2009 Solheim Cup

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2009 Solheim Cup
Dates August 21–23, 2009
Venue Rich Harvest Farms
Location Sugar Grove, Illinois
United States 16 12 Europe
United States wins the Solheim Cup
RichHarvestFarms is located in the US
Location in the United States
Rich HarvestFarms is located in Illinois
Rich HarvestFarms
Location in Illinois

The 11th Solheim Cup Matches were held August 21–23, 2009 at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, Illinois, west of Chicago. The biennial matches are a three-day team competition for professional female golfers, pitting the 12 best players born in the United States against the 12 best players of European nationality.

The United States claimed the Cup for the third consecutive meeting, winning 16–12. Entering the final day, the competition was tied at 8 points each, but the U.S. won eight of the dozen singles matches to retain the Solheim Cup.[1]


The United States and European teams were selected by different methods.

Team USA qualified by earning points for wins and for top-20 finishes on the LPGA Tour over a two-year period. Points were earned beginning with the 2007 State Farm Classic and concluding with the 2009 Women's British Open. The ten players with the highest points were automatically selected for Team USA. Two additional players were selected by captain Beth Daniel after the conclusion of the Women's British Open on August 2, 2009.

Team Europe was selected by taking the top five players from the LET Solheim Cup standings, followed by the top four European LET members on the Rolex Women’s World Rankings at the agreed cut off date who were not already qualified via The Solheim Cup standings, and three captain’s selections. Qualifying points for Team Europe were awarded weekly to the top-10 finishers at official LET events.

Team USA[edit]

United States    Team USA
Name Age From* Points
Beth Daniel 52 Florida non-playing captain
Kelly Robbins 39 Michigan non-playing assistant captain
Meg Mallon 46 Florida non-playing assistant captain
Paula Creamer 22 California 1 826.5 5
Cristie Kerr 31 Florida 2 735.5 3
Angela Stanford 31 Texas 3 579.0 8
Kristy McPherson 28 South Carolina 4 321.0 18 Solheim Cup rookie
Nicole Castrale 30 California 5 314.0 44
Christina Kim 25 California 6 312.0 42
Brittany Lang 23 Texas 7 301.5 30 Solheim Cup rookie
Morgan Pressel 21 Florida 8 277.0 26
Brittany Lincicome 23 Florida 9 250.0 23
Natalie Gulbis 26 Nevada 10 201.0 48
Michelle Wie 19 Hawaii 13 166.5 24 captain's pick / Solheim Cup rookie
Juli Inkster 49 California 16 152.0 45 captain's pick

*Residence/Hometown according to official 2009 Solheim Cup designation.
Rolex rankings as of August 2, 2009. Rolex ranking does not factor into US Team selection. Shown for comparison purposes only.

Team Europe[edit]

Europe    Team Europe
Name Age Residence or Hometown* LET
England Alison Nicholas 47 Birmingham, England non-playing captain
Sweden Liselotte Neumann 43 Finspång, Sweden non-playing assistant captain
England Joanne Morley 42 Cheshire, England non-playing assistant captain
France Gwladys Nocera 34 Moulins, France 1 130
Spain Tania Elosegui 27 San Sebastián, Spain 2 191 Solheim Cup rookie
Italy Diana Luna 26 Cannes, Italy 3 218 Solheim Cup rookie
England Laura Davies 45 Surrey, England 4 92
Sweden Sophie Gustafson 35 Varberg, Sweden 5 34
Norway Suzann Pettersen 28 Oslo, Norway 7 6
Sweden Helen Alfredsson 44 Gothenburg, Sweden 10 10
Scotland Catriona Matthew 39 North Berwick, Scotland 13 14
Sweden Maria Hjorth 35 Falun, Sweden 14 35
Wales Becky Brewerton 26 St Asaph, Wales 11 155 captain's pick
Sweden Anna Nordqvist 22 Eskilstuna, Sweden 20 22 captain's pick/Solheim Cup rookie
Scotland Janice Moodie 36 Glasgow, Scotland 67 88 captain's pick

*Residence/Hometown according to official Solheim Cup designation.
LET rankings as of August 2, 2009
Rolex rankings as of August 2, 2009

Team USA
U.S. Team. Clockwise from upper left: Robbins, Mallon, Inkster, Castrale, Lang, Creamer, Wie, Kerr, Gulbis, Lincicome, Daniel, Stanford, Pressel, Kim, McPherson.
Team Europe
Clockwise from upper left: Morley, Alfredsson, Pettersen, Gustafson, Davies, Luna, Hjorth, Moodie, Nordqvist, Nocera, Brewerton, Nicholas, Elosegui, Matthew.
2009 Solheim Cup Teams

Day one[edit]

Friday, August 21, 2009

Morning fourball[edit]

Europe Results United States
Gustafson/Pettersen United States 1 up Kerr/Creamer
Alfredsson/Elosegui Europe 1 up Stanford/Inkster
Davies/Brewerton United States 5 & 4 Lang/Lincicome
Matthew/Hjorth halved Pressel/Wie

Afternoon foursomes[edit]

Europe Results United States
Gustafson/Pettersen United States 4 & 2 Kim/Gulbis
Brewerton/Nocera Europe 3 & 1 Stanford/Castrale
Hjorth/Nordqvist Europe 3 & 2 McPherson/Lincicome
Matthew/Moodie United States 2 & 1 Creamer/Inkster
2 Session 2

Day two[edit]

Sunday, August 22, 2009

Morning fourball[edit]

Europe Results United States
Alfredsson/Elosegui United States 5 & 4 Kim/Wie
Matthew/Luna halved Stanford/Lang
Pettersen/Nordqvist Europe 1 up Kerr/Castrale
Nocera/Hjorth Europe 1 up Lincicome/McPherson
6 Overall 6

Afternoon foursomes[edit]

Europe Results United States
Gustafson/Moodie Europe 4 & 3 Creamer/Inkster
Alfredsson/Pettersen United States 2 up McPherson/Pressel
Brewerton/Nocera Europe 5 & 4 Gulbis/Kim
Nordqvist/Hjorth United States 1 up Kerr/Wie
2 Session 2
8 Overall 8

Day three[edit]

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Europe Results United States
Suzann Pettersen United States 3 & 2 Paula Creamer
Becky Brewerton United States 5 & 4 Angela Stanford
Helen Alfredsson United States 1 up Michelle Wie
Laura Davies halved Brittany Lang
Gwladys Nocera halved Juli Inkster
Catriona Matthew Europe 3 & 2 Kristy McPherson
Sophie Gustafson United States 3 & 2 Brittany Lincicome
Diana Luna Europe 3 & 2 Nicole Castrale
Tania Elosegui United States 2 up Christina Kim
Maria Hjorth halved Cristie Kerr
Anna Nordqvist United States 3 & 2 Morgan Pressel
Janice Moodie halved Natalie Gulbis
4 Session 8
12 Overall 16


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