2009 Australian Open – Wheelchair Women's Doubles

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Wheelchair Women's Doubles
2009 Australian Open
Champion Netherlands Korie Homan
Netherlands Esther Vergeer
Runner-up Poland Agnieszka Bartczak
Germany Katharina Kruger
Final score 6–1, 6–0
Singles men women boys girls
Doubles men women mixed boys girls
Legends men women mixed
WC Singles men women quad
WC Doubles men women quad
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Jiske Griffioen and Esther Vergeer were the defending champions, but they did not compete together.

Griffioen partnered up with Florence Gravellier, but they lost in semifinals, to Agnieszka Bartczak and Katharina Kruger.

Vergeer partnered up with Korie Homan and they won in the final, 6–1, 6–0, against Bartczak and Kruger


  1. Netherlands Korie Homan / Netherlands Esther Vergeer (Champion)
  2. France Florence Gravellier / Netherlands Jiske Griffioen (Semifinals)




  Semifinals Final
  1  Netherlands Korie Homan
 Netherlands Esther Vergeer
6 6    
 Australia Daniela Di Toro
 United Kingdom Lucy Shuker
1 3    
  1  Netherlands Korie Homan
 Netherlands Esther Vergeer
6 6  
     Poland Agnieszka Bartczak
 Germany Katharina Kruger
1 0  
   Poland Agnieszka Bartczak
 Germany Katharina Kruger
7 3 [10]
  2  France Florence Gravellier
 Netherlands Jiske Griffioen
5 6 [7]