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The Australian Football League celebrates the best act of selflessness or one percenter of the season through the annual AFL Army Award competition. The 2009 winner was Tom Hawkins of Geelong for his "brilliant smother followed by chase and tackle" in round 22.

Nominations and winners[edit]

2009 AFL Army Award nominations
Nominee Club  % of votes Opponent Description
Round 1
Zac Dawson St Kilda 29% Sydney Strong shepherd on Sydney Swan hard man Barry Hall.
James Kelly Geelong 67% Hawthorn Multiple efforts before tapping ball into the path of a team mate.
Joel Macdonald Brisbane Lions 4% West Coast Brilliant smother.
Round Report Nominees Team % of Votes Match Note
2 Nominations Aaron Davey Melbourne 24% Collingwood v Melbourne Brilliant chase down tackle on Marty Clarke
Campbell Brown Hawthorn 51% Sydney vs Hawthorn Courageous smother in front of goal
Ben McKinley West Coast 25% West Coast vs Port Adelaide Fantastic chase and tackle
3 Nominations Eric MacKenzie West Coast 9% St Kilda vs West Coast Brilliant slide on the goal line to save a goal
Luke Ball St Kilda 82% St Kilda vs West Coast Great diving smother on Quinten Lynch
Nathan Eagleton Western Bulldogs 9% Western Bulldogs vs Richmond Persistent spoil and tackle
4 Nominations Luke Hodge Hawthorn 21% Hawthorn vs Port Adelaide Persistent chase and tackle on Tom Logan
Eric MacKenzie West Coast 35% West Coast vs Western Bulldogs Great smother in front of goal
Ricky Dyson Essendon 44% North Melbourne vs Essendon Courageous chase and tackle on Drew Petrie
5 Nominations Shane O'Bree Collingwood 10% Essendon vs Collingwood Skillful tackle to gain possession and tap on to a teammate.
Drew Petrie North Melbourne 11% North Melbourne vs Richmond Courageous chase and tackle
Lenny Hayes St Kilda 79% Port Adelaide vs St Kilda Gutsy diving smother
6 Nominations Joel Macdonald Brisbane Lions 17% Brisbane Lions vs Essendon Showed courage when executing a spoil
Martin Mattner Sydney 58% Sydney vs Richmond Brilliant chase and tackle on Jack Riewoldt
Luke Hodge Hawthorn 25% Hawthorn vs Carlton Spoiled, tackled then handballed to team mate
7 Nominations Daniel Cross Western Bulldogs 12% Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs Clinical smother on Tyson Edwards
Jared Rivers Melbourne 38% West Coast vs Melbourne Extremely courageous attempt to mark
Bryce Gibbs Carlton 50% Carlton vs Fremantle Great chase and tackle on Luke McPharlin
8 Nominations Barry Hall Sydney 60% Sydney vs West Coast Courageous spoil, then tap to team mate
Heath Scotland Carlton 23% Collingwood vs Carlton Phenomenal courage when spoiling a mark
Nathan Lovett-Murray Essendon 17% St Kilda vs Essendon Three efforts then tackled causing a turnover
9 Nominations Mark Austin Carlton 24% Adelaide vs Carlton Multiple spoils followed by dual tackles
Michael Osborne Hawthorn 16% Hawthorn vs Melbourne Effective support and shepherding
Matt White Richmond 60% Richmond vs Essendon Fast paced chase and tackle
10 Nominations Travis Varcoe Geelong 67% Essendon vs Geelong Double tackle and smother
Antoni Grover Fremantle 20% Fremantle vs Richmond Defensive spoil in mid flight
Daniel Rich Brisbane Lions 13% North Melbourne vs Brisbane Lions Courageous spoil
11 Nominations Adam Simpson North Melbourne 27% North Melbourne vs St Kilda Brilliant smother on Jason Gram
Scott McMahon North Melbourne 54% North Melbourne vs St Kilda Courageous smother on Clinton Jones
Ben McGlynn Hawthorn 19% Hawthorn vs Sydney Gutsy chase and dive to spoil Michael O'Loughlin
12 Nominations Darren Glass West Coast 25% Richmond vs West Coast Diving smother to spoil Tom Hislop
Brad Green Melbourne 43% Essendon vs Melbourne Gutsy attempt to spoil the mark
Dean Solomon Fremantle 32% Fremantle vs Geelong Courageous dive on the ball
13 Nominations Dustin Fletcher Essendon 12% Essendon vs Carlton Spoiled a mark then smothered a kick
Alwyn Davey Essendon 12% Essendon vs Carlton Chase-down and tackle
Patrick Dangerfield Adelaide 76% Adelaide vs Sydney Smother resulting in a pivotal goal
14 Nominations Josh Hill Western Bulldogs 23% Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn Strong spoil of an overhead, chase and tackle
Ryan Griffen Western Bulldogs 47% Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn Brilliant goal saving smother
Brett Ebert Port Adelaide 30% Port Adelaide vs Brisbane Lions Courageous chase and tackle to turnover for a goal
15 Nominations Nathan Eagleton Western Bulldogs 47% Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood Courageous interception running back in full flight
Michael Hurley Essendon 30% Sydney vs Essendon Gutsy goal saving smother
Tayte Pears Essendon 23% Sydney vs Essendon Strong chase down and tackle
16 Nominations Jake King Richmond 22% Richmond vs North Melbourne Gutsy double tackle resulting in turnover
James Frawley Melbourne 11% Geelong vs Melbourne Strong chase down and tackle
Jacob Surjan Port Adelaide 67% Port Adelaide vs West Coast Courageous smother in front of goal
17 Nominations Tim Ruffles Fremantle 27% Fremantle vs West Coast Courageous attempt to mark running with the flight
Nick Riewoldt St Kilda 20% St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs Great second effort to smother
Cameron Mooney Geelong 53% Geelong vs Hawthorn Fearless marking attempt
18 Nominations Aaron Davey Melbourne 37% Melbourne vs Richmond Takes on two Richmond opponents and wins possession
Darren Glass West Coast 31% West Coast vs Essendon Strong defensive effort and smother to save a certain goal
Ryan Griffen Western Bulldogs 32% Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle Great 100m chase and tackle against Fremantle's Grover
19 Nominations Jarrod Atkinson Essendon 19% Essendon vs Brisbane Lions Athletic smother and rebound from Essendon's defence
Dustin Fletcher Essendon 24% Essendon vs Brisbane Lions Strong spoil, great second effort smother and clearance
Brett Kirk Sydney 57% Richmond vs Sydney Won a contested ball, then tapped to teammates advantage
20 Nominations Lance Franklin Hawthorn 10% Hawthorn vs Adelaide Fantastic chase and tackle halting an Adelaide attack
Richard Tambling Richmond 32% Richmond vs Collingwood Wonderful chase and smother to win possession
Stephen Milne St Kilda 58% Essendon vs St Kilda Great smother to create a turnover then goal
21 Nominations Max Rooke Geelong 72% Western Bulldogs vs Geelong Multiple strong tackles resulting in a turnover
Drew Petrie North Melbourne 15% North Melbourne vs St Kilda Launched himself in the air to spoil
Jarred Moore Sydney 13% Collingwood vs Sydney Courageous knock-on resulting in a goal
22 Nominations Tom Hawkins Geelong Geelong vs Fremantle Brilliant smother followed by chase and tackle
** Current Round - voting still open
Round Winner


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