2009 in organized crime

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  • January 5 - Giovanni Venosa, star of the film Gomorra, is arrested for attempting to collect pizzo protection money from businesses. [1]
  • January 8 - Colombian drug lord Leonidas Vargas is shot dead by assassins while lying in a hospital bed in Madrid. [2]
  • January 19–21 police officers in Tijuana are arrested on suspicion of collaborating with drug cartels. [3]
  • January 28 - Frank Calabrese, Sr. receives life imprisonment for numerous murders.





  • May 18 - Raffaele Amato, a Camorra boss accused of being one of the principal importers of cocaine into Italy, is arrested in Marbella, Spain. [17]
  • May 21 - Colombian security forces arrest 112 members of the Norte del Valle cartel. [18]
  • May 22 - Police find $10m in counterfeit bank notes and weapons in the house of Mafia boss Fabbio Manno.[19]




  • December 5 - Giovanni Nicchi (Cosa Nostra), wanted since 2006 and on the list of most wanted fugitives in Italy, is arrested in Palermo.[5] In Milan Gaetano Fidanzati (Cosa Nostra), wanted since 2008, is arrested as well.[5]
  • December 31 - The bodies of six men abducted December 30 in the north-central Mexican state of Durango are found shot to death execution-style. Among them are Bobby Salcedo, an assistant principal and school board member, who is from El Monte, California. Salcedo is believed to be the first U.S. elected official killed in the four years of Mexican drug-related violence.[6]

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