2009–10 Turkish Cup

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2009–10 Türkiye Kupası
Ziraat Türkiye Kupası
Picture of the trophy, won by Trabzonspor.
Country  Turkey
Dates 2 September 2009 –
5 May 2010
Teams 71
Defending champions Beşiktaş
Champions Trabzonspor
Runners-up Fenerbahçe
UEFA Europa League Trabzonspor
Matches played 105
Top goal scorer(s) Turkey Arif Çoban (Tokatspor)
Turkey Umut Bulut (Trabzonspor)
(7 goals each)[1]

The 2009–10 Turkish Cup (Turkish: Türkiye Kupası) was the forty-eighth season of Turkey's annual cup competition. It was also known as Ziraat Türkiye Kupası due to a sponsorship contract. The winners Trabzonspor, also qualified for the play-off round of the 2010–11 UEFA Europa League. Beşiktaş were the defending champions.

The competition began on 2 September 2009 with the first round and concluded on 5 May 2010 with the final, held at Şanlıurfa GAP Stadium. The final was contested by seven-time winners Trabzonspor and four-time winners Fenerbahçe, with Trabzonspor bested the Istanbul-based club 3–1.


Round Clubs
Winners from
previous round
New entries
this round
Leagues entering at this round
First Round 71 35 none 35 Levels 3 and 4 in football league pyramid
Second Round 54 36 18 18 Clubs unable to earn promotion from the 1.Lig (Second tier) and the three relegated clubs from the top-flight.
Play-off Round 34 32 18 14 Clubs promoted to the top-flight and clubs who finished 5th-15th in the top-flight.
Group Stages 20 20 16 4 The four seeded clubs (defending champions and clubs place 1st-3rd in the top-flight. If the defending champions have also been seeded because of their league placement, their seed goes to the runners-up.
Quarter-Finals 8 8 8 none none
Semi-Finals 4 4 4 none none
Final 2 2 2 none none

First round[edit]

The draw for the First Round took place at the headquarters of the TFF in İstanbul on 25 August 2009.[2] The matches were played on 2 September 2009.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Lüleburgazspor 1–2 İnegölspor
Beykoz 1908 4–1 pen Tepecikspor
Eyüpspor 2–1 Gebzespor
Yalovaspor 4–3 Körfez Belediyespor
Denizli Belediyespor 3–1 İzmirspor
TKİ Tavşanlı Linyitspor 0–2 Çanakkale Dardanelspor
Balıkesirspor 0–5 Turgutluspor
Bucaspor 1–0 Göztepe
Ankara Demirspor 0–3 Konya Şekerspor
Tokatspor 4–1 Çankırı Belediyespor
Kırşehirspor 0–2 aet Pursaklarspor
Çorumspor 5–6 pen Trabzon Karadenizspor
Kastamonuspor 3–1 Bafra Belediyespor
Belediye Vanspor 3–1 Kahramanmaraşspor
Hatayspor 2–4 Mersin İdmanyurdu
Batman Belediyespor 0–5 Şanlıurfaspor
Diyarbakır Bld. Diskispor 1–2 Adıyamanspor

Second round[edit]

The draw for the Second Round was conducted at the headquarters of the TFF in İstanbul on 15 September 2009.[3] The matches were played on 30 September 2009.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Turgutluspor 1–2 Konya Şekerspor
Tokatspor 3–1 Kocaelispor
Adıyamanspor 1–1 4–5 (p) Yalovaspor
Belediye Vanspor 1–1 (2–1 aet) Şanlıurfaspor
Denizli Belediyespor 4–1 Trabzon Karadenizspor
Güngören Belediyespor 1–1 3–1 (aet) Beykoz 1908
Adanaspor 2–1 Çanakkale Dardanelspor
Kastamonuspor 4–2 Boluspor
Samsunspor 2–0 Karabükspor
Bucaspor 4–2 Sakaryaspor
Kartalspor 1–2 Karşıyaka
Eyüpspor 1–2 Mersin İdmanyurdu
Gaziantep BB 1–3 Tarsus İdmanyurdu
Giresunspor 2–1 Hacettepe
Çaykur Rizespor 6–0 Malatyaspor
Orduspor 2–1 Pursaklarspor
Konyaspor 1–3 Altay
İnegölspor 0–2 Erciyesspor

Play-off round[edit]

The draw for the Third Round was conducted at the headquarters of the TFF in İstanbul on 19 October 2009.[4] The matches were played starting on 28 October 2009.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Tokatspor 3–2 Ankaraspor
Ankaragücü 3–2 Karşıyaka
Kayserispor 0–0 (2–4 p) Manisaspor
Mersin İdmanyurdu 2–2 (6–7 p) Antalyaspor
Güngören Belediyespor 0–1 Bursaspor
İstanbul BŞB 0–0 1–1 (aet) (4–2 p) Gençlerbirliği
Galatasaray 2–1 Bucaspor
Diyarbakırspor 0–1 Tarsus İdmanyurdu
Kasımpaşa 4–1 Kayseri Erciyesspor
Denizli Bld. 2–1 Kastamonuspor
Denizlispor 0–0 4–1 (aet) Gaziantepspor
Konya Şekerspor 3–2 Adanaspor
Orduspor 1–0 Belediye Vanspor
Giresunspor 2–1 aet Çaykur Rizespor
Altay 4–0 Samsunspor
Yalovaspor 1–1 1–3 (aet) Eskişehirspor

Group stage[edit]

The group stage consisted of four groups with five teams each. The top four teams that finished from 1st place to 4th in the Süper Lig 2008-09 were seeded as group heads: Beşiktaş, Sivasspor, Trabzonspor and Fenerbahçe. The sixteen teams who qualified through the first two rounds of elimination matches were randomly drawn into one of the four groups.

Every team played every other team of its group once, either home or away. The winners and runners-up of each group qualified for the quarterfinals.

Group A[edit]