2009 Origins Award winners

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The following are the winners of the 36th annual (2009) Origins Award, presented at Origins 2010.

Category Winner Company Designer(s)
Best Historical Miniature Figure or Line Wings of War: Albatross D. III Nexus Editrice
Best Historical Miniature Game Rules Supplement Flames of War: North Africa Battlefront Miniatures, LTD
Best Historical Miniature Game Rules Wings of War: WWII, Deluxe Edition Nexus Editrice Andrea Angiolino, Pier Glorgio Paglia
Best Historical Board Game Back to the Future: The Card Game Looney Labs, Inc. Andrew Looney
Best Family, Party or Children's Game Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel! Academy Games Uwe Eickert, John Hill, Dana Lombardy
Best Game-Related Book BattleTech: 25 Years of Art & Fiction Catalyst Game Labs Randall N. Bills, Jason Schmetzer & Matt Heerdt
Best Game Accessory Knights of the Dinner Table Kenzer & Company Jolly R. Blackburn
Best Miniature Figure or Line Marvel HeroClix Hammer of Thor Expansion WizKids Eric Englehard, Kelly Bonilla, Jake Theis, James Szubski
Best Miniature Game Rules BattleTech: Strategic Operations Catalyst Game Labs Herbert A. Beas II, Randall N. Bills
Best Role Playing Game Supplement Big Damn Heroes Handbook Margaret Weis Productions Cam Banks, Jennifer Brozek, Jim Davenport, Jason Durall, Tony Lee, Nathon Rockwood, Clark Valentine
Best Role Playing Game Eclipse Phase Catalyst Game Labs Rob Boyle, Brian Cross
Best Children’s, Family or Party Game Are You The Traitor? Looney Labs Andrew Looney
Best Traditional Card Game Poo Catalyst Game Labs Matthew Grau
Best Board Game Space Hulk Games Workshop

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