2008 Parachinar bombing

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2008 Parachinar bombing
Location Parachinar, Pakistan
Date 16 February 2008
Target Riaz Shah, Pakistan People's Party
Attack type
Suicide attack
Deaths 47[1]
Non-fatal injuries

In the Parachinar bombing of 16 February 2008, a suicide bomber in Parachinar, Pakistan killed 47 people and injured 93 attending a political rally for the opposition Pakistan Peoples Party.[2] The attack occurred on the eve of the 2008 Pakistani general election to be held on 18 February when an explosives-laden car was rammed into the election office of an independent candidate in Parachinar. The attack targeted people waiting for food outside of Riaz Shah's house. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.


Coordinates: 33°54′N 70°06′E / 33.900°N 70.100°E / 33.900; 70.100