2009 Khyber Pass offensive

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2009 Khyber-pass offensive
Part of the War in North-West Pakistan
Date 1 September - 30 November 2009
(2 months, 4 weeks and 1 day)
Location Khyber Pass, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan

Pakistani victory

  • NATO routes were secured
  • Taliban forces were eliminated from the area
 Pakistan Afghanistan Lashkar-e-Islam
Commanders and leaders
BGen. Abid Mumtaz
P/A Tariq Hayat
Mangal Bagh
Units involved
20th Mountaineering Brigade
57th Army Combat Brigade
Casualties and losses
2 soldiers killed 151+ Killed[1]

The 2009 Khyber Pass offensive was an offensive military campaign by Pakistani Army against Islamic militants from Lashkar-e-Islam in and near the Khyber Pass. The offensive was launched after a series of suicide bombings, including one at a police station where 17 cadets were killed, as well as American pressure to crack down on the militants. After two months, Pakistan Army defeated the militants and cleared the area from the militants.

Military offensives[edit]

Pakistan Army launched an offensive campaign against militants after series of suicide bombings. The Pakistan Army infantry troops quickly launched operation which concluded with destroyed 4 militant bases, killed 40 militants, and captured 43 militants, according to Pakistan Army. Human Rights organizations claim Pakistani security forces executed surrendering militants, a claim which was denied by Pakistan. Outside a press briefing to journalists by local governor Tariq Hayat, a truck loaded with the bodies of militants and weapons seized from militants were displayed outside of the press briefing. Hayat gave no indication whether this would be a sustained offensive. Fighting continued, with large numbers of militants being killed or captured. 2 Pakistani soldiers were killed when their vehicle hit a land mine.

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Coordinates: 34°05′35″N 71°08′45″E / 34.093056°N 71.145833°E / 34.093056; 71.145833