2010 California wildfires

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2010 California wildfires
Location California
Cost Over $2,778,696 (2010 USD)
Date(s) January 14, 2010 – November 6, 2010
Total wildfires 4,872[1]
Ignition source Heat, lightning strikes, arsonists, escaped campfires
Injuries (non-fatal) At least 14
Fatalities Unknown

The 2010 California wildfires were a series of wildfires that were active in the state of California, United States, during the year 2010.[2]

Notable fires[edit]

Northern California[edit]

Southern California[edit]

Kern County[edit]

  • Bull Fire: Burned 16,460 acres (66.6 km2) southeast of Tehachapi, California in July, destroyed eight homes and six outbuildings as of 31 July 2010.[3]
  • West Fire: Burned 1,658 acres (6.71 km2) north of Tehachapi in the Sequoia National Forest in July, and destroyed 30 structures, mostly homes.[3]

Los Angeles County[edit]

  • Crown Fire: 14,000 acres (57 km2) burned, 2000 homes evacuated by July 31, 2010.[4]

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