2008 US Open (darts)

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The 2008 US Open is the second year of a darts tournament, organized by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). It was played at the Mohegan Sun Casino Resort, Connecticut, USA between May 16 and May 18, 2008.

Phil Taylor successfully defended his title.

Television coverage and format[edit]

The event was broadcast on Nuts TV in the UK from the last 16 onwards.

The tournament was open to PDPA members and citizens and Green Card holders from the USA and Canada. The elimination tournament was played down to the last 16 on the Friday and the last 16 played off on Saturday. The quarter-finals onwards took place on Sunday.

In addition, the PDC also staged the $50,000 North American Darts Championship on the 16th and 17 May.

Tournament Review[edit]

Friday 16th May[edit]

Five American players made it through to the last 16 as there were a series of shock results on the opening day of the event. The biggest shock was when Gary Mawson beat world number one and five-time former World Champion, Raymond van Barneveld in the last 32. Current World Champion, John Part went out in round two to Roger Carter who also progressed to the last 16. Bill Davis beat Tony Eccles to reach Saturday's main stage competition. David Fatum and Ray Carver completed the American line-up of five in the last 16.

World number four, Terry Jenkins also suffered a surprise defeat at the hands of Paul Lim, the man who achieved the first ever World Championship nine darter in 1990. World number seven, Andy Hamilton, was beaten in the third round by Buddy Lessig. Number three seed, James Wade withdrew from the event due to illness. Out of the top 8 seeds, only two, Phil Taylor and Roland Scholten, made it to the last 16.

Saturday 17th May[edit]

The fifth round action opened with David Fatum being the first player and first American to reach the quarter finals, beating out fellow countryman Bill Davis. Davis however did save some face with a 164 checkout, the highest of the night. Roger Carter was another American player to lose out, to Chris Mason. Mark Dudbridge also put on an impressive display in beating Dave Honey in straight sets.

Veteran Dennis Priestley moved into the quarters, dropping only one leg against Adrian Gray. Phil Taylor continued his imposing form, averaging 107 against Colin Osborne, who did take a set out of 'The Power'. American Gary Mawson, who had earlier knocked out the number one seed Raymond van Barneveld, lost 3-1 to Blackpool's Ronnie Baxter, and Colin Lloyd also looked to be in menacing form, not dropping a leg against world number eight Roland Scholten. The biggest shock of the night came with America's Ray Carver beating Wayne Mardle 3-1 in a high quality match including a 131 checkout from Carver.


Total Prize Fund £126,000 (unchanged from 2007)

Fifth Round
losers £3,000
Quarter Finals
losers £4,000
Semi Finals
losers £5,000
runner up £7,500
winner £12,500
United States Gary Mawson 93.18 1
England Ronnie Baxter 90.33 3 England Ronnie Baxter 95.17 0
Netherlands Roland Scholten 83.77 0 England Colin Lloyd 101.07 3
England Colin Lloyd 95.94 3 England Colin Lloyd 83.82 3
United States David Fatum 86.14 3 United States David Fatum 76.08 2
United States Bill Davis 76.74 0 United States David Fatum 84.69 3
United States Roger Carter 85.79 1 England Chris Mason 83.72 1
England Chris Mason 90.94 3 England Colin Lloyd 91.48 0
England Phil Taylor 107.09 3 England Phil Taylor 96.86 3
England Colin Osborne 93.49 1 England Phil Taylor 100.45 3
United States Ray Carver 90.07 3 United States Ray Carver 93.83 0
England Wayne Mardle 94.43 1 England Phil Taylor 111.35 3
England Dave Honey 82.08 0 England Dennis Priestley 103.00 0
England Mark Dudbridge 87.78 3 England Mark Dudbridge 83.44 0
England Adrian Gray 77.68 0 England Dennis Priestley 92.34 3
England Dennis Priestley 90.18 3

Scores after player's names are three-dart averages (total points scored divided by darts thrown and multiplied by 3)

Earlier rounds[edit]

Preliminary round[edit]

Jerry Hall 3-0 Kurt Tyson
Joe Chaney 3-0 Michael Mitchell

First round[edit]

Raymond van Barneveld 3-0 Christopher Russano
Sean Smith 3-1 Mark Carter
Taro Yachi 3-0 Kory Nichols
Jerry Hall 3-0 Phil Sroka
Steve Maish 3-0 Scott Henning
Gary Mawson 3-0 Cornelius McLoughlin
Robert Peterson 3-0 Ron Linstruth
Shawn Branneman 3-2 Martin Tremblay
Denis Ovens 3-0 Joel Beal
Kieran Leal 3-0 David Minasian
Donnie Strode 3-0 Ron Parent
Lar Thao 3-2 John Piepora
Ronnie Baxter 3-1 Jerry van Loan
Sebastian Gagnon 3-1 Doug Stacey
Paul Bolduc 3-0 Jason Roker
John Quantock 3-0 Michael Minero Jnr
Roland Scholten 3-0 John Finnegan
Tom Cocker 3-0 Jason Watt
Robert Miske 3-0 Mark Neilson
Sean Downs 3-2 James Jordan
Wes Newton 3-0 Gordon Dixon
David Walsh 3-2 Fred Kreuger
Joseph Doolan 3-0 Kevin Lagos
Garret Hammond 3-1 Wayne Budgen
Colin Lloyd 3-0 Owen Shea
Steve Brown 3-0 Jason Benjamin
Terry Hayhurst 3-2 Jason Naert
James K Horan 3-2 John Jacko
John Kuczynski 3-2 Vincent van der Voort
Daniel Beauregard 3-1 Luben Izon
Jon Archer 3-0 Dave Fennell
Ben Burton 3-0 Mike Maguire
Terry Jenkins 3-1 Rory Orvis
Paul Lim 3-0 Robert Race
Stephen Panuncialman 3-0 Tim Lemieux
Donald Suiter 3-1 TJ Jackowski
Steve Beaton 3-0 Adam Sherlock
Davis Snider 3-0 Darin Young
Robert Given 3-0 Roland Hall
David Fatum 3-2 Simon Craven
Barrie Bates 3-0 Kenji Mayama
Charles Healy 3-1 Lawrence Gallagher
Tony Eccles 3-0 Rob Petelin
Paul Cooper 3-0 Joe Davanti
Mervyn King 3-2 Dieter Scutsch
Garrett French 3-2 Brian Blankenhorn
Scott Kirchner 3-1 Darren Starr
Bill Davis 3-0 Thomas Pagliuca
John Part 3-1 Tom Waterman
Roger Carter 3-0 Richard Corless
Isen Veljic 3-0 Matt Malone
Colin Monk 3-0 Janel Pelletier
Mark Walsh 3-0 Jeffrey Borland
Paul Cockings 3-1 Roy Chad
Brian Cyr 3-1 James Drury
Tom Sawyer 3-0 Michael Parks
Alan Tabern 3-0 Lee White
Chris Thompson 3-0 Larry Butler
Darren Johnson 3-0 Scott Pressey
Riley Stockman 3-0 Jason Smith
Chris Mason 3-0 William Penn
Peter Wright 3-0 John Davis
Tim O'Gorman 3-0 Anthony Eugenia
Michael Brewer 3-0 Richie Sieferheld
Phil Taylor 3-0 Robert St Onge
Scott Cummings 3-0 Jason Hill
Kevin Dowling 3-0 Henry Heile
John MaGowan 3-2 Joe Chaney
Alan Warriner-Little 3-0 Thomas Watson
Tony Thompson 3-1 Vasilious Gavrielatos
Sean Moran 3-2 Michael Burns
Brian Blake 3-0 Chris Leslie
Kevin Painter 3-0 Bruce Graham
Brian Jones 3-0 Jeffrey Stewart
George Timpone 3-0 Alexander MacDougall
Michael Rountree 3-2 Daniel Thibadeau
Colin Osborne 3-0 Nick Dickson
Dan Olson 3-0 Steve Hine
Joselito Moises 3-0 Craig Akin
Dave Ladley 3-0 Jared Gurman
Andy Hamilton 3-0 Christopher Eberley
Chris White 3-0 Brad Page
Buddy Lessig 3-0 Pat Breithaupt
Jim Widmayer 3-1 Robert Heckman
Alex Roy 3-0 Bill Dewitt
Keith Connor 3-2 David Hascup
Stowe Buntz 3-0 Thomas J Bunnenberg
Ray Carver 3-0 Jim Snook
Wayne Mardle 3-1 Tom Curtin
Martyn Turner 3-0 Lorne Heinrichs
Frank Smith 3-0 Adrian W Lewis
Richard Espinosa 3-0 Richard Hammond
Andy Smith 3-1 Ross Snook
Stephen Lore 3-1 Frank Lerue
Pete Riehl 3-0 Irene Mangan
David Marienthal 3-0 Darren Latham
Adrian Lewis 3-2 Gerry Convery
Scott Wollaston 3-0 Stacy Stevens
Chester Mackenzie 3-0 Bobby Peters
Dave Honey 3-0 Jeffrey Steinberg
Mick McGowan 3-0 Danny Pike
David Saba 3-2 Kenneth Johnson
Dennis Smith 3-0 Barry Todd
Yvonne Martin-Cowig Bye (Rick Wadlow withdrawn through illness)
Peter Manley 3-1 Mark Schlesinger
Timmy Nicoll 3-1 Raymond Knispel
Jeff Marks 3-0 James Love
Mark Lawrence 3-0 Dennis Syre Jnr
Mark Dudbridge 3-0 Bruce Robbins
Matt Clark 3-0 Bill Anderson
Dave Cameron 3-0 Sean Lodge
Brad Wethington 3-1 Mark Prutchick
Gerard Zuilkowski Bye (James Wade withdrawn through illness)
Robert Baechler 3-0 Damien McKenna
Dan Lauby 3-0 Bill Butler
Robert Gargan 3-0 Matthew Courtney
Adrian Gray 3-0 Cameron Paine
Robert Watson-Lang 3-0 J Dwayne Heinrichs
Jason Clark 3-1 Chris Linkous
Jim Newman 3-1 Michael Garramone
Dennis Priestley 3-0 Kevin Czipo
Donny Joe 3-0 Thomas Healy
Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Kevin McDine
Ron Miller 3-0 Joseph Swick
Andy Jenkins 3-0 Ron Colvard
Jayson Barlow 3-1 Victor Dewild
Robert Tafuri 3-1 Dave Watson
Jelle Klaasen 3-0 Tim Grossman

Second round[edit]

Raymond van Barneveld 3-0 Sean Smith
Jerry Hall 3-0 Taro Yachi
Gary Mawson 3-2 Steve Maish
Shawn Brennerman 3-0 Robert Peterson
Denis Ovens 3-0 Kieran Leal
Donnie Strode 3-0 Lar Thao
Ronnie Baxter 3-0 Sebastian Gagnon
Paul Bolduc 3-1 John Quantock
Roland Scholten 3-0 Tom Cocker
Robert Miske 3-2 Shaun Downs
Wes Newton 3-0 David Walsh
Garret Hammond 3-1 Joseph Doolan
Colin Lloyd 3-2 Steve Brown
James K Horan 3-1 Terry Hayhurst
John Kuczynski 3-1 Daniel Beauregard
Ben Burton 3-0 Jon Archer
Paul Lim 3-2 Terry Jenkins
Stephen Panuncialman 3-0 Donald Suiter
Davis Snider 3-2 Steve Beaton
David Fatum 3-2 Robert Given
Barrie Bates 3-0 Charles Healy
Tony Eccles 3-2 Paul Cooper
Garrett French 3-2 Mervyn King
Bill Davis 3-1 Scott Kirchner
Roger Carter 3-2 John Part
Isen Veljic 3-1 Colin Monk
Mark Walsh 3-0 Paul Cockings
Brian Cyr 3-2 Tom Sawyer
Chris Thompson 3-2 Alan Tabern
Darren Johnson 3-0 Riley Stockman
Chris Mason 3-1 Peter Wright
Michael Brewer 3-2 Tim O'Gorman
Phil Taylor 3-0 Scott Cummings
Kevin Dowling 3-2 John MaGowan
Alan Warriner-Little 3-0 Tony Thompson
Brian Blake 3-0 Sean Moran
Kevin Painter 3-0 Brian Jones
George Timpone 3-0 Michael Rountree
Colin Osborne 3-0 Dan Olson
Dave Ladley 3-2 Joselito Moises
Andy Hamilton 3-2 Chris White
Buddy Lessig 3-1 Jim Widmayer
Alex Roy 3-0 Keith Connor
Ray Carver 3-0 Stowe Buntz
Wayne Mardle 3-1 Martyn Turner
Richard Espinosa 3-1 Frank Smith
Andy Smith 3-0 Stephen Lore
Pete Riehl 3-2 David Marienthal
Adrian Lewis 3-1 Scott Wollaston
Dave Honey 3-1 Chester Mackenzie
Mick McGowan 3-0 David Saba
Dennis Smith 3-0 Yvonne Martin-Cowig
Peter Manley 3-1 Timmy Nicoll
Mark Lawrence 3-1 Jeff Marks
Mark Dudbridge 3-2 Matt Clark
Brad Wethington 3-2 Dave Cameron
Robert Baechler 3-0 Gerard Zuilkowski
Dan Lauby 3-2 Robert Gargan
Adrian Gray 3-1 Robert Watson-Lang
Jason Clark 3-1 Jim Newman
Dennis Priestley 3-1 Donny Joe
Michael van Gerwen 3-0 Ron Miller
Andy Jenkins 3-0 Jayson Barlow
Jelle Klaasen 3-0 Robert Tafuri

Third round[edit]

Losers £1,000

Raymond van Barneveld 3-1 Jerry Hall
Gary Mawson 3-1 Shawn Brennerman
Denis Ovens 3-0 Donnie Strode
Ronnie Baxter 3-0 Paul Bolduc
Roland Scholten 3-1 Robert Miske
Wes Newton 3-0 Garret Hammond
Colin Lloyd 3-0 James K Horan
Ben Burton 3-0 John Kuczynski
Stephen Panuncialman 3-1 Paul Lim
David Fatum 3-0 Davis Snider
Tony Eccles 3-2 Barrie Bates
Bill Davis 3-1 Garrett French
Roger Carter 3-2 Isen Veljic
Mark Walsh 3-0 Brian Cyr
Chris Thompson 3-0 Darren Johnson
Chris Mason 3-1 Michael Brewer
Phil Taylor 3-0 Kevin Dowling
Alan Warriner-Little 3-2 Brian Blake
Kevin Painter 3-0 George Timpone
Colin Osborne 3-0 Dave Ladley
Buddy Lessig 3-1 Andy Hamilton
Ray Carver 3-2 Alex Roy
Wayne Mardle 3-1 Richard Espinosa
Andy Smith 3-0 Pete Riehl
Dave Honey 3-2 Adrian Lewis
Mick McGowan 3-1 Dennis Smith
Peter Manley 3-0 Mark Lawrence
Mark Dudbridge 3-1 Brad Wethington
Dan Lauby 3-2 Robert Baechler
Adrian Gray 3-2 Jason Clark
Dennis Priestley 3-2 Michael van Gerwen
Andy Jenkins 3-2 Jelle Klaasen

Fourth round[edit]

Losers £1,500

Gary Mawson 3-2 Raymond van Barneveld
Ronnie Baxter 3-1 Denis Ovens
Roland Scholten 3-1 Wes Newton
Colin Lloyd 3-0 Ben Burton
David Fatum 3-2 Stephen Panuncialman
Bill Davis 3-2 Tony Eccles
Roger Carter 3-0 Mark Walsh
Chris Mason 3-1 Chris Thompson
Phil Taylor 3-0 Alan Warriner-Little
Colin Osborne 3-1 Kevin Painter
Ray Carver 3-1 Buddy Lessig
Wayne Mardle 3-1 Andy Smith
Dave Honey 3-1 Mick McGowan
Mark Dudbridge 3-1 Peter Manley
Adrian Gray 3-0 Dan Lauby
Dennis Priestley 3-2 Andy Jenkins

North American Darts Championship[edit]

For the first time the PDC staged a large tournament available only to citizens and Green Card holders from the USA and Canada. The tournament was worth $50,000, with $15,000 going to the winner. It was played separately from the US Open on the 16th and 17 May, though players could enter for both tournaments. Darin Young, who had been knocked out in the first round of the US Open, emerged the victor.

On the first night the main shock was the defeat of World Champion and number one seed John Part, who was beaten by Buddy Lessig in the third round. The number two seed, Gerry Convery, also lost in the second round to Paul Lim. Leading American and third seed Ray Carver was defeated in the fifth round by Brad Wethington and John Kuczynski was beaten in the quarters by Brian Blake.

The second night saw the semi-finals and final being played out. Number eight seed Darin Young beat out Bill Davis in a close 7-5 game in the first semi-final, while Brad Wethington just beat Chris White in a 7-6 affair. The final followed suit. Wethington missed a dart to win the title before Young came back to win 8-7 and claim the title. Young said it was 'the biggest win of [his] career'.

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