2009 WPS Bathurst 12 Hour

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2009 WPS Bathurst 12 Hour
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The 2009 WPS Bathurst 12 Hour was an endurance race for Group 3E Series Production Cars. [1] It was the seventh running of the Bathurst 12 Hour, and the third since the races 2007 revival.

The race was won by defending champions, Rod Salmon's TMR Australia car driven by Salmon, Damien White and new team member, Tony Longhurst in an upgraded Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Class structure[edit]

The event was staged at the Mount Panorama Circuit, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia on 22 February 2009 with cars competing in the following classes:

  • Class A – High Performance Rear Wheel Drive
  • Class B – High Performance Sports
  • Class C – High Performance All Wheel Drive
  • Class D – Hot Hatch Performance Cars
  • Class E – Production Sedans
  • Class F – Production Sports
  • Class G – Micro Sedans and Hatches
  • Class H – Eco Diesel/Hybrid 3.5 litre and Over
  • Class I – Eco Diesel/Hybrid Under 3.5 litre
  • Class J – Sports Utility Vehicles & V8 Utes [2]


Pos Class No Team Drivers Car Laps Grid Pos
1 C 1 TMR Australia Australia Rod Salmon
Australia Tony Longhurst
Australia Damien White
Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evo X 239 7
2 C 55 West Surfing Products Australia Glynn Crimp
Australia Tony Ricciardello
Australia Stuart Kostera
Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evo X 239 4
3 C 35 Pro-Duct Motorsport Australia Jason Bargwanna
Australia Steve Knight
Australia Brad Jones
Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evo X 238 10
4 C 43 Easts Holiday Parks Australia David Wall
Australia Des Wall
Australia Trevor Symonds
Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evo IX 237 6
5 A 11 Rondo Building Services Australia Barry Morcom
Australia Luke Searle
Australia Paul Stubber
BMW 335i 237 2
6 C 3 Messages on Hold Racing Australia Steven Jones
Australia Kerry Wade
Australia Aaron Caratti
Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evo IX 235 15
7 A 23 GSK Group Australia Steve Briffa
Australia Marcus Zukanovic
Australia Tim Sipp
HSV E Series Clubsport R8 231 12
8 A 20 Eastern Creek Karting Raceway Australia Garry Holt
Australia Paul Morris
Australia Ric Shaw
BMW 335i 228 8
9 E 24 Walden Motorsport Australia Garth Walden
Australia Brian Walden
Australia Michael Auld
Holden VY Commodore SS 228 26
10 C 62 Love The Beast Australia Tim Leahey
Australia Peter Hill
Australia Eric Bana
Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evo X 228 13
11 A 12 Donut King Racing Australia Tony Alford
Australia Peter Leemhuis
Australia Mal Rose
HSV Coupe GTS 227 9
12 F 14 Conroy Motorsport Australia Peter Conroy
Australia Carl Schembri
Australia Richard Gartner
Honda Integra Type S 226 38
13 F 21 Conroy Motorsport Australia Terry Conroy
Australia Lee Burges
Australia Leanne Tander
Honda Integra Type S 226 35
14 A 2 Tulloch Transport New Zealand Ian Tulloch
New Zealand John Sax
Australia Cameron McLean
HSV Coupe GTO 226 30
15 A 85 Holden Motorsport Australia Russell Ingall
Australia Nathan Pretty
Australia Andrew Jones
HSV E Series Clubsport R8 Tourer 223 17
16 A 5 Donut King Racing Australia Barrie Nesbitt
Australia Paul Freestone
Australia Rod Jones
HSV GTS 223 16
17 C 34 Pro-Duct Motorsport Australia Glenn Seton
Australia Neil Crompton
Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evo X 222 5
18 D 27 GWS Personnel Australia Allan Shepherd
Australia Peter O’Donnell
Australia Christian D’Agostin
BMW 130i 220 32
19 E 8 Tinkler Motorsport Australia Allan Letcher
Australia Clint Harvey
Australia Brett Niall
Ford BF Falcon XR6 Turbo 219 40
20 A 69 TJ Motorsport Australia Todd Zani
Australia John O’Dowd
Australia Jim Pollicina
HSV VY Series II GTS Sedan 216 29
21 F 50 Racer Industries Australia Gerard McLeod
Australia Peter McLeod
Australia Ryan McLeod
Holden Astra SRi 216 37
22 E 99 Patinack Farm Racing Australia Jason Tremeer
Australia Craig Tremeer
Australia Troy Stone
Ford BF Falcon XR6 Turbo 216 42
23 A 71 Endless Australia David Mertens
Australia Leigh Mertens
Australia Steve Cramp
HSV GTS 214 19
24 G 88 Team Bathurst Australia Matthew Windsor
Australia Steven Shiels
Australia Paul Newman
Subaru Impreza 2.5 213 45
25 H 76 Thomson Alfa Australia Kean Booker
Australia Rocco Rinaldo
Australia David Stone
Alfa Romeo 159 2.4 JTD 208 47
26 D 28 GWS Personnel Australia Lauren Gray
New Zealand John de Veth
Australia Rob Thomson
BMW 130i 204 39
27 G 66 Jim Hunter Motorsport New Zealand Heather Spurle
New Zealand Christina Orr
Australia Molly Taylor
Subaru Impreza 2.0R 203 48
28 D 36 Grand Prix Mazda Australia Jake Camilleri
Australia Scott Nicholas
Mazda 3 MPS 201 25
29 E 94 APORSCHAPART Australia Richard Howe
Australia Dennis O’Keefe
Australia Roger Lago
Ford BF Falcon XR6 Turbo 195 46
30 A 17 Supercar Club Australia Australia Steven Johnson
Australia Nathan Tinkler
Australia Nathan Callaghan
FPV FG GT-P 187 33
31 B 10 Lotus Cars Australia Australia Mark O’Connor
Australia Richard Buttrose
Australia Simon Hogg
Lotus Exige 186 28
32 I 77 Thomson Alfa Australia David Filipetto
Australia Nathan Gotch
Australia Wayne Vinckx
Alfa Romeo 147 JTD 156 44
DNF F 13 Osborne Motorsport Australia Colin Osborne
Australia Neal Bates
Australia John Roecken
Toyota Celica ZR 172 36
DNF B 15 Rockstar Energy Drink Australia Josh Hunt
Australia Jonathon Webb
Australia Paul Stokell
Nissan 350Z 149 23
DNF E 18 Team Queensland Racing Australia James Moffat
Australia Glen Kenny
Australia Corey Baldock
Ford FG Falcon XR8 146 34
DNF C 91 Mek-Tek Motorsport Australia Anton Mechtler
Australia Jason Walsh
Australia Mark Brame
Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evo VIII 122 18
DNF C 29 VIP Pet Foods United Kingdom Tony Quinn
Australia Kent Quinn
Australia Grant Denyer
Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evo IX 98 3
DNF A 32 GSK Group Australia Gerard Keogh
Australia Bob Brewer
Australia Geoff Emery
HSV E Series Clubsport R8 96 24
DNF I 67 Nemo Racing Australia Taz Douglas
Australia Brett Holdsworth
Australia Glen Holdsworth
Australia Lee Holdsworth
Holden Astra CDTi 94 43
DNF C 44 Johnson Window Film Australia Jim Hunter
Australia John Bowe
Australia Gavin Bullas
Subaru Impreza WRX 85 22
DNF C 33 Pro-Duct Motorsport Australia Mark King
Australia Bob Pearson
Australia Bruce Stewart
Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evo X 81 14
DNF C 22 Wilson Brothers Racing Australia Chris Delfsma
Australia David Wood
Australia Gary Tierney
Subaru Impreza WRX 71 27
DNF C 25 Wilson Brothers Racing New Zealand Craig Baird
Australia Lee Castle
Australia Rodney Forbes
Subaru Impreza WRX 65 20
DNF F 31 Osborne Motorsport Australia Stuart Jones
Australia Trevor Keene
Australia Simon Evans
Toyota Celica ZR 62 41
DNF C 96 Superbarn Supermarkets Australia James Koundouris
Australia Theo Koundouris
Australia Steve Owen
Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evo IX 61 1
DNF J 47 Hi-Tech Motorsport Australia Grant Johnson
Australia Jeff Watts
Australia Greg Willis
Holden VE Ute SS 41 21
DNF C 26 Wilson Brothers Racing New Zealand Paul Kelly
Australia Dean Grant
Australia Max Twigg
Subaru Impreza WRX 34 31
DNS C 9 Cera Sport United Kingdom Charlie Hollings
Australia Nathan Caratti
New Zealand Colin Corkery
Mitsubishi Lancer RS Evo IX 11


  • Pole Position – #96 Steve Owen – 2:28.8838
  • Fastest Lap – #55 Tony Ricciardello – 2:29.9865
  • Average Speed – 124km/h


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