Bilecik train collision

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Bilecik train collision
Date 3 January 2010
Location Bilecik
Country Turkey
Rail line Istanbul - Eskisehir
Operator Turkish State Railways
Type of incident Rear-end collision
Cause Signal passed at danger
Trains 2
Deaths 1
Injuries 7

The Bilecik train collision happened on 3 January 2010, when two passenger trains collided in Bilecik, Turkey. One person was killed and seven people were injured.

Two passenger trains were involved in a collision at Bilecik, Turkey when one train ran into the rear of another. One train driver was killed and seven passengers were injured. Both trains were travelling from Istanbul to Eskişehir. The second train passed a signal at danger and ran into the rear of the first train, which was stationary at the time.[1]

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