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The 2009 AFL draft consisted of four opportunities for player acquisitions during the 2009/10 Australian Football League off-season. These were the trade week (held between 5 October and 9 October), the national draft (held on 26 November), the pre-season draft (15 December) and the rookie draft (15 December).[1]


In the lead up to the trade week many high profile players such as Brendan Fevola, Darren Jolly, Shaun Burgoyne, Luke Ball, Barry Hall, Andrew Lovett and Josh Gibson either requested to be traded or were suggested to be likely to be traded during the AFL's annual trading period.[2] Of these players, only Luke Ball was unable to secure a trade by the end of the week.

Trade week was significantly more active than the previous year. Four trades involving seven players, including a three-team, four-player trade, were completed on the first day of the trade week alone,[3] compared to only six players traded in the entire 2008 trade week.[4] Overall, twenty-three players changed clubs (the most since the 2003 trade week), and twenty-five draft picks were traded.[5] Of the sixteen active clubs, only the Adelaide Crows did not make a trade.

This was the first season in which teams were permitted to trade rookie-listed players, with Geelong's Shane Mumford being the first player to be traded whilst still officially on the rookie list.[6]

The Fevola trade[edit]

The most widely anticipated trade during trade week was that of Carlton full forward and incumbent Coleman medallist Brendan Fevola. Carlton announced its intentions to trade the 28-year-old Fevola after his drunken behaviour at the 2009 Brownlow Medal Count, which served as the last straw in a long rap sheet of off-field indiscretions while at the club.

The Brisbane Lions emerged as the likely destination. Brisbane initially offered 31-year-old full forward Daniel Bradshaw and 23-year-old midfielder Michael Rischitelli in the trade. Both players were flown to Melbourne to tour Carlton's facilities, but Rischitelli was not willing to relocate. On the final day of trade week, Brisbane agreed to give Carlton 19-year-old key position prospect Lachlan Henderson and a first round draft pick, in exchange for Fevola, a second-round draft pick,[7] and for Carlton to pay $100,000 of Fevola's salary for each of the two years remaining on his existing contract.[8]

Although considered reasonable at the time, the trade is now widely viewed as a complete disaster for the Brisbane Lions,[9] because all players involved in the trade negotiations had left the club within eighteen months. Shortly after trade, Bradshaw walked out on the Lions, and was recruited to the Sydney Swans in the pre-season draft – either because his feelings were hurt by being offered to trade, or because Fevola's recruitment would have limited Bradshaw's own opportunities in the Lions' forward-line.[10] Rischitelli left the club at the end of 2010, after signing a contract with the fledgling Gold Coast Football Club; some in the media speculated that he was also disgruntled about being offered in the Fevola trade, but this has never been confirmed.[11] Finally, prior to the 2011 season, Brisbane sacked Fevola after further off-field incidents during the 2010/11 offseason.[12]

List of trades[edit]

Trade Player tradedNote 1 Original club New club Traded for
1 Josh Gibson and draft pick No. 69 North Melbourne Hawthorn Draft picks No. 25 and 41
2 Andrew Raines Richmond Brisbane Lions Draft pick No. 44
3 Brock McLean Melbourne Carlton Draft pick No. 11
4 Brent Staker and draft pick No. 39
Amon Buchanan
West Coast
Brisbane Lions Bradd Dalziell
Draft pick No. 28
Mark Seaby and draft pick No. 55
Draft pick No. 28
West Coast
Brisbane Lions
Sydney Amon Buchanan
Draft picks No. 22 and 118
Bradd Dalziell
Draft picks No. 22 and 118
Brisbane Lions
West Coast Brent Staker and draft pick No. 39
Mark Seaby and draft pick No. 55
5 Barry Hall Sydney Western Bulldogs Draft pick No. 47
6 Andrew Lovett Essendon St Kilda Draft pick No. 16
7Note 2 Draft pick No. 47 Sydney Brisbane Lions Draft pick No. 39
8 Brett Peake Fremantle St Kilda Draft pick No. 48
9 Jay Schulz Richmond Port Adelaide Mitchell Farmer and draft pick No. 71
10 Xavier Clarke St Kilda Brisbane Lions Draft pick No. 60
11 Darren Jolly Sydney Collingwood Draft picks No. 14 and 46
12 Shane Mumford Geelong Sydney Draft pick No. 28
13 Ben McGlynn and Josh P. Kennedy Hawthorn Sydney Draft picks No. 39, 46 and 70
14 Shaun Burgoyne Port Adelaide Hawthorn Jay Nash and draft pick No. 9
Jay Nash and draft pick No. 16
Draft pick No. 9
Draft pick No. 97
Port Adelaide Shaun Burgoyne and draft picks No. 24, 40 and 56
Mark Williams
Draft pick No. 24
Draft pick No. 33
Port Adelaide
Essendon Jay Nash, draft picks No. 16 and 42
Draft picks No. 40 and 56
Draft pick No. 42
Port Adelaide
Geelong Draft picks No. 33 and 97
15 Marcus Drum Fremantle Geelong Draft pick No. 49
16 Brendan Fevola and draft pick No. 27 Carlton Brisbane Lions Lachlan Henderson and draft pick No. 12
17Note 3 Draft pick No. 58 Essendon Hawthorn Draft pick No. 89

Source:AFL Trade Tracker

1.^ The numbering of the draft picks in this trades table is based on the original order prior to draft day. The final numbering of many of these draft picks was adjusted on draft day due to clubs passing in the later rounds.
2.^ Although lodged as a separate trade, this exchange of draft picks is effectively part of the three-team trade amongst Sydney, Brisbane and West Coast (trade No. 4).
3.^ Although lodged as a separate trade, this exchange of draft picks is effectively part of the four-team trade amongst Hawthorn, Essendon, Port Adelaide and Geelong (trade No. 14).

2009 national draft[edit]

The 2009 national draft was held on 26 November, a Thursday evening, rather than the Saturday morning timeslot that has been used in the past years.[13] For the first time, the top ten selections will be made prior to the telecast, and unveiled in a countdown manner from ten to one, rather than the usual counting up method.[14]

Melbourne finished the 2009 AFL season in last position and as they had won fewer than 5 games during each previous two seasons, they have the first two selections in the draft. Despite much discussion concerning tanking during the season, no other club qualified for a priority pick.[15]

In the lead up to the draft, it was widely tipped that Tom Scully and Jack Trengove would be Melbourne's first two selections.[16] The destination of former St Kilda captain Luke Ball was also subject to much debate, with Collingwood being the likely club after failing to secure a trade for him during the October trade week.[17]

Round Pick Player Recruited from League Club
Priority 1 Tom Scully Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup Melbourne
1 2 Jack Trengove Sturt SANFL Melbourne
1 3 Dustin Martin Bendigo Pioneers TAC Cup Richmond
1 4 Anthony Morabito Peel WAFL Fremantle
1 5 Ben Cunnington Geelong Falcons TAC Cup North Melbourne
1 6 Gary Rohan Geelong Falcons TAC Cup Sydney
1 7 Brad Sheppard East Fremantle WAFL West Coast
1 8 John Butcher Gippsland Power TAC Cup Port Adelaide
1 9 Andrew Moore Eastern Ranges TAC Cup Port Adelaide
1 10 Jake Melksham Calder Cannons TAC Cup Essendon
1 11 Jordan Gysberts Eastern Ranges TAC Cup Melbourne
1 12 Kane Lucas East Fremantle WAFL Carlton
1 13 Daniel Talia Calder Cannons TAC Cup Adelaide
1 14 Lewis Jetta Swan Districts WAFL Sydney
1 15 Christian Howard Glenelg SANFL Western Bulldogs
1 16 Jasper McMillan-Pittard Geelong Falcons TAC Cup Port Adelaide
1 17 Daniel Menzel Central District SANFL Geelong
2 18 Luke Tapscott North Adelaide SANFL Melbourne
2 19 Benjamin Griffiths Eastern Ranges TAC Cup Richmond
2 20 Nathan Fyfe Claremont WAFL Fremantle
2 21 Ryan Bastinac Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup North Melbourne
2 22 Gerrick Weedon Claremont WAFL West Coast
2 23 Koby Stevens Gippsland Power TAC Cup West Coast
2 24 Jake Carlisle Calder Cannons TAC Cup Essendon
2 25 Aaron Black Peel WAFL North Melbourne
2 26 Travis Colyer Claremont WAFL Essendon
2 27 Callum Bartlett Geelong Falcons TAC Cup Brisbane Lions
2 28 Mitch Duncan East Perth WAFL Geelong
2 29 Jack Gunston Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Adelaide
2 30 Luke Ball St Kilda AFL Collingwood
2 31 Jason Tutt Ainslie NEAFL Western Bulldogs
2 32 Nicholas Winmar Claremont WAFL St Kilda
2 33 Anthony Long Calder Cannons TAC Cup Essendon
3 34 Max Gawn Sandringham Dragons TAC Cup Melbourne
3 35 David Astbury North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Richmond
3 36 Joel Houghton Perth WAFL Fremantle
3 37 Jamie MacMillan Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup North Melbourne
3 38 Sam Reid Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup Sydney
3 39 Sam Grimley Northern Knights TAC Cup Hawthorn
3 40 Allen Christensen Geelong Falcons TAC Cup Geelong
3 41 Ayden Kennedy Eastern Ranges TAC Cup North Melbourne
3 42 Nathan Vardy Gippsland Power TAC Cup Geelong
3 43 Marcus Davies North Hobart TSL Carlton
3 44 Matthew Dea North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Richmond
3 45 Sam Shaw Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Adelaide
3 46 Benjamin Stratton East Perth WAFL Hawthorn
3 47 Ryan Harwood Glenorchy TSL Brisbane Lions
3 48 Jesse Crichton North Launceston TSL Fremantle
3 49 Dylan Roberton Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup Fremantle
4 50 Jack Fitzpatrick Western Jets TAC Cup Melbourne
4 51 Troy Taylor South Alice Springs CAFL Richmond
4 52 Justin Bollenhagen South Adelaide SANFL Fremantle
4 53 Brayden Norris Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup North Melbourne
4 54 Byron Sumner Woodville-West Torrens SANFL Sydney
4 55 Trent Dennis-Lane Subiaco WAFL Sydney
4 56 Josh Cowan North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Geelong
4 57 Jordan Williams Bendigo Pioneers TAC Cup Hawthorn
4 58 Rhan Hooper Brisbane Lions AFL Hawthorn
4 59 Rohan Kerr Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup Carlton
4 60 Jesse W. Smith North Melbourne AFL St Kilda
4 61 James Craig North Adelaide SANFL Adelaide
4 62 Ben Sinclair Oakleigh Chargers TAC Cup Collingwood
4 63 Lukas Markovic Box Hill Hawks VFL Western Bulldogs
4 64 Adam Pattison Richmond AFL St Kilda
4 65 Jeremy Laidler (Promoted rookie) Geelong
5 66 Pass Melbourne
5 67 Jeromey Webberley Clarence TSL Richmond
5 68 Pass Fremantle
5 69 Taylor Duryea Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup Hawthorn
5 70 Matthew Suckling (Promoted rookie) Hawthorn
5 71 Ben Nason Central District SANFL Richmond
5 72 Sam Jacobs (Promoted rookie) Carlton
5 73 Jesse O'Brien North Adelaide SANFL Brisbane Lions
5 74 Brodie Martin (Promoted rookie) Adelaide
5 75 Josh Thomas Redland QAFL Collingwood
5 76 Shane Thorne Wanderers NTFL Western Bulldogs
5 77 Will Johnson Sandringham VFL St Kilda
6 78 Pass Richmond
6 79 Greg Broughton (Promoted rookie) Fremantle
6 80 Cruize Garlett (Promoted rookie) North Melbourne
6 81 Pass Sydney
6 82 Daniel Stewart (Promoted rookie) Port Adelaide
6 83 Aaron Joseph (Promoted rookie) Carlton
6 84 Bryce Retzlaff Labrador QAFL Brisbane Lions
6 85 Simon Buckley Melbourne AFL Collingwood
6 86 Liam Picken (Promoted rookie) Western Bulldogs
6 87 Zac Dawson (Promoted rookie) St Kilda
6 88 Wade Thompson (Promoted rookie) Port Adelaide
7 89 Robin Nahas (Promoted rookie) Richmond
7 90 Kristin Thornton (Promoted rookie) Sydney
7 91 Matt Maguire St Kilda AFL Brisbane Lions
7 92 James Mulligan (Promoted rookie) Western Bulldogs
7 93 Luke Miles (Promoted rookie) St Kilda
8 94 Andrew Browne (Promoted rookie) Richmond
8 95 Pearce Hanley (Promoted rookie) Brisbane Lions

2010 pre-season draft[edit]

The 2010 pre-season draft was held on Tuesday 15 December. Unlike the national draft, it is an online meeting using Microsoft Office Live Meeting software.[1]

Round Pick Player Recruited from League Club
1 1 Joel Macdonald Brisbane Lions AFL Melbourne
1 2 Dylan Grimes Northern Knights TAC Cup Richmond
1 3 Adam McPhee Essendon AFL Fremantle
1 4 Daniel Bradshaw Brisbane Lions AFL Sydney
1 5 Ryan Neates Claremont WAFL West Coast
1 6 Scott Harding Brisbane Lions AFL Port Adelaide
1 7 Kyle Hardingham East Fremantle WAFL Essendon

2010 rookie draft[edit]

The 2010 rookie draft was held on Tuesday 15 December, immediately after the pre-season draft. Unlike the national draft, it is an online meeting using Microsoft Office Live Meeting software.[1] The rookie draft rules allow each club to have up to eight rookies, and for the first time allowed clubs to retain rookies for a third year[18] and be able to draft two mature age rookies, without the restriction that they must not have been previously listed by an AFL club. The Gold Coast Football Club was allocated the first five selections, despite the new club only competing in the Victorian Football League for the 2010 season, before entering the AFL for the 2011 season.[19]

Round Pick Player Recruited from League Selection category Club
1 1 Daniel Harris North Melbourne AFL Mature age rookie Gold Coast
1 2 Michael Coad Sturt SANFL Mature age rookie Gold Coast
1 3 Sam Iles Box Hill Hawks TAC Cup Gold Coast
1 4 Roland Ah Chee Norwood SANFL Gold Coast
1 5 Danny Stanley Collingwood AFL Gold Coast
1 6 Michael Newton Melbourne AFL Mature age rookie Melbourne
1 7 Robert Hicks Calder Cannons TAC Cup Richmond
1 8 Michael Barlow Werribee VFL Fremantle
1 9 Majak Daw Western Jets TAC Cup North Melbourne
1 10 Henry Playfair Sydney Swans AFL Mature age rookie Sydney Swans
1 11 Lewis Broome Claremont WAFL West Coast
1 12 Cameron Hitchcock Glenelg SANFL Port Adelaide
1 13 Wayde Skipper Western Bulldogs AFL Mature age rookie Hawthorn
1 14 Taite Silverlock West Adelaide SANFL Essendon
1 15 Jaryd Cachia Northern Knights TAC Cup Carlton
1 16 Mitchell Golby Gippsland Power TAC Cup Brisbane Lions
1 17 Luke Thompson Geelong Falcons TAC Cup Adelaide
1 18 Thomas Hunter Calder Cannons TAC Cup Collingwood
1 19 Brodie Moles Geelong AFL Mature age rookie Western Bulldogs
1 20 Mark Hutchings East Perth WAFL St Kilda
1 21 Jack Weston Gippsland Power TAC Cup Geelong
2 22 John Meesen Melbourne AFL Mature age rookie Melbourne
2 23 Pat Contin Glenelg SANFL Richmond
2 24 Alex Silvagni Casey Scorpions VFL Mature age rookie Fremantle
2 25 Matthew Scott Eastern Ranges TAC Cup North Melbourne
2 26 Pass Sydney Swans
2 27 Andrew Strijk West Perth WAFL West Coast
2 28 Daniel Webb West Adelaide SANFL Port Adelaide
2 29 Jarrod Kayler-Thomson Perth WAFL Mature age rookie Hawthorn
2 30 Ben Howlett Peel Thunder WAFL Essendon
2 31 Joe Dare Geelong Falcons TAC Cup Carlton
2 32 Josh Dyson Eastern Ranges TAC Cup Brisbane Lions
2 33 Matthew Wright North Adelaide SANFL Adelaide
2 34 Jack Carter West Adelaide SANFL Collingwood
2 35 Andrew Hooper North Ballarat Rebels TAC Cup Western Bulldogs
2 36 Daniel Archer Clarence TSL St Kilda
2 37 Ben Johnson Geelong VFL Geelong
3 38 Relton Roberts Wanderers NTFL Mature age rookie Richmond
3 39 Pass Sydney Swans
3 40 Ashton Hams South Fremantle WAFL West Coast
3 41 Cameron Cloke Carlton AFL Mature age rookie Port Adelaide
3 42 Michael Johnston East Coast Eagles Sydney AFL NSW AFL scholarship elevation Hawthorn
3 43 Stewart Crameri Bendigo Bombers VFL Essendon
3 44 Levi Casboult Dandenong Stingrays TAC Cup Carlton
3 45 Pass Brisbane Lions
3 46 Matthew Jaensch Sturt SANFL Adelaide
3 47 Seamus McNamara Milwaukee USA International selection Collingwood
3 48 Matthew Panos Norwood SANFL Western Bulldogs
3 49 Jarryd Allen St Kilda AFL St Kilda
3 50 James Podsiadly Geelong VFL VFL Mature age rookie Geelong
4 51 Nicholas Westhoff West Adelaide SANFL Richmond
4 52 Pass Sydney Swans
4 53 Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls Richmond AFL Mature age rookie West Coast
4 54 Glenn Dawson Port Adelaide AFL Port Adelaide
4 55 Marcus Marigliani Frankston VFL Mature age rookie Essendon
4 56 Simon White Subiaco WAFL Carlton
4 57 Pass Brisbane Lions
4 58 Aidan Riley Wollongong Lions Sydney AFL NSW AFL scholarship elevation Adelaide
4 59 Eddie Prato Maryborough BFL Western Bulldogs
4 60 Leigh Fisher St Kilda AFL St Kilda
4 61 Jesse Stringer Port Adelaide Magpies SANFL Geelong
5 62 Graham Polak Richmond AFL Mature age rookie Richmond
5 63 Chrissy McKaigue Derry GAA International selection Sydney Swans
5 64 Daniel Bass non-registered 3-year non-registered selection Port Adelaide
5 65 John Williams Essendon AFL Essendon
5 66 Joshua Donaldson West Perth WAFL Carlton
5 67 Niall McKeever Antrim GAA International selection Brisbane Lions
5 68 Patrick Rose Williamstown VFL Western Bulldogs
5 69 Tommy Walsh Kerry GAA International selection St Kilda
6 70 Jamie O'Reilly Down GAA International selection Richmond
6 71 Nathan Gordon East Coast Eagles Sydney AFL NSW AFL scholarship elevation Sydney Swans
6 72 Jordon Johns South Broken Hill BHFL NSW AFL scholarship elevation Port Adelaide
6 73 Zach Tuohy Laois GAA International selection Carlton
6 74 Sean Yoshuira Mt Gravatt QAFL QLD pre-selection Brisbane Lions
7 75 Dylan McNeil Murray Bushrangers TAC Cup NSW pre-selection Sydney Swans
7 76 Claye Beams Labrador QAFL QLD pre-selection Brisbane Lions
8 77 Pass NSW pre-selection Sydney Swans
8 78 Broc McCauley Southport QAFL QLD pre-selection Brisbane Lions

Selections by league[edit]

National and pre-season draft selection totals by leagues:

League Players
TAC Cup 37 VIC


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