2010–2011 Israeli Football League season

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Judean Rebels with Becker Trophy, celebrating the victory in Israel Bowl IV

The 2010–2011 Israeli Football League season was the fourth season of the Israeli Football League, the national league of American Football. In 2010–2011 season the league expanded to eight teams with new team – Herzliya Hammers. The League was divided in two divisions - North and South.

Regular season[edit]

The regular season consisted of 10 games for each team. Two games (home and away) against each team within same division, and one game against each of the teams from the other division.


Wild Card games[edit]

  • Pioneers 50 – 16 Hammers
  • Rebels 44 – 12 Black Swarm

Division Championships[edit]

  • Sabres 26 – 16 Pioneers
  • Lions 42 – 46 Rebels

Israel Bowl IV[edit]

Sabres 30 – 32 Rebels