2009 European Mountain Running Championships

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2009 European Mountain Running Championships
Organisers EAA
Edition 8th
Date 12 July
Host city Telfes im Stubai, Austria Austria
Nations participating 25
Athletes participating 241
Races 4
Distances 11 km – Men
9.5 km – Women
9.5 km – U20 men
4 km – U20 women

The 2009 European Mountain Running Championships were held on 12 July in Telfes im Stubai, Austria. They were that year's area championships for mountain running, held by the European Athletic Association. The 2009 edition saw the introduction of two under-20s competitions into the championships programme, complementing the usual men's and women's senior races. The men's race was 11 km long and featured a total climb of 1300 m in altitude, while the women's and under-20s men's competitions were over 9.5 km and scaled a height of 950 m.[1] The women's junior competition was held over 4 km with a total climb of 400 m.[2]

Turkish runner Ahmet Arslan retained his European title for a second time in the men's senior race, following wins in 2007 and 2008. In the women's senior race, Martina Strähl took the honours over home favourite Andrea Mayr. Italian athletes dominated the team competitions at the championships, taking the gold medals in the senior men's and women's races, as well as the men's under-20s event. Turkish runners topped the podium in both the under-20s contests; Yusuf Alici and Derya Altintas won the boys and girls titles respectively.[3]



Rank Runner Country Time (m:s)
Gold medal icon.svg Ahmet Arslan  Turkey 58:26
Silver medal icon.svg Marco De Gasperi  Italy 59:09
Bronze medal icon.svg Sébastien Epiney   Switzerland 59:19
4 Timo Zeiler  Germany 59:31
5 Raymond Fontaine  France 59:37
6 Martin Dematteis  Italy 60:04
7 Said Jandari  France 60:29
8 Emmanuel Meyssat  France 60:58
9 Riccardo Sterni  Italy 61:05
10 Javier Crespo  Spain 61:09
Marco De Gasperi (left) won the men's silver and Andrea Mayr took the women's bronze.
Rank Team Points
Gold medal icon.svg  Italy 17
Silver medal icon.svg  France 20
Bronze medal icon.svg  Turkey 32
4   Switzerland 45
5  Czech Republic 48
  • Total participants: 80 runners and 19 teams.[4]


Rank Runner Country Time (m:s)
Gold medal icon.svg Martina Strähl   Switzerland 54:39
Silver medal icon.svg Valentina Belotti  Italy 55:28
Bronze medal icon.svg Andrea Mayr  Austria 56:55
4 Renate Rungger  Italy 57:17
5 Natalya Leontyeva  Russia 57:29
6 Bernadette Meier-Brändle   Switzerland 57:36
7 Zhanna Vokuyeva  Russia 58:01
8 Kate Goodhead  United Kingdom 58:34
9 Katie Ingram  United Kingdom 58:37
10 Maria Grazia Roberti  Italy 58:40
Rank Team Points
Gold medal icon.svg  Italy 16
Silver medal icon.svg   Switzerland 19
Bronze medal icon.svg  United Kingdom 34
4  Russia 54
5  Czech Republic 57
  • Total participants: 64 runners and 16 teams.[4]

Under-20s men[edit]

Rank Runner Country Time (m:s)
Gold medal icon.svg Yusuf Alici  Turkey 50:29
Silver medal icon.svg Xavier Chevrier  Italy 50:44
Bronze medal icon.svg Candide Pralong   Switzerland 51:39
4 Jakub Bajza  Czech Republic 52:58
5 Scott McDonald  United Kingdom 53:06
6 Didrik Tønseth  Norway 53:13
7 Michael Gras  France 53:28
8 Luca Cagnati  Italy 53:37
9 Jørgen Bye Brevik  Norway 53:51
10 Kelemu Crippa  Italy 53:54
Rank Team Points
Gold medal icon.svg  Italy 20
Silver medal icon.svg  Norway 26
Bronze medal icon.svg  United Kingdom 32
4   Switzerland 39
5  Turkey 58
  • Total participants: 59 runners and 14 teams.[4]

Under-20s women[edit]

Rank Runner Country Time (m:s)
Gold medal icon.svg Derya Altintas  Turkey 23:15
Silver medal icon.svg Elif Karabulut  Turkey 23:20
Bronze medal icon.svg Yasemin Can  Turkey 23:29
4 Andra Ologu  Romania 23:39
5 Tatyana Prorokova  Russia 23:43
6 Gina Paletta  United Kingdom 23:45
7 Ludmila Horká  Czech Republic 23:51
8 Raluca Morjan  Romania 23:59
9 Victoria Graves  United Kingdom 24:03
10 Kaja Obidic  Slovenia 24:15
Rank Team Points
Gold medal icon.svg  Turkey 3
Silver medal icon.svg  Romania 12
Bronze medal icon.svg  United Kingdom 15
4  Czech Republic 18
5  Russia 26
  • Total participants: 38 runners and 14 teams.[4]
  • NB: The women's under-20s team competition was decided by the performances of each country's top two performers.


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