2010 Cameroon Aéro Service C-212 crash

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2010 Cameroon Aero Service CASA-212 crash
Medavia - CASA C-212-100 Aviocar.jpg
An Aviocar similar to the accident aircraft
Date19 June 2010
SummaryUnder investigation
SiteNear Djoum, Cameroon
Aircraft nameCASA C-212 Aviocar
OperatorAero Service
Flight originYaoundé Airport, Yaoundé, Cameroon
DestinationYangadou, Republic of the Congo

On 19 June 2010, an CASA C-212 Aviocar crashed on a flight from Yaoundé, Cameroon to Yangadou, Republic of the Congo, killing all 11 people on board, including the entire board of Sundance Resources, an Australian mining conglomerate.


The aircraft involved was CASA C-212 Aviocar TN-AFA.[1] It was operated by Aero Service, an airline that is banned from operating in the European Union due to safety concerns.[2]


On 19 June 2010, Sundance Resources chartered a CASA C-212 Aviocar to fly their board members from Yaoundé, Cameroon to Yangadou, Republic of the Congo.[3] The CASA C-212 Aviocar was chartered because the company's private jet was too large to operate into the destination airfield.[4] The aircraft was operated by Aero Service and was chartered by Sundance Resources subsidiary Cam Iron. The aircraft departed from Yaoundé Airport at 09:13A and contact was last made with the aircraft at 09:51. The aircraft was scheduled to arrive at Yangadou at 10:20.[5] A search for the aircraft was carried out by the French Military, and the Cameroon Government, using a Transall C-160 and a Eurocopter AS 532 Cougar helicopter. The search was hampered by local fog. The wreckage of the aircraft was found on 22 June at Dima, 30 kilometres (19 mi) short of its destination. All on board, including mining magnate Ken Talbot, were killed.[6] The location of the crash is near the regional capital of Djoum, Cameroon.[7] The accident was the third for Aero Services since 2005.[2]


The victims were of various nationalities.[5][6][8]

Nationality Crew Passengers Total
 Australia 6 6
 France 1 1 2
 United Kingdom 1 1 2
 United States 1 1
Total 2 9 11


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