2009–10 Cupa României

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2009–10 Cupa României
Country Romania
Teams 98
Defending champions CFR Cluj
Champions CFR Cluj
Runners-up Vaslui

The 2009–10 Cupa României was the seventy-second season of the annual Romanian football knockout tournament. It began on 15 July 2009 with the matches of Phase 1 and ended with the Final on 6 June 2010. CFR Cluj were the defending champions.

The winners of the competition qualifyd for the play-off round of the 2010–11 Europa League.

Round of 32[edit]

The 14 winners of Phase V entered in this round and were joined by 18 teams from the 2009–10 Liga I season. The matches were played from 22–24 September 2009. frf.ro reference