2009 Game Show Awards

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2009 Game Show Awards
Date June 6, 2009
Location Wilshire Theatre, Beverly Hills, California
Country United States
Hosted by Howie Mandel
Television/radio coverage
Network GSN

The American 2009 Game Show Awards were presented on Saturday, June 6, 2009, at the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills, California.[1] Howie Mandel was host for the ceremony.[2] The awards show was also a game show. Games were played with members of the audience, giving away cash and prizes worth $100,000. The trophies were designed to look like buzzers.

The Game Show Awards was not an annual event, as there were no plans for a future version of the program.



Dancing with the Stars cast:

Winners and nominees[edit]

Listed below are the nominees in each award category, with award winners listed first and denoted in bold text.[3]



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