2009 French riots

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2009 French riots
Montreuil map.svg
Montreuil location in Paris metro area
Location Firminy and Montreuil,  France
Date July 9, July 14, 2009 (UTC+2)
Non-fatal injuries
13 police officers
Perpetrators youths demonstrators
No. of participants

A series of riots took place in July 2009 in France. On Bastille Day in the commune of Montreuil, a eastern suburb area of Paris, French youths set fire to 317 cars.[1] Thirteen police officers were injured.[2] On July 9, many youths started a protest in Firminy near Saint-Étienne, after the death of a young Algerian man, Mohamed Benmouna, in police custody.[3][4] Benmouna's parents rejected the official account of suicide.[5] Riots on Bastille day are a frequent occurrence in France as the disaffected protest high unemployment rates and failed integration policies for minorities.[3][6] More than 240 people had been arrested near Paris.

The injured officers suffered mainly from hearing difficulties after having been targeted by youths armed with fireworks and small-scale home-made explosives.[7]

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