2008 United States House of Representatives election in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico's At-large district.

The election for Resident Commissioner to the United States House of Representatives took place on November 4, 2008, the same day as the larger Puerto Rican general election and the United States general elections, 2008.


The incumbent one-term Resident Commissioner (same as non-voting territorial delegate) Luis Fortuño, of the (NPP/R), was retiring from his House seat to run for Governor of Puerto Rico.

Pedro Pierluisi (NPP), the former Puerto Rican Secretary of Justice under former Governor Pedro Rosselló,[1][2] was the favorite to succeed Fortuño over economist Alfredo Salazar (PDP).

Regardless of which of the two men won, the seat would switch from Republican to Democratic hands in January as both candidates would caucuses with the Democrats.[1] However, this seat would not have impacted which party controls the chamber.

Candidates for Resident Commissioner[edit]

Election results[edit]

Puerto Rico's At-large congressional district election, 2008[3]
Party Candidate Votes %
New Progressive Pedro Pierluisi 1,010,285 53.05
Popular Democratic Alfredo Salazar 810,093 42.54
Puerto Ricans for Puerto Rico Carlos Velazquez 46,123 2.42
Puerto Rican Independence Jessica Martinez 37,865 1.99
Total votes 1,904,366 100.00
Turnout   78.04
New Progressive hold

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