2009 Nicky Rackard Cup

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The 2009 Nicky Rackard Cup is the 5th annual third-tier hurling competition organised by the Gaelic Athletic Association. Seven county teams and one regional team participate in the competition. The teams are Fingal, Monaghan, Louth, Sligo, Meath, London, Armagh and Roscommon.

The winners of the competition were promoted to the 2010 Christy Ring Cup.

On 11 July, Meath won the cup with a 2-18 to 1-15 win over London at Croke Park. [1]


The tournament has a double elimination format - each team will play at least two games before being knocked out.

  • The eight teams play four Round 1 matches.
    • The winners in Round 1 advance to Round 2A.
    • The losers in Round 1 go into to Round 2B.
  • There are two Round 2A matches.
    • The winners in Round 2A advance to the semi-finals.
    • The losers in Round 2A go into to the quarter-finals.
  • There are two Round 2B matches.
    • The winners in Round 2B advance to the quarter-finals.
    • The losers in Round 2B go into the relegation playoff.
  • There are two quarter-final matches between the Round 2A losers and Round 2B winners.
    • The winners of the quarter-finals advance to the semi-finals.
    • The losers of the quarter-finals are eliminated.
  • There are two semi-final matches between the Round 2A winners and the quarter-final winners.
    • The winners of the semi-finals advance to the final.
    • The losers of the semi-finals are eliminated.
  • The winners of the final win the Nicky Rackard Cup for 2009.

Knockout phase[edit]

Match Date Venue Team Score Team Score
Round 1 June 6 Athleague Roscommon 1-11 Fingal 1-8
Round 1 June 6 Sligo Sligo 0-10 Meath 1-23
Round 1 June 6 Armagh Armagh 0-12 London 1-19
Round 1 June 6 Dundalk Louth 1-12 Monaghan 1-8
Round 2A June 13 Ruislip London 1-22 Roscommon 1-11
Round 2A June 13 Navan Meath 1-26 Louth 0-10
Round 2B June 13 Sligo Sligo 0-5 Armagh 3-19
Round 2B June 13 Clones Monaghan 2-13 Fingal 1-18
Quarter-final June 20 Armagh Armagh 6-26 Roscommon 2-9
Quarter-final June 20 Swords Fingal 0-16 Louth 1-11
Semi-final June 27 Ruislip London 1-19 Fingal 2-8
Semi-final June 27 Navan Meath 0-21 Armagh 1-14
Final July 11 Croke Park London 1-15 Meath 2-18

Relegation play-off[edit]

Date Venue Team Score Team Score
June 20 Ballinamore Sligo 3-14 Monaghan 2-9

Monaghan were relegated to the Lory Meagher Cup 2010.


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