2010 Boston Pizza Cup

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The 2010 Boston Pizza Cup was held February 3–7 at the Olds Sportsplex in Olds, Alberta. The winner, team Kevin Koe, represented Alberta at the 2010 Tim Hortons Brier in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Team Koe would eventually go on to win the Brier and capture the 2010 Capital One World Men's Curling Championship.

Although his team would have been entered automatically as the defending provincial champion, Kevin Martin did not compete because his team had won the 2009 Canadian Olympic Curling Trials and qualified for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver which started shortly after the Boston Pizza Cup. As a result, 2009 runner-up Randy Ferbey was entered as the defending champion.


Skip Third Second Lead Curling club
Ted Appelman Tom Appelman Brandon Klassen Brendan Melnyk Saville Sports Centre, Edmonton
Rob Armitage Shawn Meachem Trevor Sparks Doug Stambaugh Red Deer Curling Club, Red Deer
Adrian Bakker Sterling Hansen Matt Ng Brad Kokoroyannis Calgary Curling Club, Calgary
Kurt Balderston Les Sonnenberg Geoff Walker Del Shaughnessy Sexsmith Curling Club, Sexsmith
Brent Bawel Dan Petryk Sean O'Connor Jason Lesmeister Calgary Curling Club, Calgary
Kelsey Dusseault Chris Wall Allen Schudlo Dan Boorse Sexsmith Curling Club, Sexsmith
David Nedohin Randy Ferbey (skip) Scott Pfeifer Marcel Rocque Saville Sports Centre, Edmonton
Warren Hassall Barry Chwedoruk Scott Manners Chris Hassall Lloydminster Curling Club, Lloydminster
Kevin Koe Blake MacDonald Carter Rycroft Nolan Thiessen Saville Sports Centre, Edmonton
James Pahl Mark Klinck Roland Robinson Don Bartlett Sherwood Park Curling Club, Sherwood Park
Wade White Kevin Tym Brian McPherson George White Saville Sports Centre, Edmonton
Ben Wilkinson Chris Lemishka Jessi Wilkinson Julian Sawiak Whitecourt Curling Club, Whitecourt

Draw Brackets[edit]

A Event[edit]

A Qualifier
          Randy Ferbey 9  
 Brent Bawel 8      Rob Armitage 2  
 Rob Armitage 9        Randy Ferbey  
            James Pahl 3  
          Kurt Balderston 8  
 Kurt Balderston 10      James Pahl 9  
 Kelsey Dusseault 2        Randy Ferbey
            Kevin Koe
          Ted Appelman 6  
 Warren Hassall 5      Warren Hassall 4  
 Ben Wilkinson 4        Ted Appelman 3  
            Kevin Koe  
          Wade White 5       
 Wade White 11      Kevin Koe 6       
 Adrian Bakker 5  

B Event[edit]

B Qualifier
 Brent Bawel  
 Kurt Balderston      Brent Bawel  
          Ted Appelman  
            Brent Bawel  
 Warren Hassall        Warren Hassall  
 Kelsey Dusseault      Warren Hassall  
          James Pahl  
            Warren Hassall
 Ben Wilkinson        Randy Ferbey
 Wade White      Ben Wilkinson  
 Adrian Bakker      Rob Armitage  
 Rob Armitage        Rob Armitage  
            Randy Ferbey  

C Event[edit]

C Qualifier
          Kurt Balderston  
 Kelsey Dusseault      Rob Armitage  
 Kurt Balderston        Rob Armitage
            Brent Bawel
          Ben Wilkinson
          Brent Bawel    
C Qualifier
 Ted Appelman  
 Wade White      Ted Appelman  
 James Pahl      James Pahl  
 Adrian Bakker        Ted Appelman
            Warren Hassell


  Page playoff system Semifinal Final
A  Kevin Koe  
B  Randy Ferbey         A  Kevin Koe
      B  Ted Appelman   B  Randy Ferbey
  C2  Randy Ferbey  
C1  Ted Appelman
C2  Brent Bawel  

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