2008 in Pakistan

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  • 9 February - 15 People are killed in an election rally in Charsada.[1]
  • 11 February - Pakistan's ambassador to Afghanistan is believed to have been kidnapped by suspected pro-Taliban militants.[2]
  • 12 February - The Government of Pakistan steps up security for "fair, transparent and peaceful" elections scheduled for 18 February.[3]
  • 13 February - Pakistan test fires a nuclear capable short range ballistic missile.[4]
  • Two suspects confessed to a judge that they helped to arm the suicide bomber who killed Bhutto.[5]
  • 14 February - Three soldiers are killed by a bomb explosion near Khair, Surabaja.
  • 15 February - Pakistan announces the arrest of a fifth man in connection with the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.[6]
  • Pakistan and India agree to double the number of flights between the two nations.[7]
  • 16 February - 37 people are killed in a bombing in the town of Parachinar at an election rally.[8]
  • 18 February - Elections take place in Pakistan.
  • 19 February - Election results show that President Musharraf's party Pakistan Muslim League (Q) have received a heavy defeat.[9]
  • 21 February - Pakistan's two main opposition parties agree to form a coalition following the elections.[10]
  • 29 February - At least 45 people died and 82 were wounded in a suicide attack on the funeral February 29, 2008 of a district superintendent of police – killed earlier in the day in a separate attack – in Swat province.[11]


  • 22 March - The PPP nominate Yousaf Raza Gillani to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan.
  • 25 March - Yousaf Raza Gillani is sworn in as Prime Minister of Pakistan.[12]
  • 24 March - Prime minister Gillani vows to free judges who were detained during emergency rule.[13]
  • 29 March - PM Gillani announces to the National Assembly that the fight against terrorism will be the top priority of the new government.[14]


  • 1 April - The new government of Pakistan announces that it will rethink the policy on militants.[15]
  • 15 April - President Musharraf announces he is lobbying the Chinese government to build gas and oil pipelines.[16]
  • 16 April - The Olympic torch arrives in Pakistan.[17]
  • 19 April - Taliban rebels release a video of Pakistan's ambassador to Afghanistan who they are holding as a hostage.[18]


  • 12 May - PML (N) quits the cabinet, following the failure to restore judges.[19]
  • 16 May - Pakistan's Ambassador to Afghanistan, Tariq Azizuddin was set free by kidnappers.[20]
  • 17 May - Lawyers announced their plan for Long March to be held on 10 June, for the Restoration of Judges.[21]



  • 6 July - A suicide bomber attacked a police station in Islamabad killing 12 policemen and seven civilians in a rally marking the first anniversary of Lal Masjid siege.[23]
  • 12 July - Militants ambushed a military convoy killing 17 soldiers.[citation needed]


  • 18 August - President Pervez Musharraf, faced with the prospect of being impeached, resigns from the office of president.
  • 23 August - At least 15 people were killed in a suicide attack at a police check post in Char Bagh area of Swat. Also, three persons including two kids were killed in a bomb blast in Abuha.[24]