2008 Guangxi chemical plant explosions

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The 2008 Guangxi chemical plant explosions were a series of explosions which occurred on August 26, 2008 in Yizhou city, Guangxi province, People's Republic of China.[1]


The first explosion occurred at about 6am on August 26 in Yizhou city at the Guangxi Guangwei Chemical company. The factory produces chemicals like polyvinyl acetate used in adhesives, calcium carbide and vinyl acetate monomer used in paint.[2][3][4] Fire spread over a nearly 108,000sq ft / 10,000m².[1] The fire took almost 11 hours to put out.[4] More than 1,000 firefighters, rescuers and soldiers were deployed to fight the fire.[2]


As reported a day after the incident, 16 people were killed and six people were missing.[1] Another 57 people were injured.[4] The government evacuated 11,500 residents in case of further blasts and chemical leaks.[1] Steps were taken to check water quality at the Longjiang River. Ge Xianmin, head of the Guangxi Toxic Substance Emergency Centre, said toxic gases were released, including hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide.[2]

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