2009 Andaman Islands earthquake

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2009 Andaman Islands earthquake
2009 Andaman Islands earthquake is located in India
2009 Andaman Islands earthquake
UTC time2009-08-10 19:55:38
ISC event15190110
Local date11 August 2009 (11 August 2009)
Local time01:25
Magnitude7.5 Mw
Depth33.1 kilometres (20.6 mi)
Epicenter14°00′47″N 92°55′23″E / 14.013°N 92.923°E / 14.013; 92.923Coordinates: 14°00′47″N 92°55′23″E / 14.013°N 92.923°E / 14.013; 92.923
Areas affectedIndia
Max. intensityVIII (Severe)

The 2009 Andaman Islands earthquake occurred on August 11 at 19:55 UTC in the Andaman Islands of India.[1] The earthquake magnitude was recorded as 7.5 Mw, and was the strongest in the region since the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami.[2] The epicentre was 260 km north of Port Blair, and tremors were felt in south-east India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Thailand.[3] The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami watch to India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand, but it was later lifted.[4] No casualties or injuries were reported, although there were complaints about minor damage to buildings.[2] At about the same time, the 2009 Shizuoka earthquake affected south Honshū in Japan.

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