2010 Challenge de France Final

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2010 Challenge de France Final
Event 2009–10 Challenge de France
Date 23 May 2010
Venue Stade Robert Bobin, Bondoufle
Referee Sabine Bonnin (Ligue du Centre)

The 2010 Challenge de France Final was the 9th final of France's female cup competition. The final took place on 23 May 2010 at the Stade Robert Bobin in Bondoufle, a commune in the Île-de-France region. The match was contested between Paris Saint-Germain and Montpellier with the latter club coming in as defending champions.

Paris Saint-Germain captured their first Challenge de France title by defeating Montpellier 5–0. Montpellier were attempting to become the third club to defend their Challenge de France title having already done it once before. The 5–0 scoreline gap is the largest in the cup's young history. It is also the first time in French football history that both the male and female sections of a club occupy both the country's national cups. The male section of Paris Saint-Germain won the Coupe de France on 1 May.



23 May 2010
18:30 CET
Paris SG 5 – 0 Montpellier
Boyeldieu Goal 19'
Pizzala Goal 54'85'
Coton-Pélagie Goal 68'
Bussaglia Goal 71'
Stade Robert Bobin, Bondoufle
Attendance: 4,200
Referee: Sabine Bonnin (Ligue du Centre)
Paris SG
Paris SG:
GK 1 France Bérangère Sapowicz
RB 2 France Julie Soyer
CB 5 France Sabrina Delannoy (c)
CB 4 France Nonna Debonne
LB 3 France Laure Boulleau
CM 6 France Caroline Pizzala
CM 11 France Élise Bussaglia
CM 7 France Jessica Houara
AM 10 France Nora Coton-Pélagie Substituted off 72'
FW 8 France Candice Prévost Substituted off 90'
FW 9 France Ingrid Boyeldieu Substituted off 58'
GK 16 France Marie-Océane Bayol
DF 12 France Gwenaëlle Pelé Substituted in 72'
FW 13 France Zohra Ayachi Substituted in 58'
DF 14 France Émilie L'Huillier
MF 15 France Stéphanie Legrand YC 90' Substituted in 90'
France Camille Vaz
GK 1 France Céline Deville
RB 2 France Ludivine Diguelman
CB 5 France Sabrina Viguier (c)
CB 6 France Faustine Roux Substituted off 76'
LB 3 France Cynthia Viani
CM 4 France Lalia Dali Substituted off 46'
CM 8 France Mélissa Plaza
RM 10 France Viviane Asseyi
LM 7 France Marine Pervier Substituted off 46'
FW 11 France Hoda Lattaf
FW 9 France Marie-Laure Delie
GK 16 France Solène Durand
FW 12 Algeria Nora Hamou Maamar Substituted in 46'
MF 13 France Charlotte Lozè Substituted in 46'
DF 14 France Delphine Blanc Substituted in 76'
DF 15 France Marine Cacciaguerra
France Sarah M'Barek



  • 90 minutes.
  • Penalty shoot-out if scores still level after 90 minutes.
  • Five named substitutes.
  • Maximum of three substitutions.

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