2009 World Table Tennis Championships

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2009 World Table Tennis Championships
DateApril 28–May 5
LocationYokohama, Japan
VenueYokohama Arena
Men's Singles
China Wang Hao
Women's Singles
China Zhang Yining
Men's Doubles
China Chen Qi / China Wang Hao
Women's Doubles
China Guo Yue / China Li Xiaoxia
Mixed Doubles
China Li Ping / China Cao Zhen
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The 2009 H.I.S. World Table Tennis Championships were held in Yokohama, Japan, from 28 April to 5 May 2009. The Chinese team dominated the competition, following their sweep of the gold medals in table tennis at the 2008 Summer Olympics. It was the tenth (and third consecutive) world table tennis championships at which China won all five available titles.[1]

Fourth-ranked Timo Boll of Germany, a challenger for the men's singles title, was forced to withdraw from the tournament due to a back injury. After Boll's withdrawal, players from China held the top four seedings in both the men's and women's singles competitions.

The event took place during the 2009 swine flu pandemic, with the participants being affected by this. When a case of the strain was found in the body of a seventeen-year-old schoolboy in Yokohama, where the championships were taking place, the event's organisers implemented new measures to stop the flu spreading.[2] Thermographic exam cameras were installed at the player entrances of Yokohama Arena, with the intention of sending anyone with unusually high body temperatures for medical assistance.[2] The players were told to scrub their hands well for hygiene reasons and to avail of face masks and hand gels which had previously been used during outbreaks of severe acute respiratory syndrome and avian influenza.[2] Participants from Mexico, the most severely affected country taking part in the championships, were placed in quarantine and given thermometers to check their temperature regularly.[2]

China collected seventeen of the available twenty medals at the championships, to follow their four golds at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. After the championships had ended, the country's deputy sports minister, Cai Zhenhua questioned whether China's dominance in the sport would have a negative effect on its development.[3] He said: "From the point of view of the Chinese association, the coaches and the players, it is a great achievement. But personally I am anxious that it is dangerous for the development of this sport worldwide. The truth is we have failed again. Chinese players grabbing all titles in whatever tournament they participate in is definitely detrimental".[3] He advocated issuing invitations to non-Chinese nationals to train in the country and suggested Chinese coaches could be sent to other countries as "up to 70 percent of Chinese knowledge and tactics could be shared with others".[3]

Medal summary[edit]

Medal table[edit]

1 China (CHN)55717
2 Hong Kong (HKG)0011
 Japan (JPN)0011
 South Korea (KOR)0011
Totals (4 nations)551020


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Singles
China Wang Hao China Wang Liqin China Ma Long
China Ma Lin
Women's Singles
China Zhang Yining China Guo Yue China Liu Shiwen
China Li Xiaoxia
Men's Doubles
China Chen Qi
  Wang Hao
China Ma Long
  Xu Xin
China Hao Shuai
  Zhang Jike
Japan Seiya Kishikawa
  Jun Mizutani
Women's Doubles
China Guo Yue
  Li Xiaoxia
China Ding Ning
  Guo Yan
Hong Kong Jiang Huajun
  Tie Ya Na
South Korea Kim Kyung-Ah
  Park Mi-Young
Mixed Doubles
China Li Ping
  Cao Zhen
China Zhang Jike
  Mu Zi
China Zhang Chao
  Yao Yan
China Hao Shuai
  Chang Chenchen


WTTC Center courts


All five finals featured Chinese players only.[4]

Men's Singles[edit]

China Wang Hao

World number one Wang Hao beat Wang Liqin in the men's singles final, China's third consecutive men's singles title and fifteenth world championship title in that section.[4]

Women's Singles[edit]

China Zhang Yining

Olympic gold medallist Zhang Yining beat her fellow countrywoman, Liu Shiwen, to win one of the women's singles semi-finals, whilst Guo Yue, the defending champion, beat Li Xiaoxia in the other semi-final.[1] Zhang went on to beat Guo in the final, securing China's eighteenth women's singles title.[4]

Men's Doubles[edit]

China Chen Qi / China Wang Hao

In the semi-finals of the men's doubles, Ma Long and Xu Xin beat Jun Mizutani and Seiya Kishikawa of Japan to play Chen Qi and men's singles winner, Hao, in the final match.[1] Chen and Hao won the title.[4]

Women's Doubles[edit]

China Guo Yue / China Li Xiaoxia

In the semi-finals of the women's doubles, Guo and Li beat Jiang Huajun and Tie Yana of Hong Kong and Ding Ning and Guo Yan won against South Korea's Kim Kyung-Ah and Park Mi-Young.[1]

Mixed Doubles[edit]

China Li Ping / China Cao Zhen

The mixed doubles was won by Li Ping and Cao Zhen.[1]


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