2008 Vintage Yachting Games

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2008 Vintage Yachting Games
2008 Vintage Yachting Games Bow Sticker.png
Bowsticker used at the
1st Vintage Yachting Games
Edition 1st
Venue IJsselmeer
Dates 20–27 September 2008
Host SZ & WV Uitdam
Burgy SZ & WV Uitdam.png
Opened by Mayor of Medemblik
Netherlands Theo van Eijk
Competitors 128
Yachts 66
Competing nations 20
Key people
  • Chairman: Netherlands Rudy den Outer
  • Secretary: Netherlands Nancy Schoof
  • Treasurer: Germany Sebastiaan Hopf
1st, gold medalist(s) Gold  Netherlands
2nd, silver medalist(s) Silver  Germany
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Bronze 3D VYGOlogo.png Wildcards
Vintage InterPares Szabolcs Majthenyi
Flying Dutchman insigna.png  Hungary
Dinghies Europe Venus symbol.svg, Europe Mars symbol.svg,
O-Jolle, Flying Dutchman
Keelboats Soling, Dragon
VIP race 12' Dinghy
2012 →

The 2008 Vintage Yachting Games was the first post-Olympic multi-class sailing event for discontinued Olympic classes. The event took place on the IJsselmeer of Medemblik, the Netherlands, from 20 September to 27 September 2008.[1] A total of 66 sailors in 47 boats from 17 countries showed up to compete in six Vintage Yachting Classes


Bid process[edit]

Since the idea of the Vintage Yachting Games originated from the Netherlands and also the key project team members where living there it was an easy step to organize this event the first time nearby. So there was no formal bid process. The city of Medemblik is since the early 1960s the main capital of the Dutch Olympic sailing community. The IJsselmeer of the coast of Medemblik offers mostly fair conditions for racing. The Royal Yacht Club Hollandia, the primary race organizer in Medemblik, however turned down the request of the Vintage Yachting Games Organization to act as the host club. A perfect alternative was found in the experienced Surf, Zeil & Watersportvereniging Uitdam and one of its founders Frans Bolweg. With Uitdam the Vintage Yachting Games Organization was ensured form a very professional host club with also many years of experience at the waters near the Medemblik coast. Uitdam co-organized for many years the successful SPA-regatta (currently Holland-regatta or Delta Lloyd Regatta).

Kick-off and preparation[edit]

In order to realize the first edition of the Vintage Yachting Games in time and with the proper quality, a project team was put together with competence in areas. Besides the Vintage Yachting Games Organizations board, the project team consisted of Frouk Segaar (Race management), Lydia Verduyn (Fundraising), Peter Hoekstra, Mireille Zeeman and Martijn van der Driest (Ceremonies), Menno Meyer (Jury), Robin Segaar (Measurement) and Frans Bolweg (Host club).

Organizing Committee 2008 Vintage Yachting Games

The two main issues of the project team was confronted with were:

  • Getting the idea across to the class organizations and sailors
  • Fundraising , which turned out to be a very hard task

Both issues were emphasized by the fact that this was the first time ever of such an event. Finally issues were resolved in time by the project team so that the quality of the event was according to the required level.


The financial strategy of the project team was that it must be able to organize a minimum event with high quality and finance it with the income of the entry fees. Funds and materials from sponsoring would be used to add quality elements to the event so that the sailors would get more value for money and the sponsors had more exposure a shore.

The total cost of the event was approximately € 40.000. Because at the last moment there was quite a significant number of no-shows, the project team successfully adjusted the purchase of social events, and some sponsors contributed extra so that the financial aspect of the event stayed (just) in the black.



Event management
Nancy Schoof
Sebastian Hopf
Principal race officer Chief measurer Chairman of the jury
Frouk Segaar
John Best
United Kingdom
David Chivers
United Kingdom
Race officer yellow area Race officer orange area Measurer Members of the jury
Michiel Pouli
Frans Bolweg
Niki Nocke
Menno Meyer
Benno Loske
Huib Ozinga
Freddy Vergauwe
Cees Kurpershoek


Regatta Center Medemblik
Regatta Center Medemblik
Memory plaque at the Regatta Center
Memory plaque at the Regatta Center
Coordinates: 52°46′18″N 5°7′4″E / 52.77167°N 5.11778°E / 52.77167; 5.11778
Country Netherlands
Province North Holland
Time zone UTC+1
 • Summer (DST) UTC+2 (CEST)
Website http://www.medemblik.nl

The Regatta Center in Medemblik offers suitable logistic and facilities for the organization of large International sailing events. The waters in front of the Regatta Center are capable for laying out several course areas. For the 2008 Vintage Yachting Games two course areas were used to cater for the Vintage Yachting Classes.

Wind conditions[edit]

The Netherlands in general and the northern part of the IJsselmeer in special has a typical sea climate. The wind is typically gradient driven. In the summer when there is a low tide in the afternoon on the Wadden Sea a sea breeze can develop from the north off the coast of Medemblik.

In September the temperature can vary from 10-30°C. Occasionally a thunderstorm can develop in the afternoon or evening.


The program of the 2008 Vintage Yachting Games was as follows:

Date Main activity Social events
20 September (Saturday) * Registration
* Measurement
21 September (Sunday) * Registration
* Measurement
Opening ceremony
* Fleet review
* Opening at the castle Radboud
* Social event at the castle
22 September (Monday) Race 1 Daily prize giving
23 September (Tuesday) * Race 2
* Race 3
Daily prize giving
24 September (Wednesday) Race 4 * Daily prize giving
* Mid-week social event
25 September (Thursday) Race 5 Daily prize giving
26 September (Friday) Race 6 Daily prize giving
27 September (Saturday) Race 7 Closing ceremony
* VIP race (12’ Dinghy)
* Prize giving
* Passing of the flag
* Championship dinner


Continents Countries Classes Boats Sailors
4 20 6 66 128
  • Szabolcs Majthenyi: Multiple World Champion Flying Dutchman
  • Gordon Ingate: Olympic participant 1972 in Tempest, long time involved in America's Cup sailing for Australia. Oldest participant during the 2008 Vintage (82)
  • Keith Musto: Olympic silver medalist 1964 in Flying Dutchman



Countries that participated in the 2008 Vintage Yachting Games.
Blue: Water
Gray: Never participated in the Vintage
Yellow: Participated in earlier Vintages
Green: Country participated in her first Vintage
Gold: Country participated also on previous Vintages
 Netherlands Antilles  Austria  Australia
 Belgium  Brazil  Czech Republic
 Denmark  Spain  France
 United Kingdom  Germany  Hungary
 Italy  Netherlands  Poland
 Portugal  Romania  Slovenia
  Switzerland  United States

Vintage Yachting Classes[edit]

Class Type Event Sailors Trapeze Mainsail Jib/Genoa Spinnaker First Vintage Vintages Boats
Europe (Female) Dinghy Venus symbol.svg 1 0 + - - 2008 1 11
Europe (Male) Dinghy Mars symbol.svg 1 0 + - - 2008 1 11
12 foot dinghy Dinghy Vintage InterPares Race 1 0 + - - 2008 1 8
O-Jolle Dinghy Cercle noir 100%.svg 1 0 + - - 2008 1 20
Flying Dutchman Dinghy Cercle noir 100%.svg 1 1 + + + 2008 2 14
Soling Keelboat Cercle noir 100%.svg 3 0 + + + 2008 1 13
Dragon (keelboat) Keelboat Cercle noir 100%.svg 3 0 + + + 2008 1 13


Measurement during the Vintage Yachting Games was limited to safety equipment of the competing boats. The boats Flying Dutchman and Europe class were weighed and checked. The remaining sails, rigging and boats were just "stamped". No major measurement issues were found.

Niki Nocke mearuring at the 2008 Vintage Yachting Games

Opening ceremony[edit]

The opening ceremony consisted of the following elements:

  • Fleet review: During the part the mayor of Medemblik acted as fleet admiral. In that role he judged the execution of the manoeuvers of the fleets of Vintage Yachting classes. The 8 Metre Varg was use as the admirals flagship
  • Parade: The sailors walked their flags from the Regatta centre to the medieval castle Radboud.
  • Official opening: After the opening speeches and a short video clip of each of the Vintage Yachting Classes in their Olympic days, the mayor declared the Vintage Yachting Games 2008 opened
  • Social event: Finally the sailors and organizers enjoyed the dinner in the castle

Closing ceremony[edit]

The closing ceremony started with the Vintage InterPares race in the 12’ Dinghies. This was followed by the prize giving. The prizes were handed out by the representatives of the International Class Organizations. During the closing of the event Rudy den Outer thanked the city of Medemblik for her cooperation. He also announced that “Multilario”, will be the host of the 2012 Vintage Yachting Games. After that the Vintage flag was received from the mayor of Medemblik, Theo van Eijk[2] by the Project manager of the 2012 Edition of the Vintage Yachting Games: Pietro Adamoli. This next edition will be organized at Lake Como.

The Vintage Flag was transferred from Theo van Eijk (Mayor of Medemblik) to Pietro Adamoli representing the Multilario organization, the 2012 host.

Media coverage[edit]

The official photographer of the 2008 Vintage Yachting Games was Marc van Oers.

The event was covered by the media in several ways:

  • National TV 'SBS6' (NED)
  • National newspaper 'Telegraaf' (NED)
  • Local newspaper 'Noord-Hollands Dagblad'
  • The Dutch sailing Magazine 'Zeilen'
  • Several International internet sites for yachting
  • Web page International Sailing Federation ISAF
  • Web pages International Class Organizations (Vintage Classes)
  • Web pages several national Class organizations (Vintage Olympic Classes)


Races in all events were sailed in a fleet racing format of seven scheduled races. The contestants raced around a course in one group, and each boat earned a score equal conform the bonus point system. The five best scores for each boat were summed up for the overall score. On Saturday 27 September the wind conditions did not allowed a valid race.

Reports per event[edit]

Per class separate pages reporting the facts are available (see the details section per class in the medals table).

Report Vintage InterPares race[edit]

Victor of the Vintage InterPares Race: Szabolcs Majthenyi, representing The International Flying Dutchman

By crossing colored ribbon Szabolcs Majthenyi, the responsible person of the victorious Hungarian Flying Dutchman, won the Vintage InterPares race 2008. In this race all winners of the Vintage Yachting Games meet each other in a battle between the classes. This race is held in the 12’ Dinghy, an Olympic class in 1920 and 1928. This class is still very active in 10 countries including The Netherlands, Italy and Japan. For privacy reasons the rest of the finishing order will remain a secret. The International Flying Dutchman class was “THE” Vintage Yachting Class till 2012.

Medal summary[edit]


Trophies of the 2008 Vintage Yachting Games
Event Gold Silver Bronze
Europe Female:
Europe insigna.png
Svenja Puls
Silvia Zennaro
Elisabet Llargués Masachs
Europe Male
Europe insigna.png
Thomas Ribeaud
Marc Paris Gilbert
Arne Berg
O-Jolle insigna.png
Max Blom
Herman van Eijk
Jan Krom
Flying Dutchman:
Flying Dutchman insigna.png
Szabolcs Majthenyi
Andras Domokos
Kilian Koenig
Johannes Brack
Kai Schäfers
Marcus Landgrebe
Soling insigna.png
Rudy den Outer
Leo Determan
Ronald den Arend
3D VYGOlogo.png Wildcard
Steven Bakker
Sven Coster
Joost Houweling
Holger Weichert
Laurent Scheel
Martin Setzkorn
Dragon insigna.svg
Reinier Wissenraet
Gijs Evers
Marc Reijnhoudt
 United Kingdom
Gavia Wilkinson-Cox
Ron Rosenberg
Jon Mortimer
Gordon Ingate
David Giles
Keith Musto

Vintage 2008[edit]

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Netherlands (NED) 3 1 1 5
2  Germany (GER) 1 1 3 5
3  France (FRA) 1 0 0 1
 Hungary (HUN) 1 0 0 1
5  Spain (ESP) 0 1 1 2
6  Great Britain (GBR) 0 1 0 1
 Italy (ITA) 0 1 0 1
3D VYGOlogo.png Wildcards 0 1 0 1
9  Australia (AUS) 0 0 1 1

Country Trophy[edit]

Rank Class
Europe (Female)
Europe (Male)
Flying Dutchman
Total points
Country Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points Rank Points
1  Netherlands 10 101 1 1055 6 553 1 1080 1 1080 3869
2  Germany 7 256 4 453 2 1030 3 703 2442
3 3D VYGOlogo.png Wildcards 8 198 5 356 11 290 2 703 5 481 2028
4  Italy 2 800 4 453 9 377 1630
5  France 4 499 1 1055 1554
6  Spain 3 624 2 754 1378
7  Hungary 1 1331 1331
8  United Kingdom 6 403 2 879 1281
9  Netherlands Antilles 4 729 739
10  Australia 2 703 703
11  Austria 5 632 632
12  United States 5 481 481
13   Switzerland 9 198 6 277 475
14  Poland 6 402 402
15  Czech Republic 10 331 331
16  Romania 12 252 252


  • The major concern for the sailors as well as the organizers and sponsors wat that 19 teams cancelled, for a variety of reasons, less than 48 hours before the opening, or simply did not came. The organization decided that those teams would show in the results.
  • Only moments after his arrival at Medemblik, the O-Jolle of Felix Hurter was stolen from the parkinglot
    of the regatta center. Felix was able to race due to the help of the Dutch O-Jolle class organization and Hendrik van Isselmuiden who lent out his O-Jolle.


Information about the Vintage Yachting Classes (former Olympic classes) can be verified by the:


  • Vintage Yachting Games,Olympic Classes. Bergambacht: 2008 Vintage Organizing Committee. 2008. ISBN 978-90-78440-23-9. 

Information about the organization, conditions, sailors and results can be verified by the: