2008 Suruga Bank Championship

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2008 Suruga Bank Championship
Date July 30, 2008
Venue Nagai Stadium, Osaka
Referee Liang Zhao (China)
Attendance 19,278
Weather Fine; 31.0°C

The 2008 Suruga Bank Championship (Japanese: スルガ銀行チャンピオンシップ2008; Spanish: Copa Suruga Bank 2008) is the inaugural match between the winners of the previous season's J. League Cup and the Copa Sudamericana. It was contested by the 2007 J. League Cup winner Japanese club Gamba Osaka and the 2007 Copa Sudamericana champion Argentine club Arsenal.

The match was won by Arsenal after a late second-half header by Carlos Casteglione off a corner kick by Javier Yacuzzi.


July 30, 2008
19:00 (UTC+9)
Gamba Osaka Japan 0–1 Argentina Arsenal
Report Casteglione Goal 87'
Nagai Stadium, Osaka
Attendance: 19,728
Referee: Liang Zhao (China)
Gamba Osaka
GK 22 Japan Yosuke Fujigaya
DF 2 Japan Sota Nakazawa YC 87'
DF 5 Japan Satoshi Yamaguchi (c) Substituted off 90+7'
DF 19 Japan Takumi Shimohira Substituted off 88'
DF 21 Japan Akira Kaji Substituted off 63'
MF 10 Japan Takahiro Futagawa
MF 16 Japan Hayato Sasaki Substituted off 84'
MF 17 Japan Tomokazu Myojin Substituted off 90+4'
MF 27 Japan Hideo Hashimoto
FW 9 Brazil Lucas
FW 30 Japan Masato Yamazaki Substituted off 67'
GK 25 Japan Naoki Matsuyo
DF 9 Brazil Mineiro Substituted in 88'
DF 5 Japan Yohei Fukumoto Substituted in 63'
MF 14 Japan Shu Kurata YC 87' Substituted in 67'
MF 11 Japan Takuya Takei Substituted in 84'
FW 15 Japan Shoki Hirai Substituted in 90+4'
FW 22 Japan Hideya Okamoto Substituted in 90+7'
Japan Akira Nishino
GK 1 Argentina Mario Cuenca
DF 18 Argentina Christian Díaz Yellow cardYellow cardRed card 90+5'
DF 4 Argentina Darío Espínola Substituted off 81'
DF 6 Argentina Aníbal Matellán
DF 19 Colombia Josimar Mosquera
MF 16 Argentina Sebastián Carrera Substituted off 71'
MF 13 Argentina Carlos Casteglione (c)
MF 5 Argentina Cristian Pellerano YC 89' Substituted off 90+4'
MF 8 Argentina Javier Yacuzzi
FW 10 Argentina Alejandro Gómez Substituted off 90+2'
FW 11 Argentina Facundo Sava YC 19' Substituted off 76'
GK 12 Argentina Catriel Orcellet
DF 3 Paraguay Carlos Báez
DF 2 Argentina Mariano Brau
DF 14 Argentina Javier Gandolfi Substituted in 81'
DF 20 Argentina Damián Pérez
MF 15 Argentina Nahuel Sachetto Substituted in 90+2'
MF 7 Argentina Andrés San Martín Substituted in 90+4'
FW 17 Argentina Facundo Coria Substituted in 76'
FW 9 Argentina Luciano Leguizamón Substituted in 71'
Argentina Daniel Garnero

Assistant referees:
China Weiming Huo
China Dongnan Li
Fourth official:
Japan Hajim Matsuo

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