2009 CAF Champions League

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2009 CAF Champions League
Tournament details
Dates 30 January – 7 November 2009
Teams 53 (from 40 associations)
Final positions
Champions Democratic Republic of the Congo TP Mazembe (3rd title)
Runners-up Nigeria Heartland F.C.

The 2009 CAF Champions League is the 45th edition of Africa's premier club football tournament organized by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), and the 13th edition under the current CAF Champions League format. The winner will participate in the 2009 FIFA Club World Cup and the 2010 CAF Super Cup.


  • 53 teams from 40 CAF member associations were entered officially in the 2009 CAF Champions League.
  • The 12 highest ranked associations according to CAF 5-Year Ranking are eligible to enter 2 teams in the competition. For this year's competition, CAF used 2003–07 5-Year rankings in which 3 countries shared the 12th place – allowing 14 countries to enter a second team.
  • Two other teams were entered after the official deadline and were placed in a special subsection on the draw.

Below is the qualification scheme for the competition. Nations are shown according to their CAF 5-Year Ranking – those with a ranking score have their rank and score indicated:

Association Club Qualifying method
Associations with two entrants (Ranked 1–12)
Tunisia Tunisia1
(1st – 45 pts)
Club Africain 2007–08 Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1 champion
Étoile Sportive du Sahel 2007–08 Tunisian Ligue Professionnelle 1 runner-up
Egypt Egypt2
(2nd – 33 pts)
Al-Ahly 2007–08 Egyptian Premier League champion
Nigeria Nigeria
(3rd – 29 pts)
Kano Pillars 2007–08 Nigerian Premier League champion
Heartland 2007–08 Nigerian Premier League runner-up
Morocco Morocco
(4th – 19 pts)
FAR Rabat 2007–08 Botola champion
Ittihad Khemisset 2007–08 Botola runner-up
Ghana Ghana
(5th – 13 pts)
Asante Kotoko 2007–08 Ghana Premier League champion
Heart of Lions 2007–08 Ghana Premier League runner-up
Ivory Coast Côte d'Ivoire
(6th – 11 pts)
Africa Sports National 2008 Côte d'Ivoire Premier Division champion
ASEC Mimosas 2008 Côte d'Ivoire Premier Division runner-up
Algeria Algeria
(=7th – 9 pts)
JS Kabylie 2007–08 Algerian Championnat National champion
ASO Chlef 2007–08 Algerian Championnat National runner-up
Cameroon Cameroon
(=7th – 9 pts)
Coton Sport FC 2007–08 MTN Elite one champion
Canon Yaoundé 2007–08 MTN Elite one runner-up
South Africa South Africa1
(=9th – 7 pts)
Supersport United 2007–08 Premier Soccer League champion
Ajax Cape Town 2007–08 Premier Soccer League runner-up
Sudan Sudan1
(=9th – 7 pts)
Al-Merreikh 2008 Sudan Premier League champion
Al-Hilal 2008 Sudan Premier League runner-up
Angola Angola
(11th – 4 pts)
Atlético Petróleos Luanda 2008 Girabola (XXX) champion
Primeiro de Agosto 2008 Girabola (XXX) runner-up
Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo DR1
(=12th – 3 pts)
DC Motema Pembe 2007–08 Linafoot champion
TP Mazembe 2007–08 Linafoot runner-up
Libya Libya
(=12th – 3 pts)
Al Ittihad Tripoli 2007–08 Libyan Premier League champion
Al Ahly Tripoli 2007–08 Libyan Premier League runner-up
Senegal Senegal
(=12th – 3 pts)
AS Douanes 2008 Senegal Premier League champion
Casa Sport 2008 Senegal Premier League runner-up
Associations with one entrant (Fewer ranking points than the 12th CAF association)
Rwanda Rwanda
(=15th – 2 pts)
ATRACO 2007–08 Rwandan Premier League champion
Tanzania Tanzania
(=15th – 2 pts)
Young Africans 2007–08 Tanzanian Premier League champion
Zambia Zambia
(=15th – 2 pts)
ZESCO United 2008 Zambian Premier League champion
Gabon Gabon
(=18th – 1 pt)
AS Mangasport 2007–08 Gabon Championnat National D1 champion
Guinea Guinea
(=18th – 1 pt)
Fello Star 2008 Guinée Championnat National champion
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
(=18th – 1 pt)
Monomotapa United 2008 Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League champion
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso Étoile Filante 2007–08 Burkinabé Premier League champion
Burundi Burundi AS Inter Star 2008 Burundi Premier League champion
Cape Verde Cape Verde Sporting Clube da Praia 2008 Cape Verdean football Championships champion
Chad Chad Elect-Sport FC 2008 Chad Premier League champion
Comoros Comoros Etoile d'Or 2008 Comoros Premier League champion
Republic of the Congo Congo CARA Brazzaville 2008 Congo Premier League champion
The Gambia Gambia Wallidan 2008 GFA League First Division champion
Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau Sporting Clube de Bafatá 2008 Campeonato Nacional da Guiné-Bissau champion
Kenya Kenya Mathare United 2008 Kenyan Premier League champion
Liberia Liberia Monrovia Black Star 2008 Liberian Premier League champion
Madagascar Madagascar Academie Ny Antsika 2008 THB Champions League champion
Mali Mali Djoliba 2007–08 Malian Première Division champion
Mauritius Mauritius Curepipe Starlight 2007–08 Mauritian League champion
Mozambique Mozambique Ferroviário Maputo 2008 Moçambola champion
Niger Niger AS Police 2007–08 Niger Premier League champion
Réunion Réunion US Stade Tamponnaise 2008 Réunion Premier League runner-up3
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Ports Authority F.C. 2007–08 Sierra Leone National Premier League champion
Swaziland Swaziland Royal Leopards 2007–08 Swazi Premier League champion
Uganda Uganda Kampala City Council 2007–08 Ugandan Super League champion
Zanzibar Zanzibar Miembeni 2008 Zanzibar Premier League champion
Associations entered after the deadline
Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea
(=18th – 1 pt)
Akonangui 2008 Equatoguinean Premier League champion
Central African Republic Central African Republic Stade Centrafricain 2008 Championnat de la Ligue de Bangui champion

Italicised clubs withdrew without playing.
Bolded clubs received a bye in the preliminary round, entering the tournament in the first round.
Unranked associations have no ranking points and hence are equal 23rd (Malawi – ranked =18th – did not enter a champion this year).

1 The champions of Congo DR, South Africa, Sudan, and Tunisia were not given byes in the first stage although the runners-up were. Unlike European tournaments, seeding within the CAF draws is based on performance in continental tournaments only.
2 The 2007–08 Egyptian Premier League runner-up, Ismaily opted not to enter this competition, choosing instead to play in the 2008–09 Arab Champions League. The third-placed Egyptian side, Al-Zamalek were not allowed to replace them as the CAF Champions League regulations allow only national champions and runners-up to compete.[1]
3 2008 Réunion Premier League Champion, JS Saint-Pierroise, banned from African club competitions after withdrawing from the 2007 CAF Champions League.

Preliminary round[edit]

The preliminary round first legs were played on 30 January – 1 February, and the second legs on 13–15 February 2009.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Primeiro de Agosto Angola 7–3 Republic of the Congo CARA Brazzaville 5–2 2–1
Canon Yaoundé Cameroon 2–1 Burundi AS Inter Star 1–1 1–0
AS Douanes Senegal 4–1 Sierra Leone Ports Authority F.C. 3–1 1–0
Kano Pillars Nigeria 2–0 Chad Elect-Sport FC 2–0 0–0
Club Africain Tunisia w/o Guinea-Bissau Sporting Clube de Bafatá ----- -----
Djoliba Mali 4–1 Senegal Casa Sport 4–0 0–1
Ferroviário Maputo Mozambique 2–3 Uganda Kampala City Council FC 2–1 0–2
Supersport United South Africa 8–2 Mauritius Curepipe Starlight 3–0 5–2
Heartland Nigeria 10–1 Liberia Monrovia Black Star 4–0 6–1
FAR Rabat Morocco 6–2 Cape Verde Sporting Clube da Praia 6–1 0–1
Atlético Petróleos Luanda Angola 6–0 Swaziland Royal Leopards 3–0 3–0
Étoile Filante Burkina Faso 4–3 Ghana Heart of Lions 2–0 2–3
Al Ahly Tripoli Libya 7–2 Niger AS Police 6–0 1–2
Ittihad Khemisset Morocco w/o The Gambia Wallidan ----- -----
ASO Chlef Algeria 3–1 Guinea Fello Star 1–0 2–1
DC Motema Pembe Democratic Republic of the Congo 1–3 Gabon AS Mangasport 1–2 0–1
Monomotapa United Zimbabwe 3–2 Zanzibar Miembeni 2–0 1–2
Young Africans Tanzania 14–1 Comoros Etoile d'Or 8–1 6–0
Academie Ny Antsika Madagascar 0–6 Réunion US Stade Tamponnaise -----1 0–6
ZESCO United Zambia 5–1 Kenya Mathare United 2–0 3–1
Al-Merreikh Sudan 2–1 Rwanda ATRACO 2–1 0–0

1 Played over one leg after first leg cancelled due to political violence in Madagascar[2]

Dispensation round[edit]

Two federations inscribed their clubs after the deadline, but were admitted for an intermediate round. However, the winning club could only gain access to the first round if another winning club from the preliminary round withdrew subsequently.[3] The first leg was played on 22 February, and the second leg on 8 March 2009.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Stade Centrafricain Central African Republic 1–1 (4–5p) Equatorial Guinea Akonangui 1–0 0–1 (aet)

As no side withdrew from the first round, Akonangui were effectively eliminated as well.

First Round[edit]

The first round first legs were played on 13–15 March, and the second legs on 3–6 April 2009.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Primeiro de Agosto Angola 1–1 (5–4p) Cameroon Canon Yaoundé 0–1 1–0 (aet)
AS Douanes Senegal 1–1(a) Nigeria Kano Pillars 1–1 0–0
Club Africain Tunisia 2–2(a) Mali Djoliba 1–2 1–0
Kampala City Council FC Uganda 3–2 South Africa Supersport United 2–1 1–1
Heartland Nigeria 4–2 Morocco FAR Rabat 3–1 1–1
TP Mazembe Democratic Republic of the Congo 5–1 Angola Atlético Petróleos Luanda 3–0 2–1
ASEC Mimosas Ivory Coast 3–0 Burkina Faso Étoile Filante 2–0 1–0
JS Kabylie Algeria 1–3 Libya Al Ahly Tripoli 1–2 0–1
Asante Kotoko Ghana 3–3(a) Morocco Ittihad Khemisset 3–1 0–2
Étoile Sportive du Sahel Tunisia 2–1 Algeria ASO Chlef 2–1 0–0
Coton Sport FC Cameroon 5–3 Gabon AS Mangasport 2–1 3–2
Ajax Cape Town South Africa 4–4(a) Zimbabwe Monomotapa United 3–2 1–2
Al-Ahly Egypt 4–0 Tanzania Young Africans 3–0 1–0
Al-Hilal Sudan 4–3 Réunion US Stade Tamponnaise 3–1 1–2
Africa Sports National Ivory Coast 0–2 Zambia ZESCO United 0–0 0–2
Al Ittihad Tripoli Libya 1–4 Sudan Al-Merreikh 1–1 0–3

Second Round[edit]

The first leg will be on 17–19 April and the second leg on 1–3 May.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Primeiro de Agosto Angola 3–3(a) Sudan Al-Hilal 3–1 0–2
Kano Pillars Nigeria (a)3–3 Egypt Al-Ahly 1–1 2–2
Djoliba Mali 1–2 Zambia ZESCO United 0–0 1–2
Kampala City Council FC Uganda 1–2 Sudan Al-Merreikh 0–1 1–1
Heartland Nigeria 3–2 Cameroon Coton Sport FC 2–1 1–1
TP Mazembe Democratic Republic of the Congo 1–0 Morocco Ittihad Khemisset 1–0 0–0
ASEC Mimosas Ivory Coast 1–2 Zimbabwe Monomotapa United 1–0 0–2
Al Ahly Tripoli Libya 0–2 Tunisia Étoile Sportive du Sahel 0–0 0–2

Group stage[edit]

The draw for the group stage was held on 7 May in CAF headquarters in Cairo.[4]

Étoile du Sahel and Al-Merreikh were seeded as level I, while TP Mazembe and Al-Hilal were seeded as level II.[5][6]

Group A[edit]

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Nigeria Kano Pillars 6 3 2 1 10 8 +2 11
Sudan Al-Hilal 6 3 1 2 7 5 +2 10
Zambia ZESCO United 6 2 2 2 8 7 +1 8
Sudan Al-Merreikh 6 0 3 3 5 10 −5 3
Al-Hilal 3–1 2–0 1–0
Al-Merreikh 0–0 1–1 2–3
Kano Pillars 2–1 3–1 3–2
ZESCO United 2–0 0–0 1–1

30 August 2009
15:45 UTC+1
Kano Pillars Nigeria 2–1 Sudan Al-Hilal
Gambo Mohammed Goal 45+'
Moses Ogaga Goal 73'
Report Saif Idris Farah Goal 20'
Sani Abacha Stadium, Kano
Referee: Jamel Ambaya (Libya)

Group B[edit]

Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
Democratic Republic of the Congo TP Mazembe 6 4 0 2 11 4 +7 12
Nigeria Heartland 6 3 1 2 9 5 +4 10
Tunisia Étoile du Sahel 6 2 1 3 5 7 −2 7
Zimbabwe Monomotapa United 6 2 0 4 5 14 −9 6
Étoile du Sahel 0–0 2–0 2–1
Heartland 3–0 3–1 2–0
Monomotapa United 2–1 2–1 0–2
TP Mazembe 1–0 2–0 5–0

Semi finals[edit]

The first legs were scheduled for 4 October and the second legs for 17–18 October.[7]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Heartland Nigeria 5–0 Nigeria Kano Pillars 4–0 1–0
Al-Hilal Sudan 4–5 Democratic Republic of the Congo TP Mazembe 2–5 2–0

4 October 2009
16:00 UTC+1
Heartland Nigeria 4–0 Nigeria Kano Pillars
Emeka Nwanna Goal 10' Goal 34'
Uche Agba Goal 18' Goal 45'
Dan Anyiam Stadium, Owerri
Attendance: 10,080
Referee: Essam Abd El Fatah (Egypt)

Heartland won 5 – 0 on aggregate.

TP Mazembe won 5 – 4 on aggregate.

The Nigerian Football Federation requested the second leg of the Heartland – Kano Pillars semi final be rescheduled from 17 October due to preparations for the 2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup[8]


The first leg was held on 1 November and the second leg on 7 November.[7]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Heartland Nigeria 2–2(a) Democratic Republic of the Congo TP Mazembe 2–1 0–1

7 November 2009
14:45 UTC+2
TP Mazembe Democratic Republic of the Congo 1–0 Nigeria Heartland
Emmanuel Omodiagbe Goal 73' (o.g.) Report

2 – 2 on aggregate. TP Mazembe won on the away goals rule.

Leading goal scorers[edit]

Player Club Goals
Democratic Republic of the Congo Dioko Kaluyituka Democratic Republic of the Congo TP Mazembe 8
Nigeria Endurance Idahor Sudan Al-Merreikh 7
Nigeria Victor Namo Nigeria Kano Pillars 6
Nigeria Uche Agba Nigeria Heartland
Democratic Republic of the Congo Trésor Mputu Democratic Republic of the Congo TP Mazembe
Sudan Muhannad Eltahir Sudan Al-Hilal 5
Zambia Enoch Sakala Zambia ZESCO United
Zimbabwe Daniel Kamungenga Zimbabwe Monomotapa United 3
Zambia Clifford Chipalo Zambia ZESCO United
Nigeria Stanley Okoro Nigeria Heartland
Nigeria Ike Thankgod Nigeria Heartland
Democratic Republic of the Congo Kabangu Mulota Democratic Republic of the Congo TP Mazembe

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