2009 Judgments of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

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This is a complete list of the judgments given by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom between the court's opening on 1 October 2009 and the end of that year. Most of the cases were heard in the House of Lords before judgments were given in the new Supreme Court. The court heard 17 cases during this time; they are listed in order of each case's Neutral citation number.

The table lists judgments made by the court and the opinions of the judges in each case. Judges are treated as having concurred in another's judgment when they either formally attach themselves to the judgment of another or speak only to acknowledge their concurrence with one or more judges. Any judgment which reaches a conclusion which differs from the majority on one or more major points of the appeal has been treated as dissent.

Because every judge in the court is entitled to hand down a judgment, it is not uncommon for groups of judges to reach the same conclusion (i.e. whether to allow or dismiss the appeal) in materially different ways, for example if a panel of 9 judges heard a case with 4 judges dismissing the appeal, 3 finding for the appellant on one point and 2 on another - the table should show 5 judges as the majority and the 4 judges who actually held the more mainstream view as dissenting. The table also does not reflect how significantly judges differed, or how much of a contribution a paticualar judge made to the overall judgment.

Table key[edit]

Delivered a judgment (majority)

Concurred in the judgment of another justice (majority)

Delivered a judgment (dissenting)

Concurred in the judgment of another justice (dissent)

Did not participate in the decision

2009 Judgments[edit]

Case name Citation Argued Decided Phillips Hope Saville Rodger Walker Hale Brown Mance Collins Kerr Clarke Judge Neuberger Scott
R (E) v JFS[1] [2009] UKSC 1 1 October 14 October
Re Sigma Finance [2009] UKSC 2 1–2 July 29 October
R (L) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2009] UKSC 3 13–14 July 29 October
Louca v Germany [2009] UKSC 4 29 July 19 November
Re B (a child) [2009] UKSC 5 14 October 19 November
OFT v Abbey National [2009] UKSC 6 23–25 June 25 November
PE (Cameroon) v Home Secretary [2009] UKSC 7 30 July 26 November
R (A) v Croydon [2009] UKSC 8 20–23 July 26 November
R (Barclay) v Justice Secretary [2009] UKSC 9 15–16 July 1 December
I (A Child) [2009] UKSC 10 10–11 June 1 December
Environment Secretary v Meier & Ors [2009] UKSC 11 10–11 June 1 December
R(A) v B [2009] UKSC 12 10–11 June 1 December
Barratt Homes Ltd v Welsh Water [2009] UKSC 13 27–28 July 9 December
R v Horncastle[2] [2009] UKSC 14 7–9 July 9 December
R (E) v JFS[3] [2009] UKSC 15 27–29 October 16 December
Mahad (Ethiopia) v Entry Clearance Officer [2] [2009] UKSC 16 9–11 November 16 December
Re S-B (Children) [2009] UKSC 17 25–26 November 14 December


  1. ^ Procedural issue before the main appeal reported at UKSC 15
  2. ^ a b An augmented panel of 7 judges sat in this case
  3. ^ An augmented panel of 9 judges sat in this case


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