2008 Little League World Series

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2008 Little League World Series
Little League World Series official logo 2008.gif
DatesAugust 15–August 24
Teams participating16
ChampionWaipio Little League
United StatesHawaii Waipi`o, Hawaii
Runner-upMatamoros Little League
Mexico Matamoros, Mexico
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The 2008 Little League World Series, was held in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. It began on August 15 and ended August 24. Eight teams from the United States and eight from throughout the world competed to decide the winner of the 62nd installment of the Little League World Series. In the championship game, the United States champions from Waipi`o, Hawaii defeated the international champions from Matamoros, Mexico. This was the last iteration of the Little League World Series in which the international champions did not originate from an East Asian country until 2019.

Activision released a video game in advance of the event, Little League World Series Baseball 2008.


Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Maryland Hagerstown, Maryland
Mid-Atlantic Region
Hagerstown Federal Little League
Connecticut Shelton, Connecticut
New England Region
Shelton National Little League
Curaçao Willemstad, Curaçao
Caribbean Region
Pabao Little League
Saudi Arabia Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
MEA Region
Arabian American Little League
Washington (state) Mill Creek, Washington
Northwest Region
Mill Creek Little League
Hawaii Waipi`o, Hawaii
West Region
Waipio Little League
Tamaulipas Matamoros, Tamaulipas
Mexico Mexico Region
Matamoros Little League
Tokyo Tokyo
Japan Japan Region
Edogawa Minami Little League
Louisiana Lake Charles, Louisiana
Southwest Region
South Lake Charles Little League
Florida Tampa, Florida
Southeast Region
Citrus Park Little League
Italy Emilia, Italy
Europe Region
Emilia Little League
British Columbia Surrey, British Columbia
Canada Canada Region
White Rock-South Surrey Little League
Indiana Jeffersonville, Indiana
Great Lakes Region
Jefferson/GRC American Little League
South Dakota Rapid City, South Dakota
Midwest Region
Canyon Lake Little League
Guam Yona, Guam
Asia-Pacific Region
Southern Little League
Venezuela Maracaibo, Venezuela
Latin America Region
Coquivacoa Little League


Pool play[edit]

The top two teams in each pool moved on to their respective semifinals. The winners of each met on August 24 to play for the Little League World Championship. Teams marked in green qualified to the knockout stage.

Ties are broken based on records in head-to-head competition among tied teams. In the event of a three-way tie for first place, the tie is broken by calculating the ratio of runs allowed to defensive innings played for all teams involved in the tie. The team with the lowest runs-per-defensive-inning ratio is ranked first and advances. Second place is determined by the head-to-head result of the other two teams. If the three-way tie is for 2nd place, the runs-per-defensive-inning ratio rule is used. The team with the lowest run ratio advances, the other two teams are eliminated.

 United States[edit]

Pool A
Rank Region Record Runs Allowed Run Ratio
1 Louisiana Louisiana 2–1 7 0.412
2 Washington (state) Washington 2–1 12 0.706
3 Maryland Maryland 2–1 21 1.235
4 Indiana Indiana 0–3 15 1.285
  • Louisiana wins pool based on defensive run ratio. Washington is the runner-up based on win against Maryland.
Pool B
Rank Region Record Runs Allowed Run Ratio
1 Hawaii Hawaii 3–0 7 0.389
2 Florida Florida 2–1 12 0.750
3 Connecticut Connecticut 1–2 15 0.833
4 South Dakota South Dakota 0–3 25 1.667

All times US EDT.

Pool Away Score Home Score Time (Venue)
August 15
B South Dakota South Dakota 0 Florida Florida 10 (F/4) 2:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
B Connecticut Connecticut 1 Hawaii Hawaii 3 6:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
August 16
A Indiana Indiana 2 Maryland Maryland 3 10:00 am (Volunteer Stadium)
B South Dakota South Dakota 4 Connecticut Connecticut 9 3:30 pm (Lamade Stadium)
A Washington (state) Washington 1 Louisiana Louisiana 5 8:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
August 17
A Indiana Indiana 0 Louisiana Louisiana 9 3:30 pm (Lamade Stadium)
B Florida Florida 2 Hawaii Hawaii 10 8:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
August 18
A Washington (state) Washington 15 Maryland Maryland 5 Noon (Lamade Stadium)
B South Dakota South Dakota 4 Hawaii Hawaii 6 3:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
B Florida Florida 8 (F/7) Connecticut Connecticut 2 6:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
August 19
A Indiana Indiana 2 Washington (state) Washington 3 (F/7) 2:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
A Louisiana Louisiana 4 Maryland Maryland 6 8:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)


Pool C
Rank Region Record Runs Allowed Run Ratio
1 Mexico Mexico 3–0 2 0.133
2 Curaçao Curaçao 2–1 7 0.438
3 Guam Guam 1–2 19 1.425
4 Italy Italy 0–3 33 2.828
Pool D
Rank Region Record Runs Allowed Run Ratio
1 Japan Japan 3–0 7 0.368
2 Venezuela Venezuela 2–1 6 0.316
3 Canada Canada 1–2 22 1.222
4 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 0–3 24 1.412

All times US EDT.

Pool Away Score Home Score Time (Venue)
August 15
D Venezuela Venezuela 8 Canada Canada 1 4:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
August 16
C Mexico Mexico 6 Curaçao Curaçao 2 11:00 am (Lamade Stadium)
C Italy Italy 6 Guam Guam 7 1:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
D Japan Japan 5 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 0 6:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
August 17
C Italy Italy 0 Mexico Mexico 12 (F/4) Noon (Lamade Stadium)
D Japan Japan 9 Canada Canada 3 1:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
D Venezuela Venezuela 12 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 0 6:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
August 18
C Guam Guam 0 Mexico Mexico 10 1:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
C Curaçao Curaçao 14 Italy Italy 1 4:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)
August 19
D Venezuela Venezuela 4 Japan Japan 5 (F/7) Noon (Lamade Stadium)
D Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 5 Canada Canada 7 4:00 pm (Lamade Stadium)
C Curaçao Curaçao 3 Guam Guam 0 6:00 pm (Volunteer Stadium)

Elimination round[edit]

August 20 – 4:00 pm - Lamade
Japan Japan11
August 23 – 12:30 pm - Lamade
Curaçao Curacao4
Japan Japan4
August 21 – 4:00 pm - Lamade
Mexico Mexico5
Mexico Mexico5
August 24 – 3:30 pm - Lamade
Venezuela Venezuela2
Mexico Mexico3
August 20 – 8:00 pm - Lamade
Hawaii Hawaii12
Hawaii Hawaii9
August 24 – 3:30 pm - Lamade
Washington (state) Washington4
Hawaii Hawaii7
August 21 – 8:00pm - Lamade
Louisiana Louisiana5 Third place
Louisiana Louisiana6
August 24 – 12:00 pm - Volunteer
Florida Florida1
Japan Japan4
Louisiana Louisiana3
2008 Little League World Series Champions
United States Hawaii
Waipio Little League
Waipiʻo, Hawaiʻi

Champions Path[edit]

According to the information provided at Unpage.com, the Waipio LL won 5 matches and lost 1 match to reach the LLWS. In total, their record was 16–2, their only losses coming against Central East Maui LL (from Hawaii),[1] and Paseo Verde LL (from Nevada).[2]

Round Opposition Result
Hawaii State Tournament
Winner's Bracket Semifinals Hawaii Central East Maui LL 3–4
Elimination Bracket Quarterfinals Hawaii Kailua LL 5–0
Elimination Bracket Semifinals Hawaii West Oahu LL 8–2
Elimination Bracket Finals Hawaii Central East Maui LL 6–3
Championship Hawaii Kaimuki LL 3–2
Championship Hawaii Kaimuki LL 4–3
West Regional
Group Stage California Pleasanton American 2–1
Group Stage Arizona Arrowhead LL 5–1
Group Stage Utah Cedar American 12–2 (6 inn.)
Group Stage Nevada Paseo Verde LL 1–4
Semifinals California Pleasanton American 8–0
West Region Championship Nevada Paseo Verde LL 4–3


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