2008 Six-red Snooker International

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Six-red Snooker International
Sangsom 6-red Snooker International poster.jpg
Tournament information
Dates8–13 July 2008
VenueMontien Riverside Hotel
Highest break75 (6x)
ChampionEngland Ricky Walden
Runner-upEngland Stuart Bingham
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The 2008 Six-red Snooker International (also known as the 2008 SangSom 6-red Snooker International for promotional and marketing purposes) was a six-red snooker tournament that took place between 8 and 13 July 2008 at the Montien Riverside Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

Twenty-one of the tournament's 48 competitors were currently on the 2008/09 main tour of the more established 15-reds game, including former world champions Peter Ebdon and Ken Doherty, 2007 finalist Mark Selby and the hugely successful Jimmy White. A relatively high proportion of competitors were from Asia.

Round-robin stage[edit]

The top four players from each group qualified for the knock-out stage. All matches were best of 9 frames.[1][2]

Group A[edit]

Group B[edit]

Group C[edit]

Group D[edit]

Group E[edit]

Group F[edit]

Group G[edit]

Group H[edit]

Knockout stage[edit]


Last 32
Best of 11 frames
Last 16
Best of 11 frames
Quarter Finals
Best of 13 frames
Semi Finals
Best of 13 frames
Best of 15 frames
England Mark Davis 4
India Aditya Mehta 6
India Aditya Mehta 1
England Ricky Walden 6
England Tom Ford 4
England Ricky Walden 6
England Ricky Walden 7
England Jimmy Michie 5
England Mike Dunn 6
Germany Itaro Santos 4
England Mike Dunn 1
England Jimmy Michie 6
England Jimmy Michie 6
England Peter Ebdon 2
England Ricky Walden 7
Thailand James Wattana 6
England Nigel Bond 6
England Stuart Pettman 2
England Nigel Bond 6
India Manan Chandra 3
India Manan Chandra 6
Wales Daniel Wells 3
England Nigel Bond 6
Thailand James Wattana 7
Thailand James Wattana 6
Thailand Atthasit Mahitthi 3
Thailand James Wattana 6
Republic of Ireland Ken Doherty 2
Republic of Ireland Ken Doherty 6
England Mark Selby 3
England Ricky Walden 8
England Stuart Bingham 3
England Dave Harold 3
England Matthew Selt 6
England Matthew Selt 5
England Martin Gould 6
England Martin Gould 6
Thailand Thepchaiya Un-Nooh 4
England Martin Gould 3
England Stuart Bingham 7
Australia Steve Mifsud 1
Thailand Supoj Saenla 6
Thailand Supoj Saenla 2
England Stuart Bingham 6
England Stuart Bingham 6
Northern Ireland Joe Swail 4
England Stuart Bingham 7
England Michael Holt 3
Thailand Phaitoon Phonbun 3
England Michael Holt 6
England Michael Holt 6
Singapore Keith E Boon 5
Singapore Keith E Boon 6
England Jimmy White 3
England Michael Holt 7
Pakistan Saleh Mohammad 3
Thailand Noppadon Noppachorn 6
Hong Kong Chan Kwok Ming 1
Thailand Noppadon Noppachorn 4
Pakistan Saleh Mohammad 6
New Zealand Dene O'Kane 1
Pakistan Saleh Mohammad 6

Maximum breaks[edit]

(Note: a maximum break in six-red snooker is 75.)[2][4]


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