2009 World Championships in Athletics – Men's 20 kilometres walk

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2009 World Championships
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The men's 20 kilometres walk event at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics was held throughout the city of Berlin on August 15, beginning and ending at the Brandenburg Gate.


Gold Silver Bronze
Wang Hao
Eder Sánchez
Giorgio Rubino


World record  Vladimir Kanaykin (RUS) 1:17:16 Saransk, Russia 29 September 2007
Championship record  Jefferson Pérez (ECU) 1:17:21 Paris, France 23 August 2003
World Leading  Valeriy Borchin (RUS) 1:17:38 Adler, Russia 28 February 2009
African record  Hatem Ghoula (TUN) 1:19:02 Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany 10 May 1997
Asian record  Zhu Hongjun (CHN) 1:17:41 Cixi, China 23 April 2005
North American record  Julio René Martínez (GUA) 1:17:46 Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany 8 May 1999
South American record  Jefferson Pérez (ECU) 1:17:21 Paris, France 23 August 2003
European record  Vladimir Kanaykin (RUS) 1:17:16 Saransk, Russia 29 September 2007
Oceanian record  Nathan Deakes (AUS) 1:17:33 Cixi, China 23 April 2005

Qualification standards[edit]

A Time B Time
1:22:30 1:24:20


Date Time Round
August 15, 2009 13:00 Final

Competition notes[edit]

With the 2007 champion and 2008 Olympic silver medallist Jefferson Pérez having retired, the reigning Olympic champion Valeriy Borchin was regarded as strong favourite. He had recorded the world-leading time prior to the tournament and had been undefeated that season. The Olympic third and fourth-place finishers, Jared Tallent and Wang Hao, were regarded as the strongest challengers to Borchin. Italians Giorgio Rubino and Ivano Brugnetti were singled out as medal contenders, while former world record holder and three-time World silver medallist Paquillo Fernández was seen as being past his peak.[1]

Borchin prevailed and was first to cross the line at the Brandenburg gate, with a winning time of 1:18:41. Chinese athlete Hao improved upon his previous best to take the silver medal while Mexican Eder Sánchez produced a season's best performance for the bronze medal. The veteran competitor Paquillo Fernández withdrew from the race before the halfway mark.[2]

Despite becoming the reigning World and Olympic champion, Borchin stated that he needed to achieve much more to match the achievements of his sporting heroes Jefferson Pérez and Robert Korzeniowski.[3]




Valeriy Borchin won the competition but was later disqualified for doping
Wang Hao set a new personal best to take the silver (later upgraded to gold)
Eder Sánchez took the bronze (later upgraded to silver), his first World Championships medal
2008 Olympic medallist Jared Tallent only managed fifth place
Rank Athlete Nationality Time Notes
1 Valeriy Borchin  Russia 1:18:41 DQ (doping)
1st, gold medalist(s) Wang Hao  China 1:19:06 PB
2nd, silver medalist(s) Eder Sánchez  Mexico 1:19:22 SB
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Giorgio Rubino  Italy 1:19:50
4 Luis Fernando López  Colombia 1:20:03 NR
5 Jared Tallent  Australia 1:20:27
6 Erik Tysse  Norway 1:20:38
7 Jesús Sánchez  Mexico 1:20:52 PB
8 Matej Tóth  Slovakia 1:21:13
9 João Vieira  Portugal 1:21:43 SB
10 Koichiro Morioka  Japan 1:21:48
11 Li Jianbo  China 1:21:54
12 Zhu Yafei  China 1:21:56
13 André Höhne  Germany 1:21:59
14 Robert Heffernan  Ireland 1:22:09 SB
15 José Ignacio Díaz  Spain 1:22:12 SB
16 Andrey Krivov  Russia 1:22:19
17 Luke Adams  Australia 1:22:37
18 Hassanine Sebei  Tunisia 1:22:52
19 Babubhai Panucha  India 1:23:06 NR
20 Jean-Jacques Nkouloukidi  Italy 1:23:07 SB
21 Dzianis Simanovich  Belarus 1:23:36
22 Rolando Saquipay  Ecuador 1:23:51 SB
23 Juan Manuel Molina  Spain 1:24:00
24 Park Chil-Sung  South Korea 1:24:01
25 Artur Brzozowski  Poland 1:24:17
26 Sérgio Vieira  Portugal 1:24:32
27 Pedro Daniel Gómez  Mexico 1:24:39
28 Yerko Araya  Chile 1:24:49
29 Isamu Fujisawa  Japan 1:25:12
30 Petr Trofimov  Russia 1:26:02
31 David Kimutai  Kenya 1:26:35
32 Ruslan Dmytrenko  Ukraine 1:27:01
33 Kim Hyun-Sub  South Korea 1:27:08
34 Predrag Filipović  Serbia 1:27:44
35 Pavel Chihuan  Peru 1:27:54
36 Rustam Kuvatov  Kazakhstan 1:28:47 SB
37 Jakub Jelonek  Poland 1:28:59
38 Andrés Chocho  Ecuador 1:29:14
39 Juan Manuel Cano  Argentina 1:29:20 SB
40 Allan Segura  Costa Rica 1:29:52
41 Yusuke Suzuki  Japan 1:30:21
42 Byun Youngjun  South Korea 1:30:35
43 Mauricio Arteaga  Ecuador 1:32:25
44 Vilius Mikelionis  Lithuania 1:32:53
Adam Rutter  Australia DQ
Moacir Zimmermann  Brazil DQ
José Alessandro Bagio  Brazil DNF
Paquillo Fernández  Spain DNF
Ivano Brugnetti  Italy DNF

Key: DNF = Did not finish, DQ = Disqualified, NR = National record, PB = Personal best, SB = Seasonal best

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