2008 Green National Convention

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2008 Green National Convention
2008 presidential election
Green Party of the United States New Logo.png
Cynthia McKinney.jpg NLN Rosa Clemente.jpg
McKinney and Clemente
Date(s) July 10–14, 2008
City Chicago, Illinois
Venue Palmer House Hilton (July 10, 11 and 13)
Symphony Center (July 12)
Presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney of Georgia
Vice Presidential nominee Rosa Clemente of New York
Other candidates Chm. Kat Swift (TX)
2004  ·  2012
2008 Green National Convention is located in the US
Saint Paul
Saint Paul
Kansas City
Kansas City
Sites of the 2008 national presidential nominating conventions

The 2008 Green National Convention took place on July 10–14, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois at the Palmer House Hilton and Symphony Center.[1] This served as both the venue for the Presidential Nominating Convention and the Annual Meeting of the Green Party of the United States.


The convention was headquartered at the historic Palmer House Hilton, while the nomination event itself took place at the nearby Symphony Center on July 12.[2]


The theme of the convention was, "Live Green, Vote Green".[2]


July 10: Introductory news conference and a reception for international Greens.[2]

July 11: News conferences for elected Greens, Green presidential candidates, and candidates for other offices were held throughout the day. The evening featured a presidential candidates forum.[2] moderated by Rich Whitney[3]

July 12: The presidential nomination took place.[2]

Malik Rahim
Kathy Kelly
Jill Stein


Notable speakers included:

Presidential nomination[edit]

The presidential nomination took place July 12 at Chicago's Symphony Center.[2]


On stage at the Symphony Center after Cynthia McKinney accepted the presidential nomination
Illinois delegation at the convention


2008 Green Party National Convention total vote count
Candidate National Convention
Cynthia McKinney 324 59.89%
Ralph Nader3 85½ 15.80%
Kat Swift 38½ 7.12%
Kent Mesplay 35 6.47%
Jesse Johnson 32½ 6.01%
Elaine Brown 9 1.66%
Jared Ball4 8 1.48%
No candidate 1.20%
Uncommitted 2 0.37%
1 "2008 Green Party Presidential Nomination Delegate Count". GPUS. July 3, 2008. 
2 "2008 Presidential Convention Ballot Results". GPUS. July 2008. 
3 Nader did not seek the Green Party nomination. His total includes 8 delegates from
Illinois where Howie Hawkins stood on the ballot in his place.
4 Endorsed Cynthia McKinney.

Running mate[edit]

After McKinney's nomination, the convention delegates selected her stated choice of running mate Rosa Clemente for the vice-presidential nomination through a voice vote of delegates.[9]


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