Skovgaard Carlsen
MF Iceland Pálmi Rafn Pálmason
MF Iceland Baldur Bett
FW Iceland Daníel Hjaltason Substituted off 82'
FW Iceland Guðmundur Benediktsson Substituted off 68'
FW Denmark Dennis Bo Mortensen
MF Iceland Sigurbjörn Örn Hreiðarsson Substituted in 82'
FW Iceland Hafþór Ægir Vilhjálmsson Substituted in 68'
Iceland Willum Þór Þórsson
GK Iceland Hannes Þór Halldórsson
DF Iceland Óðinn Árnason
DF Iceland Reynir Leósson
DF England Sam Tillen
MF Iceland Daði Guðmundsson
MF Scotland Paul McShane Substituted off 89'
MF Iceland Halldór Hermann Jónsson
FW Iceland Heiðar Geir Júlíusson
FW Iceland Grímur Björn Grímsson Substituted off 38'
FW Iceland Hjálmar Þórarinsson
FW Iceland Ívar Björnsson Substituted off 81'
MF Iceland Jón Orri Ólafsson Substituted in 38'
FW Iceland Guðmundur Magnússon Substituted in 81'
DF Iceland Kristinn Ingi Halldórsson Substituted in 89'
Iceland Þorvaldur Örlygsson

Top goalscorers[edit]

10 goals
7 goals
6 goals
5 goals
4 goals

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