2010 AMNRL season

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2010 AMNRL Season
League AMNRL
Teams 11
Attendance 22,300
Broadcast partners

United StatesAmerica One

2010 Season champs
Jacksonville Axemen
Runners-up New Haven Warriors
Man of Steel Brent Shorten

The 2010 American National Rugby League season was the 13th season of the AMNRL. The Pittsburgh Vipers are the newest team to enter the competition and the Bucks County Sharks have withdrawn from the competition.


  • Some teams will also field a 2nd team which will be played after the main game in order to give players more experience.[1]
  • The Canada national rugby league team has been invited to play in the War at the Shore only and will not feature in the regular season competition with the game set to be re-launched in Canada after years of inactivity[2]
  • A Chicago based team (The Chicago Stockyarders) will also play in the War at the Shore with future plans to enter into the AMNRL.[3]
Team Stadium City/Area Foundation Year
Aston DSC Bulls Aston Community Field Delaware County, Pennsylvania 2007
Boston 13s RLFC Moakley Stadium Boston, Massachusetts 2009
Connecticut Wildcats Andrews Field Norwalk, Connecticut 2003
Fairfax Eagles Stratton Woods Park Falls Church, Virginia 2007
Jacksonville Axemen Hodges Stadium Jacksonville, Florida 2006
New Haven Warriors Ken Strong Stadium New Haven, Connecticut 2006
New York Knights Hudson River Park New York City, New York 1997
New York Raiders Walkill Airport Rugby Field Essex County, New York 2002
Philadelphia Fight A.A. Garthwaite Stadium Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 1998
Pittsburgh Vipers Founders Field Cheswick, Pennsylvania 2010
Washington D.C. Slayers Raoul Wallenberg Park Washington, D.C. 2003


The competition starts June 5 and finishes August 28. Below indicates the Rounds and the matches.[4]

Round 1[edit]

Week of June 5

Team Score Team Score
Aston Bulls 44 Philadelphia Fight 32
Pittsburgh Vipers 20 Washington DC Slayers 0 (Washington Forfeit)
New York Knights 32 Boston 13s 14
Jacksonville Axemen 66 Fairfax Eagles 16
New Haven Warriors 48 Connecticut Wildcats 24
  • Northern Raiders (Bye)


Round 2[edit]

Week of June 12

Team Score Team Score
Aston Bulls 32 Washington DC Slayers 22
Fairfax Eagles 80 Pittsburgh Vipers 4
Jacksonville Axemen 34 Boston 13s 16
Philadelphia Fight 76 Northern Raiders 0
New Haven Warriors 34 New York Knights 25
  • Connecticut Wildcats (Bye)

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Round 3[edit]

Week of June 19

Team Score Team Score
Philadelphia Fight 40 Washington DC Slayers 26
New York Knights 34 Connecticut Wildcats 20
Boston 13s 48 Pittsburgh Vipers 16
Aston Bulls 96 Fairfax Eagles 22
New Haven Warriors 74 Northern Raiders 5
  • Jacksonville Axemen (Bye)


Round 4[edit]

Week of June 26

Team Score Team Score
Jacksonville Axemen 26 Aston Bulls 6
Connecticut Wildcats 50 Northern Raiders 10
Washington DC Slayer 54 Pittsburgh Vipers 14
New Haven Warriors 30 Boston 13s 18
  • Philadelphia Fight (Bye)
  • Fairfax Eagles (Bye)
  • New York Knights (Bye)


Weekend of July 4[edit]

  • Open for holiday and potential makeup date

Round 5[edit]

Week of July 10

Team Score Team Score
Jacksonville Axemen 34 New York Knights 8
Fairfax Eagles 80 Pittsburgh Vipers 18
Connecticut Wildcats 48 Northern Raiders 8
Aston Bulls 28 Philadelphia Fight 16
  • Washington DC Slayers (Bye)
  • Boston 13s (Bye)
  • New Haven Warriors (Bye)

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Round 6[edit]

Week of July 17

Team Score Team Score
Jacksonville Axemen 30 Philadelphia Fight 10
Pittsburgh Vipers - New York Knights (Forfeit)
Boston 13s 50 Connecticut Wildcats 30
Washington DC Slayers 38 Fairfax Eagles 30
New Haven Warriors 84 Northern Raiders 6
  • Aston Bulls (Bye)


Round 7[edit]

Week of July 24

Team Score Team Score
Washington DC Slayers 24 Fairfax Eagles 16
New Haven Warriors 80 Connecticut Wildcats 14
Philadelphia Fight 36 Boston 13s 24
Jacksonville Axemen 42 Aston Bulls 26
New York Knights 20 Northern Raiders 0 (Forfeit)
  • New York faced Bucks County Sharks in the Washington Crossing Challenge replacement game New York defeated Bucks County 46-12.
  • Pittsburgh Vipers (bye)

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War at the Shore[edit]

Week of July 31 Robert Preston Memorial Rugby League Challenge Cup The new look War at the Shore event has been won by the DC Internationals, a select side from Washington.

The Internationals beat the New York Knights 10-0 in the championship final Saturday evening in Sea Isle City, NJ.

The American National Rugby League’s showpiece event had a vastly different look about it this year with teams playing abbreviated games as part of a festival-like set up.

The New York Knights, Aston Bulls, Philadelphia Fight, Boston 13s and Connecticut Wildcats of the AMNRL were joined by select sides from Washington DC and New England, as well as a Canadian representative team.

The DC Internationals were a combination of the Washington DC Slayers and Fairfax Eagles, while the New England Immortals were composed of players from the 13s, Wildcats and New Haven Warriors. The Canadian Mounties represented teams north of the border.

Matches in the championship bracket consisted of two 15-minutes halves and games in the elimination bracket were 10-minute halves.

In excess of 2000 people were attracted to the event. There were fan activities all day long, plus music, prizes and giveaways to keep spectators entertained.

In the championship final, the Internationals scored two tries and kept their own line intact in a decider that was very much a back and forth contest.

The Knights opened the match in solid fashion by controlling the ball, but they couldn’t crack the opposition’s line. After absorbing the early pressure, the Internationals got the opening score when Tom O’Connor (DC Slayers) kicked ahead on the last tackle, regathered the ball and went in for the try.

The teams went to the interval with the Internationals leading 4-0. The second frame was much the same with both sides threatening to score, both putting up goal line stands and both being held up over the line.

As time was about to expire, Michael Chapman (DC Slayers) sealed the deal with a try for the Internationals. It was converted by Reece Blayney (Fairfax Eagles) and the 'Robert Preston Memorial Rugby League Challenge Cup' was won for the very first time.

John Young (Fairfax Eagles) was named War at the Shore MVP. Young scored several tries and had a stellar day.

“It was the Australians who helped us win. They played their brand of rugby from back home,” Internationals manager Rich Nolte told ARN.

“For the most part, the Americans on the team were in the forwards and they put in some excellent work, especially on defense.”

From New York’s standpoint mistakes at inopportune times proved costly.

“All in all it was an exciting game,” said Knights CEO Rob Ballachandran.

“It was really good for us because we were able to get a lot of our young reserve guys into the mix and with the playoffs starting in a couple of weeks, the team bonding was important.”

In the Rugby League Sevens Exhibition game, the Northern Raiders beat the Chicago Stockyarders select side 18-10. [15]

Open Round[edit]

Week of August 31

  • Team Preparations for Playoffs


Weeks of August 14, 21, 28

  • 8 Teams Seeded according to points earned during regular season. Lowest seed always plays highest seed.

Round 1 (Play-Offs)[edit]

August 14

Team Score Team Score
New Haven Warriors 80 Fairfax Eagles 26
Jacksonville Axemen - Connecticut Wildcats (Forfeit)
Aston Bulls 46 Philadelphia Fight 30
New York Knights 28 Washington DC Slayers 22

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Round 2 (Play-Offs)[edit]

Team Score Team Score
New Haven Warriors 42 New York Knights 18
Jacksonville Axemen 46 Aston Bulls 4


Grand final[edit]

Pre game matches:

28 August 2010[19]
Jacksonville Axemen 34 – 14 New Haven Warriors
Tries: Kenny Britt
Zach Matta
Brent Shorten (3)
Darryl Howland
Goals: Brent Shorten (4)
Darryl Howland
(Report) Tries: Siose Muliumu (2)
Damien O'Malveney
Goals: Roy Leoni
AA Garthwaite Stadium, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania[20]
Attendance: 1,300[21]
Referee/s: Chris Sutton[22]
Man of the Match: Brent Shorten[23]

Notable Moments[edit]




Wachovia Center

A preseason match between the Philadelphia Fight and the Fairfax Eagles was played at the Wachovia Center (the first time a rugby league game was played there) in front of 10,100 fans in a bid to increase awareness of rugby league in the United States and to help raise spectator numbers for the Philadelphia Wings lacrosse team. The score was a nil all draw.[26] [27]


America One are currently showing National Rugby League matches from Australia and New Zealand as well as Super League matches from Europe. There are plans to show the AMNRL Grand Final on the America One channel as well as US Tomahawks (the United States national rugby league team) matches. JAXAXE TV streams Jacksonville Axemen home games live on JAXAXE TV through their website.


Final standings (unofficial):

Team Wins Loss Points
New Haven Warriors 6 0 30 pts
Jacksonville Axemen 6 0 30 pts
Aston Bulls 4 2 21 pts
New York Knights 4 2 21 pts
Washington DC Slayers 3 3 17 pts
Philadelphia Fight 3 3 16 pts
Connecticut Wildcats 2 4 13 pts
Fairfax Eagles 2 4 12 pts
Boston 13s 2 4 11 pts
Pittsburgh Vipers 1 5 5 pts
Northern Raiders 0 6 0 pts


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