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2010 Australian Superkart
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The 2010 Australian Superkart season covers national level Superkart racing in Australia during 2010. There were just two national level race meetings in 2010, both held on the calendar of the Shannons Nationals Motor Racing Championships, making up the 2010 Dunlop Australian Superkart Championship.

Darren Hossack, Martin Latta and Steven Tamasi won the Australian championships.

Australian Superkart Championship[edit]

The 2010 Dunlop Australian Superkart Championship was the 22nd running of the national championships for Superkarts. It began on 1 May 2010 at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit and will end on 15 August at Morgan Park Raceway after eight races. It was contested for three engine configuration based classes, 250 cc International, 250 National and 125 cc.

A third national level event was scheduled for 29–30 May at Mallala Motor Sport Park for the non-gearbox Rotax Max family of classes, but did not go ahead due to poor competitor support.[1] The event was later rescheduled for 29 October at Wakefield Park to be held as the 2010 Australian Rotax Superkart Nationals.[2]

Teams and drivers[edit]

The following drivers competed in the 2010 Australian Superkart Championship. The series consisted of two rounds, with four races at each meeting.

Team Class Chassis Engine No Driver
Sam Zavaglia Racing 250 International Stockman MR2 Honda RS250 1 New South Wales Sam Zavaglia
Yamaha TZ250 9 United Kingdom Trevor Roberts
125 Gearbox Gold Viper Honda RS125R 19 New South Wales Stephen Castles
New South Wales Dalton Rowell
Rocket Race Engines 250 International Anderson Mirage SAFE 4 Victoria (Australia) Rod Prickett
Maddern Oil P/L 250 International PVP PVP 5 South Australia Charles Maddern
Viper Racing UK
MJR Bricklaying
250 National Anderson Maverick Honda CR250R 6 Victoria (Australia) Martin Latta
IGA Supermarkets
Romeo's Foodland
125 Gearbox Stockman MR2 Honda RS125R 7 South Australia Anthony Lappas
Art Motorsport
250 International PVP FPE 8 New Zealand Anton Stevens
RMR Superkarts 250 International Anderson Maverick BRC 250FE 10 Victoria (Australia) Gary Pegoraro
250 National Anderson Maverick Yamaha YZ250 15 Victoria (Australia) Luke May
Stockman MR2 20
Anderson Maverick 26 New Zealand Wayne Sprostan
Precision Contracting 250 International Stockman MR2 11 Victoria (Australia) Darren Kitchen
Rockpress 125 Gearbox Stockman MR2 Honda RS125R 12 Queensland Phil Silcock
Smash Solutions 250 International PVP PVP 13 Denmark Poul V. Petersen
Top Torque 125 Gearbox Stockman MR2 Honda RS125R 14 Victoria (Australia) Matt Bass
250 International Stockman MR2 Honda RS250 40 Victoria (Australia) Greg Bass
Safe Evolutions 250 International Anderson Maverick SAFE 16 Victoria (Australia) Darren Hossack
Sugarless Confectionary Co. 250 International Stockman MR2 Yamaha TZ250 17 Queensland Phil Webb
Stockman Superkarts 250 International Stockman MR2 Honda RS250 18 New South Wales Warren McIlveen
Buildersmile Constructions 250 International PVP PVP 20 Queensland Carlo Chermaz
Nick Paul 250 International Stockman MR2 Honda RS250 21 South Australia Robert Oakley
Broadbent Compressor Services 125 Gearbox Topkart Honda RS125R 22 Victoria (Australia) Darren Dunn
Floth Sustainable Building Consultants 125 Gearbox Avoig Elise Honda RS125R 23 Queensland Tim Philp
250 International Zip Eagle BRC 250FE 28 South Australia Ilya Harpas
Zip Eagle II 29 South Australia Yiani Harpas
Fuji Xerox 250 International Anderson Maverick FPE 250 30 Queensland Jason Smith
All Site Asbestos 250 International Stockman MR2 Honda RS250 31 Queensland Nathan Shearman
Coach Design
Linra Property Group
125 Gearbox Stockman MR2 Laydown Honda RS125R 32 Queensland Drene Jamieson
250 International Stockman MR2 Honda RS250 35 Queensland Russell Jamieson
125 Gearbox Stockman MR2 Laydown Honda RS125R 75 Queensland Lindsay Jamieson
250 International Anderson Maverick Honda RS250 86 Queensland Chryss Jamieson
Suburban Accounting 250 International Stockman MR2 Yamaha TZ250
Honda RS250
Victoria (Australia) Kristian Stebbing
125 Gearbox Yamaha TZ125 77 Victoria (Australia) Brad Stebbing
Cycle City 125 Gearbox Stockman MR2 Honda RS125R 34 New South Wales Jeff Reed
Seaford Truck Refinishers 250 National Anderson Mirage Yamaha YZ250 41 Victoria (Australia) Brendan Ludeman
Victoria (Australia) Matthew Palmer
Stockman MR2 Kawasaki KX250 67
250 National Eliminator 44 Queensland Paul Snaith
Polystyrene Solutions 250 National PVP Raider Honda CR250R 46 Queensland Bob Fullerton
Bluff Racing 125 Gearbox Gladiator Yamaha TZ125 47 Queensland Doug Amiss
Ciscos Race Tunning 250 International Anderson Maverick 49 Victoria (Australia) Steven Haywood
N&G Motor Repairs
Iguana Signs & Concepts
125 Gearbox Stockman MR2 Honda RS125R 50 Queensland Brian Wild
Speedy Gonzales Team 125 Gearbox Avoig Elise Honda RS125R 52 New South Wales Anthony Cristallo
Crispy Racing 250 National Anderson Maverick Yamaha YZ250 58 Victoria (Australia) David Yuill
RFC Race Team 250 International Anderson Maverick Honda RS250 60 Queensland David McAdam
Gas Action Services 250 International PVP Honda RS250 61 Queensland Steven Murray
Avoig Racing 125 Gearbox Avoig Elise Honda RS125R 63 New South Wales John Pellicano
GR Industries 250 National Stockman MR2 66 Victoria (Australia) Frank Giglio
BK Electrical 250 National Formula 1 Honda CR250R 71 Queensland Barry Kunowski
Stockman Superkarts/Top Torque 250 International Stockman MR2 Honda RS250 74 Queensland Jason Laker
JND Constructions 250 International Anderson Mirage Honda RS250 78 Queensland Joshua Barnett
Betta Calibrations 250 National Stockman MR2 82 Victoria (Australia) Brett Campbell
Domain Prestige Homes 125 Gearbox Stockman MR2 Honda RS125R 91 Victoria (Australia) Steven Tamasi
J. Shelton & Co 125 Gearbox Avoig Elise Honda RS125R 93 New South Wales Jeremy Shelton
Phoenix Dental Laboratory 250 International Zip Eagle II Yamaha TZ250 96 Western Australia Mark Hanson

Season review[edit]

Former 100 cc non-gearbox Superkart Champion Gary Pegoraro finally broke through to claim a round win of the Australian Superkart Championship after coming close on many occasions in the last four years. Pegoraro won the wet second race as well as the bonus point fourth race at Phillip Island and finished third in the other two races in a consistent and fast weekend. 2008 champion Darren Hossack capitalised on a mistake by Trevor Roberts on the second last corner to win race 3 and combined that with second places in races two and four to be just five points behind Pegoraro as Anderson Karts dominated the opening round. Visiting Northern Ireland racer Trevor Roberts finished third for the round on his first visit to Australia with second places in races one and three and a third in the fourth race. Race one winner Warren McIlveen sat fourth in the points, slowed by a disappointing result in race three.

Best of the rest was Anton Stevens, whose PVP claimed a third and a fourth over the weekend and was consistently fast near the front runners. Defending champion Sam Zavaglia had a lot of work to do to come from 40 points down and sat ninth behind Ilya Harpas and Chryss Jamieson.

Luke May and Martin Latta fought over the 250 National class all weekend, trading firsts and seconds. A third-place finish in race 2 for Latta made the difference and May led the series by two points. David Yuill led the rest of the resurgent class, competing for Australian championship status for the first time since 2006. Yuill was fast in the very wet second race on Sunday morning, finishing just behind May, well up in the top ten overall. Consistency put perennial 250 National race Frank Giglio fourth in the points, ahead of STR's Matthew Palmer, the de facto defending class champion.

Twice former 125 cc champion Darren Dunn made a blitzing return to the class, winning the final race of the weekend to pull ten points clear of defending champion Steven Tamasi. Tamasi won the first race of the weekend on Saturday afternoon but Sunday saw the teenager plagued with power issues which saw him last across the line in race four. The weekend saw each race claimed by a different racer; veteran Jeff Reed won race two to be third in the points behind Tamasi while race-three winner Anothony Lappas languished seventh after a pair of retirements slowed his weekend. Brad Stebbing and John Pellicano sat fourth and fifth.

Results and Standings[edit]

Gearbox race calendar[edit]

The 2010 Dunlop Australian Superkart Championship season consisted of two rounds. Four races were held at both race meetings.

Rd. Circuit City / State Date Winner 250 International Team Winner 250 National Team Winner 125 Gearbox Team
1 Victoria (Australia) Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit[3] Phillip Island, Victoria 1 – 2 May Gary Pegoraro RMR Superkarts Luke May Velocity Management Darren Dunn Broadbent Compressor Services
2 Queensland Morgan Park Raceway[4] Warwick, Queensland 14 – 15 August Warren McIlveen Stockman Superkarts Martin Latta Viper Racing UK Steven Tamasi Domain Prestige Homes
Rd Circuit City / State Date Winner Rotax Light Team Winner Rotax Heavy Team
Rotax New South Wales Wakefield Park Goulburn, New South Wales 29 October

Drivers Championship[edit]

Points were awarded 20-17-15-13-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 based on the top fifteen race positions in first three races of each round. The fourth race of each round, which is longer than the others (eight laps vs five laps) awarded points for the top twenty race positions at 25-22-20-18-16-15-14-13-12–11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. Points sourced from in part:[5]

Pos Driver PHI 1 PHI 2 PHI 3 PHI 4 MOR 1 MOR 2 MOR 3 MOR 4 Pts
1 Darren Hossack 5th 2nd 1st 2nd 3rd 3rd 3rd 1st 140
2 Warren McIlveen 1st 4th 7th 4th 1st 1st 1st 3rd 140
3 Gary Pegoraro 3rd 1st 3rd 1st 2nd 4th Ret DNS 105
4 Sam Zavaglia Ret 12th 4th 5th 6th 2nd 2nd 4th 97
5 Ilya Harpas 9th 5th 5th 9th 5th 5th 6th 8th 86
6 Jason Smith 6th Ret 10th 7th 4th Ret Ret 2nd 65
7 Trevor Roberts 2nd 6th 2nd 3rd 64
8 Chryss Jamieson 8th 9th 9th 6th Ret Ret 9th 7th 62
9 Jason Laker 7th 6th 4th 5th 48
10 Mark Hanson Ret 11th 15th 12th 26th 12th 15th 12th 48
11 Anton Stevens 4th 3rd 8th 11th DNS DNS DNS DNS 46
12 Steven Murray DNS Ret 35th 29th 9th 25th 5th 6th 41
13 Kristian Stebbing 11th 25th 6th Ret 8th 7th Ret DNS 33
14 Rod Prickett 10th DSQ DNS 8th 10th 8th Ret Ret 33
15 Greg Bass DNS 10th 13th 19th 18
16 Nathan Shearman 17th 16th 16th Ret 16
17 Joshua Barnett Ret 10th 10th Ret 15
18 Robert Oakley 12th Ret Ret 10th 15
19 Steven Haywood 19th 17th 18th 17th 15
20 Poul V. Petersen 14th 23rd 21st 18th 11
21 Yiani Harpas 7th Ret Ret Ret 9
22 David McAdam Ret 24th Ret DNS 22nd 18th Ret DNS 9
23 Darren Kitchen 16th DNS DNS 16th 9
24 Phil Webb 35th 30th 30th Ret DNS DNS 28th Ret 8
25 Charles Maddern 13th 18th Ret Ret Ret DNS DNS DNS 7
26 Russell Jamieson Ret 20th 16th Ret Ret Ret DNS DNS 6
Carlo Chermaz DNS DNS DNS DNS
1 Martin Latta 15th 21st 11th 14th 11th DNS 7th 10th 142
2 Luke May 17th 7th 12th 13th 12th 9th 8th Ret 133
3 Brendan Ludeman 24th Ret 23rd 20th 16th 15th 14th 14th 105
4 Frank Giglio 26th 28th 28th 24th 21st 20th DNS 15th 90
5 Wayne Sprostan 18th 22nd 14th Ret 19th DNS 19th 17th 83
6 David Yuill 20th 8th 17th 15th 63
7 Matthew Palmer 31st 33rd 26th 25th DNS DNS DNS DNS 44
8 Barry Kunowski 37th 34th 33rd Ret 30th Ret DNS DNS 34
9 Bob Fullerton 34th Ret Ret Ret Ret Ret 27th 24th 33
10 Anton Stevens Ret Ret Ret 11th 22
11 Paul Snaith Ret Ret 13th Ret 15
Brett Campbell DNS DNS DNS DNS 0
1 Steven Tamasi 21st 19th 20th 32nd 13th 11th 11th 9th 145
2 Darren Dunn 22nd 15th 24th 21st 14th 13th 12th 13th 143
3 Jeff Reed 23rd Ret 22nd 22nd 15th 14th 17th 18th 115
4 Tim Philp 28th 32nd 25th Ret 18th 17th 18th 16th 86
5 John Pellicano 29th 14th 36th 28th 27th 22nd 23rd Ret 71
6 Brad Stebbing 27th 13th Ret 23rd 20th 24th DNS Ret 69
7 Jeremy Shelton 32nd 29th 29th 30th 23rd 19th 21st Ret 69
8 Phil Silcock 36th 31st 34th 31st 29th 23rd 25th 22nd 65
9 Brian Wild 30th Ret 32nd 26th 25th Ret 22nd Ret 50
10 Drene Jamieson 33rd 26th 27th Ret DNS DNS DNS 21st 40
11 Dalton Rowell 28th 21st 24th 20th 39
12 Lindsay Jamieson 24th Ret 20th 19th 36
13 Anthony Lappas 25th Ret 19th Ret 33
14 Matt Bass Ret 16th Ret 27th 29
15 Stephen Castles 38th 27th 31st Ret 21
16 Doug Amiss Ret Ret 26th 23rd 17
Pos Driver PHI 1 PHI 2 PHI 3 PHI 4 MOR 1 MOR 2 MOR 3 MOR 4 Pts
Colour Result
Gold Winner
Silver 2nd place
Bronze 3rd place
Green Points finish
Blue Non-points finish
Non-classified finish (NC)
Purple Retired (Ret)
Red Did not qualify (DNQ)
Did not pre-qualify (DNPQ)
Black Disqualified (DSQ)
White Did not start (DNS)
Withdrew (WD)
Race cancelled (C)
Blank Did not participate (DNP)
Excluded (EX)


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