2008 International Rules Series

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2008 International Rules Series
2008 international rules series at Subiaco Oval, Perth, Western Australia
Event International Rules Series
97–102 on aggregate, Ireland win series 2–0
First test
Date 24 October 2008
Venue Subiaco Oval, Perth
Referee Pat McEnaney (Ireland)
Steve McBurney (Australia)
Attendance 35,153
Second test
Date 31 October 2008
Venue Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
Referee Pat McEnaney (Ireland)
Steve McBurney (Australia)
Attendance 42,823

The 2008 International Rules Series was the 14th annual International Rules Series and was played between Ireland and Australia.

After the 2007 series was cancelled by the Gaelic Athletic Association, the Australian Football League and the GAA agreed in 2008 to resume the series.

The matches were played in Australia – October 24 in Perth, Western Australia and October 31 in Melbourne (after the AFL Grand Final and All-Ireland Senior Football Championship).[1]

Ireland won by five points on aggregate after recording victories in both tests.

Rule changes[edit]

  • Maximum of 14 interchanges per quarter.[2]
  • Teams are allowed only four consecutive hand passes (ball must then be kicked).[3]
  • Match time reduced from 20 to 18 minutes per quarter (with stoppage time for breaks in play).[4]
  • Goalkeeper can no longer kick the ball to himself from the kick-out.[4]
  • Suspensions may carry over the GAA and AFL matches if The Match Review Panel see fit.[4]
  • A dangerous "slinging" tackle will be an automatic red card.[2]
  • A shirtfront endangering the head will result in a red card.[2]
  • Physical intimidation can result in a yellow card.[2]
  • One-handed tackles result in a free kick.[2]
  • An independent referee can cite players for reportable offenses from the stands.[2]
  • Yellow cards sin bin reduced to 10 minutes.[4]


Australia Ireland
Name Team Position Name Team Position
Nathan Bock Adelaide Seán Boylan Meath Coach
Matthew Boyd Western Bulldogs Seán Cavanagh Tyrone Captain
Jared Brennan Brisbane Lions Graham Canty Cork Vice-captain
Campbell Brown Hawthorn Vice-captain David Gallagher Meath
Shaun Burgoyne Port Adelaide Colm Begley Laois/Brisbane Lions
Matt Campbell North Melbourne Paddy Bradley Derry
Ryan Crowley Fremantle Kevin Reilly Meath
Michael Firrito North Melbourne Benny Coulter Down
Nathan Foley Richmond Bryan Cullen Dublin
Brent Harvey North Melbourne Captain Kieran Donaghy Kerry
Roger Hayden Fremantle Leighton Glynn Wicklow
Leigh Montagna St Kilda Finian Hanley Galway
Daniel Motlop Port Adelaide John Keane Westmeath
Marc Murphy Carlton Aaron Kernan Armagh
Michael Osborne Hawthorn Ciarán Lyng Wexford
Scott Pendlebury Collingwood Steven McDonnell Armagh
Drew Petrie North Melbourne Enda McGinley Tyrone
David Rodan Port Adelaide Ciarán McKeever Armagh
Max Rooke Geelong Joe McMahon Tyrone
Brad Sewell Hawthorn Justin McMahon Tyrone
Kade Simpson Carlton Michael Meehan Galway
Adam Selwood West Coast Vice-captain John Miskella Cork
Dale Thomas Collingwood Aidan O'Mahony Kerry
Scott Thompson Adelaide Pearse O'Neill Cork
Daniel Wells North Melbourne Tom Parsons Mayo
Mick Malthouse Collingwood Coach Killian Young Kerry
Paul Finlay Monaghan
Martin McGrath Fermanagh
Aidan Carr Down On Standby
Ronan Clarke Armagh On Standby
Conor Gormley Tyrone On Standby
Kevin McCloy Derry On Standby


  • Main sources for squads: BBC Sport Online[5] and Hogan Stand.[6]
  • Kerry's Tommy Walsh was named on the original Irish squad, but had to withdraw due to club commitments with Kerins O'Rahilly's. He was replaced by Paul Finlay.[7]
  • Dublin's Bernard Brogan was named on the Irish original squad, but had to withdraw due to club commitments with St Oliver Plunketts/Eoghan Ruadh. He was replaced by Martin McGrath.[8][9]
  • The match-day squad for both teams was limited to 24 players each.[10] Thus Australia (who had a 25 man squad) had to drop one player for each test and Ireland (who had a 27 man squad) had to drop three players.[10]

Irish management team[edit]


Refereeing team[edit]

  • Main referees – Pat McEnaney (Ireland) and Stephen McBurney (Australia)
  • Standby referees / linesmen – David Coldrick (Ireland) and Brett Rosebury (Australia)
  • Umpires – Gearóid Ó Conámha & John Bannon (Ireland) and Steven Axon & Peter Nastasi (Australia)
  • Video match referee – Ian Curlewis (South Africa)


  • Main source: Hogan Stand[11]


First test[edit]

Team 1 2 3 4 Total
Flag of Australia.svg Australia 0.0.1 0.5.4 0.7.7 0.12.8 0.12.8 (44)
Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland 0.1.6 1.2.7 3.5.8 3.6.9 3.6.9 (45)
Ireland won by 1 point
Date Friday 24 October 2008
Scoring (AUS) Goals: Nil

Overs: Marc Murphy 4, Matt Campbell 2, Scott Thompson 2, Leigh Montagna, Brent Harvey, Michael Osborne, David Rodan

Scoring (IRL) Goals: Sean Cavanagh, Leighton Glynn, Steven McDonnell

Overs: Sean Cavanagh 2, Paddy Bradley, Leighton Glynn, Kieran Donaghy, Ciarán Lyng

Best AUS: Murphy, Selwood, Harvey, Simpson, Thomas, Osborne

IRL: Glynn, Cavanagh, Gallagher, Joe McMahon, McKeever, Canty, Hanley

Reports Campbell Brown (Australia) – yellow card (10-minute sin bin)
Injuries None
Venue Subiaco Oval, Perth, Australia
Attendance 35,153
Umpires Steve McBurney (Australia)
Pat McEnaney (Ireland)
Match stats
AFL.com Match overview
AFL.com Match report
RTÉ Match report
Hogan Stand report

Second test[edit]

Team 1 2 3 4 Total
Flag of Australia.svg Australia 0.4.3 0.5.5 1.6.9 3.8.11 3.8.11 (53)
Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland 0.3.3 2.6.6 3.8.8 4.8.9 4.8.9 (57)
Ireland won by 4 points
Date Friday 31 October 2008
Scoring (AUS) Goals: Shaun Burgoyne, Marc Murphy, Drew Petrie

Overs: Drew Petrie 2, Daniel Wells 2, Jared Brennan, Campbell Brown, Shaun Burgoyne, Michael Osborne

Scoring (IRL) Goals: Benny Coulter 2, Kieran Donaghy, Enda McGinley

Overs: Seán Cavanagh 4, Paddy Bradley, Benny Coulter, Kieran Donaghy, Paul Finlay

Best AUS: Crowley, Simpson, Boyd, Harvey, Petrie

IRL: Canty, Coulter, Cavanagh, Glynn, Bradley

Reports None
Injuries None
Venue Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia
Attendance 42,823
Umpires Steve McBurney (Australia)
Pat McEnaney (Ireland)
Match stats
AFL.com Match overview
AFL.com Match report
RTÉ Match report


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