2010 Ayn clashes

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2010 Ayn clashes
Date May–July 2010
Location Ayn region, Somalia
Result Somaliland and Ethiopian victory
Somaliland Somaliland
Ethiopia Ethiopia
Northern Somali Unionist Movement
Casualties and losses
Ethiopia: 3 killed 10 killed

The 2010 Ayn clashes saw Ethiopian and Somaliland forces engage Dulbahante clan militia in Puntland's Ayn region in a bid to reconquer the region ahead of the Somaliland presidential election, 2010. The battle was prompted by Ethiopian troops seizing a truck belonging to the Dulbahante, sparking a Dulbahante response and Ethiopian retaliatory attack on Buuhoodle and a Somaliland attack upon Widhwidh.[1] More clashes were reported to have occurred near Widhwidh on 19[1] July 2010.

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